Ubuntu Gamer Goes Live !

Posted: 10th October 2010 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized

Last month the Ubuntu Gamer went live.
This website writes about games that run on Ubuntu, even the non-native games that require Wine.
I personally dislike the the “distribution wars” that we can see in many places on the web.
All of the games that are published on the Ubuntu Gamer website can run on almost any other GNU/Linux distribution out there.
But nonetheless this website is a welcome addition to our GNU/Linux community.

It offers (or will offer) :

  • The latest gaming news, videos and screenshots
  • Game and hardware reviews
  • Editorial pieces about gaming on Ubuntu, and more widely, Linux
  • Downloads for free games
  • Special offers and competitions
  • Discounts on paid games

So go ahead and add Ubuntu Gamer to your GNU/Linux Gaming News list .

  1. Hamish Paul Wilson says:

    I agree with your comment here Maxim. Unfortunately part of Ubuntu’s success has been in building a stylistic cult if you will around the brand in a very Steve Jobbs Appleish manner. Meaning no offence to Ubuntu users here, but a little more community spirit and promoting Linux in general and not just Ubuntu would be appreciated. Still, another site promoting Linux gaming is never a bad thing.

  2. Jim C says:

    This is Interesting as several Linux gaming sites have been appearing lately and people always complained there was no good Linux games I can see this has now been changing y and hopefully there will be many more to come.
    I disagree with Hamish, Ubuntu forums are some of the friendliest I Have ever been on and I am not an ubuntu fan, they cater well for newcomers which was long needed in the Linux world, I think there is plenty of community spirit there and promoting Ubuntu does promote Linux.

  3. Xilanaz says:

    I encountered ubuntu gamer via omgopensuse, I noticed it has a high rate of news items and I found a few things new to me but as you said what works for ubuntu works for other linux version, in that respect its a shame but as Hamish said they good at making a brand.

    But since I use Opera as browser (on opensuse) for the live of me I can’t get a readable font on that page, no idea what fonts they use but its horrible, I given up and am enjoying linuxgaminsnews, happypengiun and bluesnews 🙂