Dark Salvation – Horror FPS !

Posted: 25th August 2009 by Maxim Bardin in Uncategorized
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Dark Salvation is an horror FPS game built with id Tech 3 engine and meant for mature audience.
It’s developed by Mangled Eye Studios.

In my eyes Dark Salvation demonstrates few things …
1. id software’s GLPed engines are still alive and kicking, and more and more games use their FREE engines.
2. There is money to be made from GPLed software EVEN on the single player gaming business.
3. Once a game made with FREE software is released, parts of it will benefit the community as a source code that could be then used in other projects.

While Dark Salvation is not fully FOSS , they mean to release a SDK and the source code which the GPL license demands.
I assume that the graphic part will stay proprietary as in id software games.
They also working on a GNU/Linux and Mac clients – so stay tuned !

A little about the game…

Dark Salvation features 14+ levels filled with horror, monster slaying action, puzzle solving and magic casting.
The game offers 10 weapons as well as special items, each weapon can be used to cast spells.
Dark Salvation offers great soundtrack which is given for free as a separate music cd if you order the “box” version of the game (currently available for Windows only).

It has come to my attention that this game was in development for 7 years, and that they licensed the id tech3 engine when it was still proprietary.
They said they will still release a source code , but there is no indication of what exactly.
In my opinion there is no need to leave the source code of “their” id tech 3 modified engine closed when the engine was freed years ago.

Some Screenshots :