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Syndicate-Online is a Sci-Fi MMORPG currently in development using the amazing Unigine game engine which is cross platform – so a GNU/Linux port is very possible.

About the game :

The Idea
“Syndicate-online” – the massively multiplayer online game where thousands of players can live and communicate with each other in the unique game world in real time mode. They strike up new acquaintances, can trade with each other, fight or simply communicate. Our players can enter the bright 3D world with seamless game space where they can influence the further development of a subject-line. The game is targeted for the wide audience, but first of all it will be interesting for fans of bright and dynamic PvP.

Key features of the game:

  • Unique SCI FI setting. The large technologically developed city of the future that consists of set of unique regions harmonically combines the elements of the modern world and cyber punk.
  • Gameplay basis. Great PvP (player vs. player) fights: unions of players can capture and control strategically important regions and city objects thus influencing the realignment of forces and the further development of the game world.
  • Unique economical system. To learn more – follow the previews!
  • The advanced technological possibilities of a client part are based on the next-gen engine Uningine. In a combination with the well-thought-out game-design players can have a variety of fascinating and easy-to-use game services.
  • Absolutely free game. The client part of the game is shareware and you don’t have to pay for game time!
  • In the nearest plans of developers – to provide the maximum stability of the client and the server, working out the variety of interesting and convenient game services, support game community and dynamically interact with it.

The World
If you are tired from the classical fantasy-worlds that have too much in common and if you wish to plunge into the world of high technologies, unusual interlacing of the reality and fantasy – the world of “Syndicate-online” gives you such chance.

The game world combines set of original elements of the cyber-punk, science fiction, mysticism which fancifully intertwine, forming the changing and mysterious world. The action is taken place in the territory of megapolis.

The development of informational systems and great technological potential against a planetary energetic crisis leads to the creation of a huge megapolis in which civilization centers are concentrated.

The megapolis is an original stronghold of a mankind’s civilisation in which fully automatic life-support systems give society the chance to choose the way whether it can transform into the new quality of existence or to die.

Megapolis as the game environment consists of set of unique areas. The large city of the future with the developed infrastructure, unusual transport facilities, magnificent shopping malls, luxury restaurants, night clubs and casinos represents the ultramodern, technologically developed city with futurism and cyber-punk elements.

Communication systems are represented not only with the traditional transportation – port, railway, metro, but also with high-technology ways of transport – spaceport, ram wing machines, systems of teleportation. Alongside with the luxury of rich ultramodern blocks that belong to large corporations, the city is steeped in poverty and despair, violence and corruption, the uncontrolled strive for profit and power. The place where the incredible amount of resources is concentrated becomes the battle area of two outlooks each of them has its own forceful arguments. You have to choose on which side to act in this conflict. Probably your choice will be decisive on the wages of distribution of power over megapolis and destinies of millions of its inhabitants.

Before you start playing «Syndicate-online» you should choose what character to play and for what outlook you will battle. Each of the presented classes is unique and can reach the highest level of its professionalism in this or that specialization. Choosing the side you should battle for determines specific traits of this or that game class.

Neovitals – once ruling caste seeking to restore its influence and power proclaims the idea of pureness of human race, preservation of genofond pureness, principles of scientific and technical rationality. The basic feature of the Neovitals militarized groups is the use of robotics and specially devised exo-skeleton armour. Despite their small number Neovitals represent the severe fighting force united by an overall aim. Using the technology of cloning allows Neovitals to restore killed in action soldiers. There are 3 basic specializations:

Implanters – a new branch in human evolution that had proved its right for freedom of choice. They proclaimed the idea of overman as a symbiosis of the cybernetic implants and live human body. Indisputable implanters’ advantage is the use of a great variety of cyber-implants which have been specially created for combat. Using new types of weapon lethal for people from flesh and blood implanters possess really destructive potential. There are 3 basic specializations.

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    Linux support has now been confirmed, though they are predicting it will sadly not arrive until at least 2011.