About 1-2 years ago Nicolas Intoxicate started their development on a deep post apocalyptic cRPG game then called Afterfall.
They where using the magnificent cross platform Unigine game engine.
But they had many problems in creating their planned game, their website went down and things got uncertain if the game will ever be made.

At July 2009 there where some updates regarding Afterfall :

“The Poles of Game Corner report that Afterfall is still alive. According to Thomas Majki, President of Nicolas Games, the scale of the game became even greater, as it’s not just a single game now, it’s an entire universe created for several products. With its website taken over by cybersquatters. ”

“Project that is codenamed Afterfall: Rascal will be released IV quarter 2009/ I quarter 2010
It will be the first game in Afterfall universe, with next 2 games in 2 years. Only thing known about it is that it will be PC/X360/PS3 and will be presented officialy at Game connection Lyon this year.”

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This month things got clearer and brighter, Afterfall’s new website is up and being updated frequently, Nicolas Intoxicate will demonstrate a demo of their game at the “Game Connection Lyon 09” conference and the release date is becoming much more visible.

Recently I got an email from Unigine newsletter :
“Afterfall game at Game Connection Lyon 09
Nicolas Intoxicate, a Polish developer, will demonstrate the
Unigine-based “Afterfall” game at Game Connection 2009 (Lyon, France):

Afterfall is a computer game set in Central Europe destroyed in the
course of a nuclear war. It is a post-apocalyptic computer role-playing
game (cRPG) that introduces you into a story of a search for identity.”

I’ve also emailed “Nicolas Intoxicate” about the possibility of the GNU/Linux client they promised for Afterfall long time ago :
“A few years back we talked and you said there will be a GNU/Linux client for Afterfall, but time has passed and many things changed.
I would like to know if you are still planing on making a native GNU/Linux client for RASCAL and the other Afterfall universe games ?
If that’s still true, when are you planing on releasing your first game RASCAL ?”

And they replied :


In fact we have planned to support Linux with Afterfall today however is too early to give definite answer. We will keep you informed.”

So cross your fingers.

Nicolas Intoxicate briefly explained their long “inactivity” :

“So we are back…..

It’s been a while since we stopped our devblog and now right before Games Connection in Lyon we are back. To give you a brief background of what has happened over last 9 months quick calendar:

January 2009
I stared to review once more the whole Afterfll concept. It appears even the vertical slice is at this moment not for us. So having all the assets ready I asked the team what shell we do now. One, two, three games? There was an ultimate answer we will split the game into Episodes. I said fine with me I love Star Wars. Story competitions etc.

February 2009
All concepts were really excellent multistories and fantastic ideas. So we have decided to start with … Rascal. There was couple reasons behind this idea – firstly I was afraid we wont be able to complete the task in terms of quality, secondly Unigine was not ready at that stage for such a complex game, thirdly and in my opinion most importantly Polish fans knew Afterfall Universe – but spending fortune on the game we had to sell it worldwide and we needed something to introduce gamers to this world so special for us Poles but completely unknown for others.

March 2009
So the story begins again – first design stories etc, and assets creation and tools for our Unigne. To be honest it was hard start. Specially that team started to fall apart. But as usually in this kind of situations we were strong and dedicated to what we are doing

April 2009 –September 2009
Design/ creations closing the project down opening again to make long story short we are ready to fight, ready to present in Lyon the first Afterfall Universe playable (maybe not 100% J) code. And I really believe the game is going to be really good.

October 2009
The only asset we are missing is time – we know what to do/ how to do but we need more time … aha and more FPS J. Having serious problems with AI we decided to use what is the best Kynapse but will it work with Unigine?? Zajc hopes it will
I can write a whole book about making game in so difficult circumstances but you may imagine what can we do if everything would be perfect financing coding team and we would have time.
Graphically presentation level is close to the end it really need 4 weeks for completion. But… as always it appears that Unigine does not like Kynapse and we had to force them to communicate and its not easy. Moreover we are suffering lack of programmers. Kasia had an unexpected meeting with the car on the road and we have lost her for this phase of development so we have no ANIMATIONS.

