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Posted: 13th July 2012 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized

I was planning to write about this great game today, but other GNU/Linux gaming websites managed to do it faster…;)

So in case you somehow missed it, Legends of Aethereus is an excellent looking hack-n-slash-n-shoot-n-bomb-n-throw-n-destroy cRPG game that will have a GNU/Linux client.

$15,000 of the $25,000 already been pledged, and this game deserves much more, so back it up !

If you pledge $40, you get the Expedition Pack Level which includes four digital copies of the game !

Kickstarter Video

Gameplay Trailer

Beta Sizzle Trailer

About this project

Youtube HD link

ThreeGates Studios was formed to focus on developing great games for core gamers.

Over the last few years the trend in the gaming industry has been to remove complexity and intricacies from their products. In short, a lot of triple decker banana splits with all the trimmings have turned into bland vanilla syntheto-mush.

We realize game companies do this because they want their products to be accessible to the broadest mainstream audience possible. This however has come at a cost. We’ve seen many disappointed gamers as we watch beloved titles get watered down or console-adapted to the point where the gaming experience is no longer appealing to the original fans.

We believe that the core Gaming audience is really hungry for a game that can deliver a deep experience, interesting choices, and more control over how you look as an individual, as well as how you play the game. We’re committed to delivering quality games that include these elements.

This video shows one of the many, Legends of Aethereus Field Tests, that we do to ensure we can deliver the absolute best product for our supporters. It is an example of how our team is willing to give the extra effort it takes to make a great game.

By popular demand another Realistic Field Test Video. The Tuskboar Impact Simulation

Legends of Aethereus is a high action, low fantasy RPG with four player co-op and a variety of PvP game types.

There is a full single player campaign with an engaging story. Check out the GamerSector Indiecast Podcast (http://gamersector.com/podcast/indiecast/indiecast-3) for more info on the story and factions.

Join forces in online multiplayer cooperative expeditions as the Inventor, Astrographer or Officer and venture into the  uncharted wilderness of Aethereus seeking fame, glory and untold riches.

Invite your friends to your own customized Nexus City-State to battle in your arena or just show off how cool you’ve personalized your city using the statue-maker, banner creator and other customization features.

Embark on a variety of story driven hand-crafted expedition levels or explore the wilderness through a variety of procedurally generated exploration quests. Design and build new gear and weapons while you develop your character across a diverse and expansive skill tree allowing for a multitude of character strategies.

  • Physics-based combat system including traps, set-up weapons and interaction with environmental objects
  • Expedition system combines hand crafted levels with procedurally generated areas that allow for virtual infinite replayability
  • The Statue-Maker, Banner Creator and other customization features allow you to personalize your own city environment
  • PvP, CO-OP and Single Player combat in your own City-State Combat Arena
  • Crafting and Materials system allows for virtual limitless customization

Why Unity

We chose working with the Unity3D game engine as we see it as the engine of the future. They are constantly adding features and the large and open community allows for meaningful knowledge exchange. We are confident that Unity3D is the correct long-term platform due to its incredible growth curve, living community and active technical support. Our experience has been very positive and we encourage new developers to choose Unity3D.”

We will offer a DRM Free version with single player, LAN, and direct ip connect. So you’ll be able to play and enjoy Legends of Aethereus in a stand alone version free from DRM.

We will support Linux! In our opinion the Linux Community has been somewhat forgotten by game developers despite its growing popularity. We also believe that Linux users will enjoy the game play style in Legends of Aethereus. Since our aim is to make a product for core gamers we felt it is very important to cater to the Linux Community since such a high percent have the same philosophy as ThreeGates. Nothing could make us happier than to provide a great game for the Linux Community.

We definitely don’t want to forget about all our good friends and supporters that prefer Mac so we are also offering a Mac Version of the game. We are happy that we have had such a positive response from Apple users and we are glad to provide a version just for Mac.


Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5




Screenshot 6


Concept Art 1 - Nexus overview
Concept Art 2
Concept Art 3 - Blacksmiths Shop
Concept Art 3 - Armor
Concept Art 5 - Sword



Wallpaper 1
Wallpaper 2
Wallpaper 3
Wallpaper 4


  1. zikzak says:

    Whoa ! It looks pretty nice !
    Is Unity fully supported under GNU/Linux ?
    I do nto really knwo how it works, it seems to be a browser plugin, am I right ?

  2. Todd B says:

    Kudos on publishing the gameplay and screen shots Maxim.
    I’m really looking forward to the final edition of Legends of Aethereus Q3 this year.
    And ThreeGates Studios are really going out of there way to create a game for core gamers. I have a feeling Legends of Aethereus will have some epic gameplay.

  3. Maxim Bardin says:

    As been published before in many websites including LGN, Unity4 will have a native Linux export.

  4. Maxim Bardin says:

    Me too, can’t wait.
    I love RPG games and we have so little of those on Linux.
    There is a reason many Linux Gaming news websites posted about this game (and at the same day).
    Although I suspect the RPG aspect won’t be deep (quests wise) and it will be more combat oriented, like Diablo.
    It’s not bad, but a bit different style.