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Two weeks ago I’ve started the LGN Theme contest, but so far there wasn’t even one submission.
I would like to think that you are working hard and pushing the limits to the last day, but there is also the possibility that the prize isn’t good enough.
Leszek Sta?czyk from the Polish GNU/Linux game reseller Wupra has offered Airline Tycoon Deluxe or Knights and Merchants to the winner of the LGN Theme Contest.
This in addition to Sleep Is Death which was the first prize.

I’ve also extended the contest and all submissions must be emailed until the 30/06/2010 .
The next day I’ll put a vote for one week (if there will be any competitors that is…).
More info could be found at the first LGN Theme Contest post

Leszek Sta?czyk writes :
Wupra (read voopra) is Linux Game store located in Poland and our main customers are from Poland.
My store is on-line since 21 August 2009.
Linux games are twice expensive for Poles than for British, German or French customers.
I’d like change it a little so I offer many games for Linux with the lower price as it’s possible (of course mainly for customers from Poland).
Price is very important so I don’t sell games which are overpriced more than it’s rational.
I’d like add some cheap games with English language version (final price maybe lower).

If you want suggest any other game with cheap price, don’t be shy and send an
e-mail: info@wupra.com to us and we see what we can do.

Upon checking the Wupra store, the Polish (sometimes even include Russian) versions of the games are indeed very cheap, but while the English versions are much more costly they are still the cheapest you can find on the net ! (Native GNU/Linux Box versions).
The shop offers many games from LGP, RuneSoft, id software, Epic Games, indies and many more…
So even if you are not a Polish or Russian – it’s still worth taking a look at this online store.

Also I’ve asked Leszek Sta?czyk a few questions :

1. Will you offer a download versions (like Tuxgames) ?
I’d like too but I’m not a programmer so I can’t work on my own, I need somebody to help me with it.
BTW – Bandwidth is not a problem at all.

2. What about the English versions of the Polish games like Doom3 +Expansion, Unreal Anthology, E.T:Quake Wars etc… ?
Even if they will be more expensive then the Polish but less expensive then those games at other shops – it could be still worth it.

I’m working on it, I must find suppliers in UK.

3. Some “Polish” marked games on your website like “Unreal Anthology” and “Prey” says “English” if you look at their data sheet.
So are they in Polish or English ?

They are in English but UT2004 have only polish subtitles, English was ripped of by CD-Project.
I applied a patch for UT2004 but there are only partial English files.
When I say Polish that mean Polish cover, manual and Polish language if game have English language game data I added this information to “Data Sheet”.
I can’t add English subtitles without permission from Epic Games.

So if the data is in English, does it mean the whole game (not cover and manual) is in English ?
Correctly, only UT2004 text/subtitles are incomplete for other language than Polish, but the voices and the menus are in English.
I can ask Polish distributor for access and permission for add full English (or other) subtitles or Ryan help (he helped me with Postal X, I got permission from RWS to use Linux binary of Postal, Postal 2). I added information about ripped of English version.
Also it is possible to order the Full English version with manual and cover but at least 30 requests are needed.

Polish version of Prey is a little more complicated because there are 4 polish editions :
First edition is without polish game data (and polish distributor didn’t give me permission to add polish version.
That’s weird because their claim that they can’t because they can’t) but other have it.
2 latest edition have game data package in .bin files (Windows only).
Prey have Polish cover and manual and language version listed on page description in data sheet.

Can we remove the Polish subtitles from Unreal Anthology ?
I don’t want to make anyone confused, but if you think I should rename Unreal Antologia POLISH to Unreal Anthology I can do it.
For examples of Polish version of Defcon have Polish cover without manual, Polish game data but Linux version support only English language so I didn’t add POLISH for English description.

Other games with English and Polish game data but with Polish manual and cover:
– Doom 3 (Polish sounds are so stupid especially if some served in army,soldiers don’t talk with that stupid way)
– Tactical Ops: Wojna z Terrorem

Links :
LGN Theme contest
Airline Tycoon Deluxe
Knights and Merchants
Sleep Is Death

Many people ask me how do I manage to find GNU/Linux games.
I say it’s luck and determination, however I also have some guidelines for you…

Sourceforge and Freshmeat got tons of FOSS gaming projects that have a GNU/Linux client in development by the nature of the FOSS community.
Most of those projects however are already known (those who are playable at least) and other are still in development and often need help from the community.
More info about FOSS games you can find at FREEGAMER – the expert on this issue.

One of the things I’ve learned is that indie game developers are much more friendly towards GNU/Linux then most big gaming companies.
So if you know of an indie game developing company you can try to ask them (by email or at their forums) about a GNU/Linux client.
If they hesitate you can show them the success stories of indies who do support GNU/Linux such as Frictional Games the developers of the Penumbra series or Basilisk Games.
You can also tell them about big companies who develop for GNU/Linux such as Running With Scissors and Deck13.
Unfortunately id software may not be the best example at this point.

In our GNU/Linux commercial gaming world we don’t have so many high quality games such as on Windows for example.
That’s why there is much less competition, and if one company makes an cRPG for GNU/Linux for example, there aren’t that many other cRPG’s to choose from.
That doesn’t necessary means that we are going to buy just ANY cRPG game, but this certainly rises the chances.
Most indies don’t sell as much as other big gaming companies, that’s why every sale counts – and by making your game available to more platforms you get more clients and sales.

The GNU/Linux community grows daily at rapid rate, and we certainly pay for good games.
Get interested – ask other indies who already made the move to support GNU/Linux what they think on this issue.

Ok, you got the basic idea (hopefully), so how do you find such indie companies ?
One of the best ways to do it is by searching for a cross platform engine such as Ogre3D, Unigine or Torque.
Once you found such engine search in their website for games that use (or in development) their engine or clients who licensed it. (most websites offer nice and detailed lists of such clients and games).
Then go to the game sites who uses a friendly engine and look at their forums if there are already threads about GNU/Linux, if not just create one or send them an email.

Some guidelines and notes :

1. Indies are more friendly towards GNU/Linux.
2. Look for a cross platform GNU/Linux friendly engine.
3 . If you see that the game uses DirectX only, there is no real chance of it being ported to GNU/Linux (unless it’s FOSS or LGP will buy the rights for the porting).
4. If you see that the game uses OpenGL – there is a higher chance for a GNU/Linux port by the company or external porter such as Icculus.
5. If you see a Mac client there is a chance for a GNU/Linux client.
6. Unfortunately if the game has a PS3, Wii or an Xbox360 clients it doesn’t say anything about the possibility of a GNU/Linux client.

Go ahead and hunt for GNU/Linux games my friends
And may the Tux be with you !

If you know of a game with a possible GNU/Linux client please comment below.