November 2009
Animation problem seems to be solved. Collisions are not working in Kynapse but its going better and better. I really do believe THIS TEAM can do everything. Its so close to our presentation … you can see where we are….

F…. – again animations are problem …… we all became animators…”

To sum this up, Afterfall won’t be the promised game – but in fact several games based on this port apocalyptic universe the first on which will be called Rascal which is going to be a 3rd person survival horror game !
Will they fulfill all their promises in Afterfall Universe ? only time will tell…

Afterfall Universe
Afterfall is not only a few games placed in a post-apocalyptic world. It is a huge project, in which we have put our hearts and effort. For many years we have worked on a universe that will be bigger, better, and more interesting than any game-world ever before. Now we can freely say “We have done it”, and we want to show you the results in several different projects. The most important of them will be Afterfall cRPG (and by RPG we mean Role-playing game, not a game with RPG-elements only) and its sequel. Apart from that, we are planning to develop many games (and maybe not only games) representing various genres. One of them is RASCAL, a survival horror which will introduce you to our amazing Universe. Universe, where the only limit is your imagination.

Year 1945. A modified German v2 missile, carrying a Nazi atomic bomb on board, strikes in the Soviet troops moving from the east towards Berlin. Losing many of the troops and seeing the power of a new weapon, the Soviets got tricked into the bluff and for fear of next attacks they decide to retreat beyond Vistula line. When the USA and USSR attain their own nuclear weapon, a three-sided Cold War and an armaments race begin. Over a half a century later, in the year 2012, the world is on nuclear fire of the final war. However, few people have predicted tragedy and survived in the bomb-shelters, caves and deep mines. They have escaped covers and tried to lead an ordinary life. Howewer, live after apocalypse never will be the same.

Imagine world, where you need to be strong, determined and lucky to survive. Imagine huge areas,from wild and unaccesable ice desert near to Moscow on the east, to the burned rest of old Nazi empire on the west. Imagine amazing and dangerous places – mountain paths, buried cities, radioactive swamps, secret underground labs, dead bomb-shelters, mutant’s camps and many, many more. More, then you ever seen in any game, movie or book.

Imagine world, where you could live now. Where you would ask every day only one question.
What will be after?
Who knows…

Rascal(working title)
RASCAL, is a survival horror in the third-person mode, which will introduce you into our universe – the world destroyed by the nuclear war, where nuclear holocaust and the longstanding contamination forces the group of random people to spend the rest of their lives in a cramped bomb-shelter. You are a psychiatrist who has the task of helping people suffering from the confinement and loss of everything and everybody they left on the earth’s surface. When, due to an accident, one of the bomb-shelter’s levels is contaminated by a dangerous psychoactive substance, you are impelled to struggle for existence with close, until recently, relatives such as your family, shelter-mates possessed by madness as well as your ever-growing insanity. Soon you will experience how your ordinary life become into a mad nightmare…

The action taking place in claustrophobic, dim and hostile locations, accompanying by music creating unique climate – from the big bomb-shelter’s to the deserted and dead surface. If you are expecting a huge dose of adrenaline, psychosis and nightmares – Rascal won’t disappoint you. Unigine(TM) engine guarantee a great graphics, dynamic physics and lights, and a lot of special effects that you never see before. Last, but not least our system of Quick Time Events with adaptation interface gives you full control in many different situations on your way – from short self-cutscenes and mini-games to the exciting movie-like hand-to-hand combat.

And remember, that is only beginning…


Afterfall Universe
Development Blog

  1. Max says:

    Awesome, I checked the site regularly and almost thought that the project was dead at one point. (especially when the site had went down)
    But now I’m looking forward to what I hope to be a nice Linux game.

  2. Gettingtheshaftagain? says:

    I don’t play survival horror, I don’t play puzzle games and I don’t play fps…. I play RPG’s.

    So all we really get now is more ‘pie in the sky’ about how it”ll be the best EVAR… but only after they’ve tried to sell us something that is different to what those who kept word of it alive, wanted in the first place… yeah, right…… :<

    Linux support is reduced to 'if…' and the game changes genres….

    No interest any longer.

  3. olay says:

    What hapand in Lyon???