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Gaming Videos On GNU/Linux

Posted: 7th September 2010 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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Ever wondered how a game plays on GNU/Linux ? Is a game worth downloading (if free) or buying ? looking for a gameplay videos on GNU/Linux ? Now you can ! A user named Jakejw93 has a youtube channel in which you can almost 80 gameplay videos of native GNU/Linux games and about 130 of […]

Several months ago an unfamiliar indie game company of one man has released it’s first retro subliminal space shooter MINDGUNNER. But the news were never published on the GNU/Linux gaming websites, so I am writing about it here… The Children of NYX is a one man Indie game company Steve started to try and help […]

Amnesia: The Dark Descent has been released ! For more information and upcoming contest read here. Helsingborg, Sweden, 03/9 – 2010 Today Frictional Games, the makers of the Penumbra series, has released a demo for their upcoming first person survival horror “Amnesia: The Dark Descent”. Players with Windows, Mac or Linux all get a chance […]

Oil Rush – Amazing RTS Soon To Be Released !

Posted: 2nd September 2010 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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The creators of the cross platform unigine engine are working on a game that will show what their engine is capable of. This game is a Real Time Strategy with excellent graphics and it’s called Oil Rush. Key Features High-end graphics Multi-player over LAN and Internet Multi-platform: Windows Linux PlayStation 3 Explosive gameplay with rushing […]

LGN Theme – Still Undecided

Posted: 1st September 2010 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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As you see now (01/09/2010), LGN’s theme has been changed to the temporary theme, I want to give it another shoot and see if you like it. The few things I didn’t like about the old “dark” theme is that when I highlight things in bold, the changes barley seen, the text isn’t clear […]