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Posted: 4th January 2010 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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Hello All and thank you for visiting this blog so far…
In this post I’ll summarize LGN Blog States, talk a little about the games that were released this year and make predictions for the future to come…

As you can see from the graph below LGN blog is becoming more popular each month (except for the month that I went to Prague for vacation), it started with 1,952 visits and last month LGN had 9,760 visits (not including myself), so there is always a record to beat.

The most popular post was “Upcoming GNU/Linux games !” (which LGN is all about, see it as the main theme of the blog), not so far behind was “Interview With Frictional Games – Amnesia” with a great help from external websites that linked to me (thanks people !), and the third place was reserved for “Recently Released”.
All of those posts where viewed more then 1,000 times !

The most popular posts till now where :

Top Posts for all days ending 2010-01-03 (Summarized)

All Time

Title Views
Upcoming GNU/Linux games ! 2,026 More stats
Interview With Frictional Games – Amnesia 1,567 More stats
Recently Released 1,170 More stats
Interview With Thomas From Basilisk Games 865 More stats
Brink – Unique Immersive FPS 781 More stats
Primal Carnage – Humans VS Dinosaurs 601 More stats
Venetica – Action RPG Game 381 More stats
Natural Selection 2 – Sci-Fi Online RTS/FPS 375 More stats
Joe-Danger – Stunts Racing Game 351 More stats
How To Find GNU/Linux Games 325 More stats
Vote For Torchlight GNU/Linux Port ! 317 More stats
Afterfall Universe – Rascal (draft title) 311 More stats
Poisonville – GTA Style Action MMORPG. 308 More stats
Interview With Koen From Koonsolo 303 More stats
Dark Salvation – Horror FPS ! 290 More stats
Garshasp – Action Adventure Game 279 More stats
GNU/Linux users show their love for indie game – By Koonsolo 272 More stats
I Live, Again… 271 More stats
Aquaria – An Underwater Fantasy Adventure Game 264 More stats
Trauma – Flash Based Point-and-Click Adventure 257 More stats
Micro-Warrior : Heal with a Kill 236 More stats
The Legend of Crystal Valley – Adventure Game 231 More stats
Syndicate-Online Sci-Fi MMORPG 228 More stats
DeathSpank Comical cRPG Adventure 205 More stats
GNU/Linux Game Porters Needed ! 200 More stats
Irukandji – Score Attack Shooter Released ! 191 More stats
Angels Fall First : The Second Antarean War – Spaceships Online 187 More stats
Call Of The Kings – Online Strategy RPG 181 More stats
Eschalon: Book II – Old School cRPG 177 More stats
Next Frictional Games Title Name Revealed ! 172 More stats
Mystic Mine – Review 164 More stats
Xenocell – Unconventional Sci-Fi MMORPG 162 More stats
Interview With John From Wolfire Games 156 More stats
id Software and Linux – By TTimo 150 More stats
Conquest – Simultaneous Turn Based Strategy 144 More stats
GNU/Linux Users Pay and Buy More ! 143 More stats
Rotc Ethernet – MOFPS 134 More stats
Forums 131 More stats
Aquaria Open Beta ! 129 More stats
Iron Sky: Operation Highjump – Action Adventure 128 More stats
Bullet Candy Perfect – Space Shoot-Em-Up game 123 More stats
Fight For Your Right ! 115 More stats
The Broken Hourglass 111 More stats
Interview With Thearrel McKinney From Mangled Eye Studios – The Dark Salvation Developer 107 More stats
Interview With Konrad From Bitgap – The Xenocell Developers 107 More stats
Love – Unusual MOG 105 More stats
Planet M.U.L.E – Online Economic Strategy Released ! 104 More stats
I’m Back ! 103 More stats
Achron – meta-time strategy game 97 More stats
Interview With Amir From Fanafzar – Garshasp Developers 96 More stats
AfterWorld 91 More stats
Interview With Michael From Viewizard. 89 More stats
Adonthell 0.4 – Not Just A Game 86 More stats
Interviews 79 More stats
About 74 More stats
Scoregasm – Combo Space Shooter 70 More stats
Heroes of Newerth Beta Is Now open for the the Holidays ! 64 More stats
Theme Changed ! 28 More stats
Taking a Vacation for a week 17 More stats
Contact 14 More stats

Generated 2010-01-03 16:44:59 UTC+3

The most popular links from LGN where to FreeGamer (count it as the other side of the coin, I mostly talk about proprietary games, and they talk about as much as important FOSS games).
The other websites where gamingonlinux and the upcoming Aquaria from Bit-Blot which got heavy interest.

* there are also many untitled pages which I have not included.

Generated 2010-01-03 16:53:34 UTC+3

This is the place where I say BIG THANKS to all the websites that linked to LGN !
The most visits came from Ubuntuforums.org (yeah I use Ubuntu 64-bit at home, but I use RHEL5 at work).
Basilisk Games, the developers of the Eschalon series also linked to our interview (which took the forth place by views) and boost the visits to LGN.
Frictional Games the developers of the Penumbra series did the same and linked to our interview on their upcoming game Amnesia and made many people very happy)

Generated 2010-01-03 16:55:14 UTC+3

The most “searchers” that came to LGN searched for “torchlight linux” , due to the small campaign I’ve started here and there they found themselves here.
111 people searched for “linux gaming news” to get here – which is 100% what they wanted.
The third place took the “upcoming linux game postal 3” quarry, sadly as a Postal fan, except a few interviews Postal3 doesn’t have an official “stand alone” website and not much info about it – but it will definitely find it’s way to GNU/Linux .

