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Devil Gene R – Episode I

Posted: 15th July 2012 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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Devil Gene R – Episode I is an upcoming free visual novel that is being developed using the cross platform Ren’Py engine. It’s very hard to get pledges when your project is going to be free, but they managed to reach their goal of $3k with 3 days left. So if you want to help […]

Winter Wolves the developer of many Visual Novel games (that use the FOSS Ren’Py game engine) are now offering all of their games (except Loren which still in beta) at 40% discount ! All you have to do is to enter “EASTER” at the coupon field when you order. So happy Easter to everyone who […]

There are several “unknown” game companies which are very friendly towards GNU/Linux, yet because of the poor publicity none heard about them. One of those GNU/Linux friendly gaming companies is Sake Visual. They released 3 games so far and all of them have a native GNU/Linux client, 2 of the games where released as freeware. […]