LGN Now On Facebook And Fossunet !

Posted: 1st May 2010 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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The spirit of FOSS is all about choices, freedom and openness.
That’s why I’ve extended the ways you can follow Linux Gaming News.

After 10 months of LGN existence I’ve made a facebook Linux Gaming News group !
If you have a facebook account, now you have one more way to follow LGN.
You can use LGN RSS feeds to stay up to date without visiting LGN every hour.
You also can read the Fossunet LGN blog which I also highly advice to join to.

I’ll try to update every LGN blog/group at the same day so you will get the latest news, but visiting the official LGN website is a sure way to know if anything has been added. (that is if you don’t use RSS).

Stay tuned because in the upcoming days (maybe even tomorrow) LGN will make a contest with a prize for the winner !

facebook Linux Gaming News group
LGN RSS feeds
Fossunet LGN blog