Search Terms for all days ending 2010-01-03 (Summarized)

All Time

Search Views
torchlight linux 262
linux gaming news 111
upcoming linux game postal 3 40
venetica linux 28
deathspank linux 28
ogre games linux 26
primal carnage 26
torchlight on linux 24
lgn hardcore 21
upcoming linux games 19
torchlight for linux 19
linux torchlight 17
linux gaming 15
linux news 14
brink linux 14
unreal 3 linux client 14
zblood 13
amnesia the dark descent 13
natural selection 2 linux 13
the legend of crystal valley linux 12
linux rpg games 12
indie developers who developed linux cli 12
mystic mine review 12
torchlight game linux 11
lgn linux 11
syndicate online 10
aquaria linux 10
linux hardcore gaming 10
gnu games 10
eschalon book 2 9
linux game news 9
linux games hardcore 9
crpg 8
primal carnage linux 8
horror fps 8
linux game hardcore 7
action rpg linux 7
linux action rpg 7
aquaria-beta-installer.run 6
hardcore linux gaming 6
sci-fi mmorpg 6
legend of crystal valley linux 6
linux games in development 6
irukandji shooter 6
linux games december 2009 6
jets'n'guns linux 6
maxim linux gaming 6
thearrel mckinney 6
torchlight linux client 5
deathspank for linux 5

Generated 2010-01-03 16:56:40 UTC+3

On this note I would like to inform UbuntuForums visitors that I will no longer going to “popup” the LGN thread with updates (IF I’ll make the updates they will be only on the first post of the thread), I will however going to replay to questions/interesting posts.
So if you don’t see the LGN thread on the front page, it doesn’t mean the blog wasn’t updated.
You can bookmark LGN : http://lgn.linux-hardcore.com
Or follow it with RSS feeder : http://feeds.feedburner.com/LinuxGamingNews

2009 was a good year for GNU/Linux gaming, many games were released and some like : World Of Goo, Sacred Gold, HoN (beta) and the Shadowgrounds series became instant hits !
GNU/Linux gamers sure know how to support the developers/porters – from the interviews I’ve done a “GNU/Linux Desktop Market Share of 1% (according to *some* sources, which I disagree with – but we have no other estimation so I’ll stick with this number for now) accounts for 10%-20% and even more in some cases of game sales that offer ports to GNU/Linux, Windows and MacOS ! (which are mostly the indies, THANKS INDIES)
That’s an astonishing number by all means.

The future seems brighter then ever (well till end of 2012 anyways), and more and more games are being ported to GNU/Linux thanks to our game porters and indie game developers.
The most anticipated game by me Age Of The Decadence *should* be released by the end of 2010.
Eschalon: Book II should be released in a few months.
Many other indie’s are close to finish their games, and LGP have yet to disclosed the ports they are working on.

Thanks again for everyone who helped LGN and Gaming on GNU/Linux
And stay tuned for a wonderful year !

  1. Max says:

    Quite interesting to see. I’d rather see some interviews though. 😛

    Some of those search requests are quite strange.

  2. Hamish Wilson says:

    Cool, I thought that was RHEL, I am a bit of a Red Hat fanboy, so cool… 😉

    You forgot to mention our friends at Mangled Eye also link here as well:

    I was a wee bit disappointed that I did not see Wikipedia in the list of sites that linked to you though, as I have been seeding it into articles over there as well. I probably account for a good percentage of the Linux gaming coverage over there, and have had to fight for it on occasion. Thank you for giving me something to write up about!

  3. Maxim Bardin says:

    Hello Hamish Wilson.

    If it was my call I would use Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora or CentOS at work – but not RHEL.
    We only use RHEL because of it’s name in the world, we can’t get the same respect from our clients if we tell them our product runs on CentOS, which is just the same thing as RHEL but without the Trademarks.

    I didn’t notice mangle eye linking to LGN, maybe because none visited LGN from there…dunno.

    There were in fact several Wikipedia articles linking to LGN (but I suspect they didn’t show up on those tables because it there were a very few hits).
    The Brink wiki article brought a lot of people to LGN.

    Thank you for supporting LGN and the GNU/Linux community.
    Keep the good work.

  4. Maxim Bardin says:


    I’ve sent a few interviews and waiting for the “results”, and another interview is in progress.

    Thank you for your comment.

  5. Patrick says:

    I’m waiting for LGPs next announcement. As far as I know they’ve got (at least) five games in development at the moment. I’m really curious which games they’re working on.

  6. Maxim Bardin says:

    Indeed LGP is currently working on 5 titles, but 2 of them were already announced long time ago :
    1. Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy
    2. Bandits: Phoenix Rising

    Then you are left with 3 unannounced titles.
    My guess is that one of those titles will be Sacred2 + exp …but it’s just a wild guess…
    We need more cRPG’s on GNU/Linux.