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You might have already read about The KickStarter Indie Bundle which includes 9 games (some of which were kickstarter projects that didn’t reach their goal).

I’ve checked the games about the possibility of a GNU/Linux client, and 5 titles will support GNU/Linux :

Metagolf , Ensign-1 , Christmas Magic , TRI (possibly), Silversword 2 (the developers promised a GNU/Linux client if funded, using Ubity4 makes it possible).

Sadly Enola uses UDK, Inner Dream – Visual Basic, The Host Holic – RPG Maker XP and Y2163 might not even be released for desktop – so they won’t support GNU/Linux.
BUT it is possible to write in the comments to which projects you want your pledge to go – so you can support only those projects who support you.
There are wonderful rewards you can get for your pledges :

Like earlier games from the developers (sadly most of them don’t have a GNU/Linux client), but if you pledge $15 or more you will get Helena the 3rd (from the developers of Ensign-1 ).
If you pledge $20, you will get the full bundle of the 9 games, and many earlier games from the developers.
Pledge $30 and you will also get the source code of Christmas Magic !
$35 will double your rewards !

Developers from different countries have united to bring you the Kickstarter Indie Bundle!

Your support will help 9 developers to make 9 different games at the same time! The games are being made for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and even the PS Vita!

We have tons of great rewards including: full versions of our current games, early access to alpha-versions of our current projects, original soundtracks, and lots of other gifts for our supporters.

The Games

Horror game > Enola (Game by 'The Domaginarium')
Horror game > Enola (Game by ‘The Domaginarium’)

Enola is a horror/adventure game about fear, isolation, and murder. You wake up on a desolate island, without any knowledge of your whereabouts or who you are. Over the course of your travels, you find there is something lurking in the shadows… and there is something dark and evil on this island.
Visit foreboding locations, solve intriguing puzzles, and find clues to uncover mysteries about the island and your own identity. You’ll have to be quick and cunning to survive, but do you have what it takes to save another life?
Enola is the second title by The Domaginarium, and it’s based on a game concept developed for the Ludum Dare Competition (#22).

Developer’s game description:
We wanted to make a horror game, but we didn’t want Enola to be a game about fighting monsters, zombies and things like that. We wanted to stay away from any “supernatural” type of horror because we wanted to focus on a more “human” kind of fear. Human beings are capable of horrible crimes, and we really wanted to explore that with this game. Enola isn’t exactly something that “makes you jump out of your chair”, but rather a game designed to be disturbing.
The game is also built around the main character’s or the killer’s backstory. The killer in Enola is a very disturbed person, and everything you find or uncover in the game relates to the killer or your character in every way. Enola is a very story-driven game that invites you to figure out what happened before.

Funds will be used to cover billing costs, pay additional artists from different disciplines, and cover legal expenses that we can’t do ourselves.
If we raise more funds, we’ll register as a Mac/iOS developer, and buy iOS devices for testing, as well as an entry-level Mac for testing and making sure system requirements are moderate.

Most unusual golf > Metagolf (Game by 'Michaël Lievens')
Most unusual golf > Metagolf (Game by ‘Michaël Lievens’)

Metagolf is a platform action game for 1 to 4 players. It’s like Mini-Golf but crazier since everyone is playing at the same time with the same golf ball. Unlock interactive championship courses with creatures, puzzles, and 7 different kind of balls or team-battle on the same computer through physics based obstacles and mazes. When a player touches the golf ball, it takes the color of his team. Players can walk with the ball since it only counts the number of shooting. You win the game if a golf ball of your color reaches the hole/target.

Developer’s game description:

The idea behind Metagolf is to mix the casual 2D platform genre with a physical based golf game. The most challenging part was to avoid the widely admitted boring gameplay of golf and only keep the basic rules of Mini-golf to make something fun and unique.

There is also a clear and assumed inspiration in old-school action games with split-screen multiplayer options and freedom of choice in the parameters. For example, it is very possible to add more or less rules like prohibiting the player to touch the ball or allowing unlimited number of shoot in a game. This way, you can customize each play and set your own difficulty level.

Another interesting feature of Metagolf is that single player level can all be played in multiplayer and vice versa! This is because there is several ways to reach a goal. Being able to create, customize and share new maps thanks to a built-in level editor was also something very important to include in this game.

If you enjoyed Sonic Pinball, Mario and Angry Birds then you will enjoy Metagolf 🙂


The game is already very playable and quite complete. Funds will be used to improve a few graphics like adding better looking players. Depending on the interest in Metagolf, we may add more features and additional levels.

Dreamy game > Inner Dream (Game by 'Sometimes You')
Dreamy game > Inner Dream (Game by ‘Sometimes You’)

‘Inner Dream’ is a modern fairy tale about dreams. What if time froze while you were sleeping? How could you wake up if everything around you now looks like a photo? Find your way through the world of dreams and make the clock start ticking again to find your way back to reality. The imagination of the protagonist, who is lost in his dreams, will lead the player to the farthest corners of his mind. Here, the hidden world of the subconscious reveals its true colors. The events of real life, echoes in his dreams, and the silence around him freezes in a vacuum of empty space.  Inner Dream is more artful than usual games. This game is a combination of photography, music, and a mysterious story all together.

‘Inner Dream’ participates in the international animation festival LINOLEUM 2012.


