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Shadow Remnants – Tactical RPG

Posted: 6th August 2012 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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Shadow Remnants is an epic adventure that brings back the genre of tactical RPGs, so if you like games like Final Fantasy – this game might be for you ! Their goal is $75k and they have 25 more days to reach it, currently they gathered ~$3,400 – so you can help them make this […]

As I wrote earlier,   Legends of Aethereus is a co-op (and solo) action RPG game. I was hoping that they will get more more of the modest 25k they asked, but as long as it’s funded (~28k) it’s good enough. Also I want to point out the interview my friend Todd from had […]

4 Days To Fund Word Realms

Posted: 17th June 2012 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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Word Realms is a very unique RPG in which you need to put up words from the letters you are given in order to attack, depending on the word and number of letters you will get stronger attacks. Out of the stretch goal of $100,000 ,already ~$96,100 have been pledged – so there is a […]

Kitaru Funded, Last Chance To Pledge !

Posted: 30th May 2012 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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Kitaru is a classical RPG game that being developed with Unity (which now after Wastelands2 doesn’t sound bad for the GNU/Linux users). The developers promise a GNU/Linux version, but that might be after the game is released. Also there will be a Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS versions of the game. The story of the […]

ZombieForward On Indiegogo !

Posted: 10th April 2012 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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Besides Kickstarter there is also another platform for raising funds for the development of indie project…it’s Indiegogo ! A Russian team called FakeDrake (which I’m hope isn’t fake 😉 ) wants to develop a Zombie survival RPG game called ZombieForward built using a costume game engine which supports GNU/Linux. The game is a sandbox-style survival […]

Avadon: The Black is an old school crpg game created by the legendary Spiderweb Software which created many other old school crpg’s. Avadon was recently featured on The Humble Indie Bundle. For everyone who might missed this great offer there is the chance to buy the GNU/Linux version from Gameolith. I’ve spoken a bit with […]

As some of you might know Wasteland 2 is currently being funded on Kickstarter with the initial goal of $900,000. To this moment $1,157,646 already been raised and it’s still 31 days to go. Max Zettlmeißl and other GNU/Linux users have requested on Wastlands2 forums a native support for our beloved OS bringing valid arguments […]

The Real Texas Coming Soon To GNU/Linux !

Posted: 1st September 2011 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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Kitty Lambda will soon release their action RPG The Real Texas which is be available for GNU/Linux. About While holidaying in England, an ordinary rancher from Texas is trapped in an abandoned castle. There he finds a portal to a town called Strange, whose residents are somehow all stuck in a purgatory dimension of Texas. […]

The A.Typical RPG Released

Posted: 20th July 2011 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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The GNU/Linux binary was released at 9th of April but no GNU/Linux gaming website reported about it, so I think it could count as “news” 😉 The A.Typical RPG is a quirky game that seeks to put you in the role of a college student having the weirdest week of his life as he shapes […]

The indie game developers Jugilus who developed Little Space Duo are working on a new game called Legions of Ashworld. From the blog : I think it is time to say something about my next game. I have been working on and off on it for almost a year and although it is not yet […]