An Update On The Chzo Mythos

Posted: 22nd June 2010 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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The winner of the first LGN contest Hamish Paul Wilson has sent LGN an update regarding his work on The Chzo Mythos.

Dear LGN,

I am happy to announce that technically the project is very close to completion. I have created a nifty little script for 5 Days a Skeptic that pre-loads certain libraries that are going to be included with the finished binary. This means that the games should be able to run on any Linux system, regardless of what libraries you have installed already. After having recently done a fresh install of Fedora 13, I can report that with my new script it ran perfectly out of the box.

Now all that is left is final polishing, as I have just today created the scripts for the other four games. I have already started work on a rather nice read-me file, which includes instructions and technical troubleshooting. After that all I need to do is attempt to get into contact with Yatzhee again. I am currently hopeful that the games will be available for everyone to enjoy by some point in July.

Thank you,
Hamish Paul Wilson.

Stay tuned for the upcoming GNU/Linux release of The Chzo Mythos !

  1. Gerardo Ortiz Mildare says:

    What’s going on? It’s been well over a month, it was supposed to be ready by mid-july at most, and it’s already the 26th, when will it be ready?

  2. Hamish Wilson says:

    I have been working on it, do not worry. In a later LGN article I elaborated on the lack of progress:
    “Oh, and yes, I am still working on the Chzo Mythos. Actually, I am not, but I am (if that makes any sense). Technically, it is complete and the readme and packaging is done. The only thing stopping me is the fact I have still been unable to get any word back from Yahtzee. I will keep trying, but if I do not get anywhere by the end of the month I will explore other options for its release.”

  3. Trilby says:

    Trilby’s notes unfortunately seems to suffer from a graphical bug in your package, red and blue components are swapped, it’s the same bug mentioned in;topic=37968.0 and the hack of replacing the bundled allegro with a modified version does work as suggested, it is a bit of a faff though, maybe it’s something that could be added to the package or a bug that could be fixed in more elegant way.

  4. Hamish Paul Wilson says:

    This has already been brought to my attention. If you want more information, please contact me by using the email address on the Chzo Mythos Linux website.