Oil Rush – Amazing RTS Soon To Be Released !

Posted: 2nd September 2010 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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The creators of the cross platform unigine engine are working on a game that will show what their engine is capable of.
This game is a Real Time Strategy with excellent graphics and it’s called Oil Rush.

Key Features

  • High-end graphics
    Multi-player over LAN and Internet
  • Multi-platform:

PlayStation 3

  • Explosive gameplay with rushing swarms of furious enemies
  • Various environments
  • Mod SDK available

Game Play
OilRush is a real-time strategy game based on the group control. It offers mechanics of a classical RTS combined with a Tower Wars genre: control the building and upgrading of production platforms as well as their defence forces, and send battle groups of naval and air units to capture enemy’s platforms and oil rigs.
The game can be played with your friends over LAN or Internet.

In the post-apocalyptic flooded world there are two things running short: oil and time. The last survivors in a desperate desire to seize control and dominate the enemy have started the naval warfare that made the whole world one large battlefield. In these harsh and cruel times, oil is thicker than blood.

Oil that is pumped by oil rigs is the main resource in the OilRush world. In exchange for oil you can buy additional defense turrets and make high technology researches.

Oil Rigs
Oil rigs cannot defend themselves. Controlling them is an extremely important and difficult task.

Production Platforms
Platforms build attack units of a specific type. You can also equip them with defense turrets to fight against enemy attacks. Casting special abilities to the platform affects all units close to it.

Battle groups are formed of several unit types: various ships, aircraft and submarines. Choose them wisely since you will be struggling against different kinds of enemy defense.

Technology Tree
Making special technology researches brings you more advanced defense and more powerful attack weaponry, including nukes.

Current State
The game is currently at the end of production stage. Digital release of PC version is planned for Q4 2010.



Oil Rush

Info At The Phoronix Website

  1. Xilanaz says:

    I hope this has soke good gameplay though and not just going to be a show-off for their engines gfx

  2. moi says:

    looks great. And not an Ego Shooter. Can’t wait!