Shadowrun Returns Will Have A GNU/Linux Version If 1Million is Pledged !

After the huge protest from the GNU/Linux community the Shadowrun Return developers decided to support GNU/Linux IF 1Million is pledged.
Currently they have $819,695 which means that we need about $180,400 for a GNU/Linux client.
That sounds like a lot, and it is a lot – but we are not alone as there are many other fans who will donate to Shadowrun Returns and I’m sure that by Apr 29 (17 more days) we will reach the 1Million goal.


It’s obvious that there are a lot of very passionate fans out there who are clamoring for Linux support, and we would love to be able to include everyone in Shadowrun Returns.

As we said over the weekend, we’re being very careful not to over-commit to ideas and features (especially just to get more funding).

When we added the Mac version of the game (thanks to your enthusiastic support), we did it because we have the necessary Mac experience in-house and our development environment already supports PC and Mac. We were confident that we could deliver without over-burdening the overall product.

Linux is a bit of a different story, however. While it’s true that we have a great environment for cross-platform development (how else could we target PC, Mac, iOS, AND Android!), it does not, at this time, include support for Linux. Because of this and because we needed to add Linux to our small studio’s skill-set, we felt that committing to a Linux version was unwise, so we (reluctantly) took it off the table.

Since that time, two important things have happened:

  • We reached out to members of the Linux community to better understand the scope and developmental risk that a Linux port would introduce.
  • Our partners at Zipline Games (the creators of our dev environment, Moai) have rearranged their development roadmap to support Shadowrun Returns and add Linux to their list of supported platforms.

So here’s the deal: We can now say with confidence that if we hit our $1M stretch goal, we will be able to partner with the right external developer, port Shadowrun Returns to Linux, and deliver it in a reasonable amount of time after the game is released.

We’ll also add it to the $15 reward level (alongside the PC/Mac versions). Now if you’re a Linux-only user, you’ll have to wait for your version, but from what you’ve told us, you’re willing to do that.

Thanks again for all the support, the constructive comments, and for your patience.


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11 April

Shadowrun Returns Won’t Have A GNU/Linux Version

Update :

Shadowrun Returns Will Have A GNU/Linux Version If 1Million is Pledged !


Harebrained Schemes LLC the developers of the promising kickstarter project Shadowrun Returns which once promised a GNU/Linux version is backed down from it’s promise.

As part of our review, we came to the conclusion that feature additions such as aLinux version, Multiplayer PvP, and Cooperative Play are beyond the scope of the project and would cause us to lose focus on the game you reacted to so positively (and the game we really want to make).

When Shadowrun Returns comes out (and is the success we all want it to be), we promise to look at these features as the core of a future release.”

It’s pity that after they achieved their goal and even raised more money than they asked for, they backed down from their promise on the GNU/Linux port.
It’s really a shame that some developers say that making a GNU/Linux port with somehow “cause them to lose focus on the game”, it’s a known fact that when you develop your game cross platform from the start, your game will be rock solid and much more stable.
That alone should make them want to create a GNU/Linux client.
They also will have a MacOS and Android ports, so porting to GNU/Linux should be easier – they just don’t have the will and knowledge to do it.
They can’t complain that they have no funds for it.

With that saying, there is still a chance for a GNU/Linux client AFTER the game will be released for all other platforms.

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7 April