Daily Archives: 04/09/2011

Cameron Bonde aka Vectrex has found an update on the Unity GNU/Linux Exporter that was posted earlier on LGN.

Hey, remember the Unity news I sent a while ago? Well I found an update.
They had said before that yes they are working on a native Linux web plugin exporter, but they said there was no timeline and it was low priority.
However a recent blog post shows two pieces of good news.
First Unity is going to be exporting to the Flash 11 plugin at almost native speeds and it’s shown here working (since Flash 11 exposes low level GPU).
If flash work on the exporter it should mean Unity in browsers on Linux.
But the more interesting bit was I noticed a little addition to the export options :

Looks like they’ve added Linux standalone to the their internal
version. Of course they didn’t mention this at all in the video, but
it looks promising.

Thanks Cameron Bonde aka Vectrex for keeping us up to date with the Unity GNU/Linux support.

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