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Soccer Cup Solitaire For GNU/Linux Released !

Posted: 22nd December 2010 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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Anawiki said that they are working on porting their games to GNU/Linux, and they did not disappoint ! Soccer Cup Solitaire is their first GNU/Linux since Runes of Avalon has been released today ! For this special even they offer a discount coupon for the GNU/Linux costumers. The original price is $7, but if you […]

Several days ago I’ve posted about Dressed-Up Pups is coming to GNU/Linux, but apparently, more games are coming to GNU/Linux as well… “We’ll be releasing our top games like Soccer Cup Solitaire, Spooky Runes, The Perfect Tree and our latest release Dress-Up Pups. Though before we finish the process of making Linux builds I’d love […]