Vote For Torchlight GNU/Linux Port !

Posted: 1st November 2009 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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Sorry for not updating my blog more often, I’ve started big with 3 updates every week but now I don’t post as much as I used to.
I still have some good ideas to post about, but the “news” stuff is harder to find those days.
If the Windows platform has new games released almost daily, on GNU/Linux things are different.
That is the reason why we have to fight for every game that might have a chance for a GNU/Linux client !

Some time ago I’ve added Torchlight which is developed by Runic Games to the “Games that might have a GNU/Linux client” list on my blog, in the ” Upcoming GNU/Linux games !” section.
I’ve assumed that because Torchlight is based on the Ogre3D engine which is cross platform and because a MacOSX client is already in the works a GNU/Linux client will follow.
I still hold that thought and I’m quite sure a GNU/Linux client will be made at some point by the developers or some other porters or 3rd party company (like LGP or Ryan Gordon).

At 29/10/2009 Torchlight was finally released for the Windows platform and NOW is the time to ask for a GNU/Linux client.
On that day I’ve P.Med one of the Torchlight developers asking about the possibility for a GNU/Linux client :


I’ve send an email to runic games a few months ago but got no replay.
I’ve registered to the forums and posted about it but also none got an official replay.
I was wondering if you are planing on porting Torchlight to Linux.
Ogre3D is cross platform and porting the game should be no problem, there are even people who wish to help you do so if you don’t have the time.
Is there a chance for a Linux client for Torchlight ?

Thanks in Advance

And even got a replay :

Unfortunately we do not have any linux plans decided at this time. I think some people are trying to get it working under WINE but I have not heard much about it (there are a few threads going on that if you want to look). We do have a FAQ page on the website which does have our official statement on other operating systems too, its a bit far down though.

As you can see it’s not a definite “NO” and they are open to convincing.
That day I’ve posted a thread at Ubuntuforums asking people to let their wishes for a native GNU/Linux client be known at the “Linux client” thread at Runic Games forums, the developers of Torchlight.

Many people have posted at Runic Games Linux thread asking for a native GNU/Linux client for Torchlight, and while no developer have replied yet I am sure they are more positive to the idea then before.

If you didn’t yet post in their thread, please do so – as it’s a small step for the GNU/Linux gamer and a BIG win for the GNU/Linux gamers community.

Why do I even want to invest my time in this game ?
First of all we don’t have many good native cRPG games on GNU/Linux except Sacred Gold and NWN while there are a LOT of cRPG fans among the GNU/Linux gamers community.
For a long time I’ve said that the backbone for GNU/Linux adoption are games, and more games will help more people to convert to GNU/Linux thus making a bigger market share and making more gaming companies think about creating native GNU/Linux clients for their games – breaking the “chicken and egg” barrier.

The second thing is that Torchlight was created by the Diablo1+2 developers from Blizzard !
This must mean something even before reading the great reviews the game got.

The third thing is that while their demo runs on Wine, their full game doesn’t – due to DRM restrictions.
Thus the GNU/Linux users have to pirate Torchlight in order to play it because in the cracked version the DRM “protection” was removed.
That is indeed absurd driving us to be pirates even if we want to support a game we like.

Off course buying a Windows game, even if it runs on Wine 100% doesn’t serve our purposes.

So if you want another great game for GNU/Linux, vote your support at their forums.