Funds will allow us to finish the second, and perhaps the last, episode of Inner Dream. It will also help us to pay for English localization.

Space game > Ensign -1 (Game by 'Only Human Studios')
Space game > Ensign -1 (Game by ‘Only Human Studios’)

Ensign-1 is a space combat game that aims to give the player limitless freedom. You aren’t limited to merely piloting a single fighter throughout the course of battle. You can dock and board frigates, capital ships, and even asteroid bases. Players are free to man turrets while a friend pilots their ship, or even simply battle it out on foot.  Ensign-1 will feature both multiplayer modes and a single player (and co-op) campaign complete with story based missions and voice actors!


Our project is still as ambitious as ever, so any amount donated helps us ensure we can make this the best space combat game we can imagine. We all want to kindly thank you for your consideration and your support!

Family game > Christmas Magic (Game by 'Anmoll Thakur and Satbir Singh')
Family game > Christmas Magic (Game by ‘Anmoll Thakur and Satbir Singh’)

Christmas Magic is a unique combination of a story book and a game for the whole family or for short breaks from work. Relax and delve deep into the charming innocence of L’il Pono’s magical world.

As you solve beautiful puzzles and ‘Magic’ flows from your fingertips, you lose yourself in the soothing magic of floating lights and twinkling chimes of the magical fireflies. ‘Christmas Magic’ tells a warm Christmas tale of an innocent little elf’s longing for his family, of magic that interweaves through life, and the eternal natural relation between all things living called “Love”. Its simple but engaging gameplay, set in a magical natural environment, immerses the player with its sights and sounds in a test of visual problem solving and improves his/her cognitive and pattern recognition skills.

Check out our game on your iPad here (it’s free!):


Funds will be used to make ports of the game on ChromeStore, Mac AppStore, Android Tablet, and buy the necessary licenses. We’ll implement art for each platform and work on marketing the game before Christmas 2012.

Triangle game > TRI (Game by 'Rat King Entertainment')
Triangle game > TRI (Game by ‘Rat King Entertainment’)

TRI is a freeform 3D platformer with environmental puzzles – it is inspired by games like “Portal”, “Thief” and “Zelda”.  You create triangles to build platforms, walk on walls and ceilings, reflect light rays, laser beams and more.

Cast triangles to overcome abysses and reach unknown places; activate crystals with reflected light rays and destroy obstacles with dangerous lasers; explore the dungeons of TRI, collect treasures and solve puzzles. All this in first-person perspective, with an unusual graphics style and a nice soundtrack!


Funds will be used for development and administrative expenses, music composition, sound effects, (perhaps) additional graphics and level design, and localization into more languages, like French and Chinese. A port to Linux would also be possible.

Dungeons for your phone > Silversword 2 – Götterdämmerung (Game by 'Mario J. Gaida')
Dungeons for your phone > Silversword 2 – Götterdämmerung (Game by ‘Mario J. Gaida’)

Silversword 2 (working title: Götterdämmerung) will be the sequel to the iOS game “Silversword”. It will continue to delve into the culture of the planet Tarnak, but with significant changes and enhancements such as: new 3D Engine (Unity3D), animated 3d art, cloud-save, offline progression and much more.


Funds will be used to create higher quality 3D art and improve the current sound and music to enhance the overall experience.

School story > The Host Holic (Game by 'Lexington Alexander')
School story > The Host Holic (Game by ‘Lexington Alexander’)

You travel to Japan for one year to teach English, and quickly become culture shocked by the dating scene in downtown Tokyo.  After a few failed attempts at blind and Internet dating, you decide to try your luck at the most popular host club in town. Manage your daily life as a foreign teacher in Tokyo by controlling your wild students and maximizing your return rate to ensure your performance bonus.  Can you balance your job and navigate this new dating world? Discover the secrets to becoming a successful teacher by day, and surround yourself by a group of professional playboys at night in this original and exciting dating-sim and time management game.


Funds will be used to replace stock art, stock music, and design a more professional UI.  We would also like to hire an editor for script improvements.

PvP Strategy > Y2163 (Game by 'Dust.Bit.Games')
PvP Strategy > Y2163 (Game by ‘Dust.Bit.Games’)

In the 22nd century, resources are scarce and of great value. To control the remains, the united government has built a global system to remotely control, restructure and defend areas for their own needs. Over the years, some anonymous groups have found multiple ways to exploit the system. Since then, independent groups have been trying to gain territory and fight against the government and each other. However, some of these groups are using the system to prevent the inevitable…

It?s the year 2163. You have your hands on a control unit. Will you fight?

Project Mission / Goals:

Y2163 is part of a design-series of RTS games (Y-series), which focuses on fictional settings in the distant future, and the first concept which we decided to bring to life. It is our goal to create a highly customizable PvP (player vs. player) game, designed for mobile devices (and maybe more).

A successful funding would allow us to produce an alpha version of the game and put up some test servers for our backers.

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You will receive games as soon as they are released.

Please leave a comment or e-mail us ( for specific information on any rewards.  Any content submitted by you for rewards should be safe for general audiences.  We may reject or ask you to resubmit any content upon request and reserve the right to refuse any material that we may deem inappropriate.  Please note that some rewards are limited to the initial donors of said rewards.

Some games are not available for all platforms. Please review system requirements before donating.