Carmageddon: Reincarnation will be the 3rd game of the crazy but extremely fun driving/killing game series named “Carmaggedon” (made by the same company Stainless).
In this game the goal is not to finish the race first, but to kill the most people/animals/opponents in the most unique ways.
As expected the game already reached his $400,000 goal and will be ported to GNU/Linux if $600,000 is pledged.
Whoever pledged $25 and more will also get Carmageddon & The Splat Pack from (sorry, no native GNU/Linux client for this old but fun game).

So if you want to help bring this fantastic game to GNU/Linux (and we do need more quality “racing” games 😉 ), please help make it a reality by donating to their kickstarter campaign.

  1. toor says:

    Hmmm where do you see we have to reach 600 000? I see it nowhere

  2. Maxim Bardin says:

    As I’ve written in this post before, you can see it here :

    Only about $172,500 left for the GNU/Linux client.

  3. Todd B. says:

    Rather keen to see a Linux port of Carmageddon: Reincarnation.
    Actually I’m looking forward to the final version of the game in general. Seems to be making headlines everywhere.

    Maxim, have you committed to a copy of Kitaru yet? LOL


    Todd B.
    ps. Kickstarter campaigns are burning a hole in the credit card. 😛

  4. Maxim Bardin says:

    I’m not the developer of Kitaru so I can’t commit, but I have pledged for this project (along with many other projects, I’m getting so broke).
    As I’ve written the Kitaru developer are going to do a Linux client, it just might take some time.

    Also about the Carmageddon developers said that they will make a Linux/Mac clients even if they won’t reach the goal of $600,000 by the end of the campaign, AS LONG AS they will raise that money eventually (paypal…).