QuantZ For GNU/Linux Released !

Posted: 16th January 2010 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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Today I got this email about QuantZ release :

Dear all,

QuantZ is now ready and on sale on our website!!!

QuantZ for Linux is on sale and we decided to sell it for $6.50 till the end of January.

We really would like to thank you for all your help, your support, your comments regarding the Linux Version of QuantZ. This helped us to develop the (almost?) perfect game for Linux.

We fixed most of the bugs, added a tutorial mode, developed some cool stuff like Christmas QuantZ (you will see that next december.
Developing games for Linux is really important to us. Most of our team members are Linux users, lovers and defenders.

Another important point is WE TRUST THE LINUX COMMUNITY! That is why QuantZ for Linux is totally DRM free. This will allow you to install QuantZ on all your computers. Thank for not distributing.

Gamerizon is a small Indie game studio. Our only way to promote our game is to talk directly with the gamers (via the forums or reddit) and hope for some website to see us and talk about our games. We really need you to help us increasing QuantZ’s notoriety.

So please, Talk about QuantZ everywhere you can, post on forums, talk with reviewers that can write an article about QuantZ. If you know (or you are) a reviewer who wants to test QuantZ, ask him to write me (klazla@gamerizon.com) and i’ll be glad to give him all the art asset, screenshot, video he might need.

Thanks for everything guys

With Love

The gamerizon team

Are you ready for the most epic journey of your life? Are you prepared enough to experiment a new way to play in a videogame?
QuantZ invites you to explore a fascinating universe. In this cosmic Puzzle-Action game, the gameplay is simple yet addictive; you have the power to control a cube with your mouse and launch marbles onto it. Create explosions of color, chain reactions and win special rewards.
Explore an immersive universe and become the QuantZ Oracle! With 24 unique and beautiful worlds to go through, 100 Puzzles to complete and an innovative game physics, QuantZ will blow your mind!

The game consists of moving around a cube in order to land colored marbles in strategic places to create chain reactions. QuantZ offers more than 50 hours of unique game play and three different game modes:

– The Strategy mode, which includes 12 levels to explore
– The Action mode, where reactions prevail over reflection
– The Puzzle mode, which offers more than a hundred riddles to solve

With QuantZ, we wanted to create a totally immersive experience that was gamer friendly, but with a real depth of play. We paid special attention to the game play, the physics, and the visual and audio effects to create a game that exceeded our expectations. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the different game modes in order to offer a variety of game play and a game life unmatched for a casual game. We are thrilled to finally make it available to fans and are convinced that the game will please a very broad and varied audience.

I’ve tried QuantZ GNU/Linux Beta and it’s an excellent game with several play modes which I urge you to try, even if you don’t like puzzle games
You might be surprised.


  1. lazy_bum says:

    Nice game. I wonder what are the requirements for high details. Had some huge slowdowns on my DualCore with GeForce 9500 (or is it just Linux issue?). \:

  2. Maxim Bardin says:

    I suspect it’s a bug as I also sometimes have slowdowns on Ubuntu-64-bit with Quad-core PC, 4GB RAM and Nvidia GTX 275.
    It happens when I rotate the cube too much.
    But then it goes back to normal.