The Linux Game Tome Is Back At Full Speed !

After several long months The Linux Game Tome aka HappyPenguin is working as before and you can now post news !

It all happened when the LGP servers on which HappyPenguin is hosted failed and their backups also failed.
After several months they managed to recover some of the data and bring the 3 websites (HappyPenguin, LGP and TuxGames) back online although not fully workable.
Now HappyPenguin is finally back and going at full speed, and there are already several news reports to view 😉

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6 February

LGP And TuxGames Are Online !

A few weeks ago LGN reported that Happypenguin aka The Linux Game Tome is back (although it wasn’t possible to submit news).
Today LGP and TuxGames are also back online, and it’s again possible to order from them !

We have rebuilt the system after the extended downtime, and are recovering subsystems right now. We will be posting a more detailed report on the blog as soon as we get the chance. However please do bear with us as we are still recovering damaged sections of the company. Ordering is available, and orders will ship, we are aware the SSL cert has expired, this does not affect your security, and we will resolve it shortly.

LGN wishes them good luck with their hard work and hopes things will get better for them.

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8 December Is Back Online !

I’m happy to let you know that the GNU/Linux news and updates website aka The Linux Game Tome is back online.
For now this website is a bit outdated (it’s been offline for almost two months), but I have no doubt that it will resume it’s mad amount of updates and become updated as before.

Also as of Nov 23rd 2010, Linux Game Publishing are having a few more unforeseen issues in bringing all of the sites back online, but they are working through these as quickly as possible.
Some sites are back online, such as penguinplay, and the LGP keyserver.
For those who rented LGP games and have been unable to play the rental versions, LGP have extended the rental periods for anyone affected.

So I expect LGP and Tuxgames to be back online in a few days.
I also hope that they will recover from the offline damage and continue to support the GNU/Linux Gaming scene.

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25 November