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Recently I’ve spoken with Krešimir Špes from Cateia Games about their GNU/Linux support.
More then a year ago I’ve posted about the puzzle adventure game “The Legend of Crystal Valley”, a GNU/Linux client was promised but due to major difficulties in porting the old engine to GNU/Linux it’s most likely not going to happen (the MacOS client barely made it) .
But since then Cateia Games developed a new engine which games can be easily ported to GNU/Linux.
The first game to reach our beloved OS is Kaptain Brawe, afterwards the strategy game “Medieval Battlefields” and the puzzle adventure games , “Tales from the Dragon Mountain: The Strix” and “Family Secrets: Ghosthunters” will follow.

Here are some screenshots from those games

And Trailers
Medieval Battlefields Official Trailer

Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World Official Trailer

So Cateia Games didn’t forget about us, and there are a lot of games to wait for.

Cateia Games
Cateia Games GNU/Linux Support Thread
Kaptain Brawe
Medieval Battlefields
Tales from the Dragon Mountain: The Strix
Family Secrets: Ghosthunters

One of the “The Legend of Crystal Valley” developers posted about the GNU/Linux port a year or two ago at UbuntuForums, and now after the Windows version has been released the GNU/Linux version is finally confirmed and under way.

The Legend of Crystal Valley is point and click adventure game with beautiful graphics, and magical world.
It’s being developed by Cateia Games which are also working on another GNU/Linux title named “World Under Siege” which is a turn based strategy gamed based on World War 2.

In “The Legend of Crystal Valley” you play as a redhead women named Eva which searches for her lost father and finds herself in a magical word with strange creatures and magic.

Description :
When Eve receives a mysterious and disturbing letter from her long-estranged father, who for years has lived an increasingly secluded life, she travels to the family estate in France in order to find him. After arriving, she discovers that her father has disappeared. Now, in order to find him, Eve must explore Crystal Valley, an alternate fantasy world inhabited by strange creatures, and piece together the clues that reveal her family’s true identity.

The Legend of Crystal Valley is a Point n’ Click Adventure game that brings the best qualities of the genre. It provides many hours of gameplay dozens of various locations (including many hidden locations), characters and puzzles. With beautiful 2D backgrounds and 3D characters and interactive objects, The Legend of Crystal Valley is an adventure game that will stick you into your chair until its last scene!

Features :
– Discover 9 chapters with more than 150 locations
– Interact with more than 40 key characters including fantasy creatures like dragons, dwarfs, angels and other creatures from European myths and legends
– Use over 150 items and item combinations
– Original and exciting story combining fantasy and Science fiction
– Beautiful 2D rendered backgrounds
– Use magic and magical items to solve quests and puzzles
– Cut-scenes that enrich game-play
– Simple and user-friendly interface

Engine features:
– screen resolutions: from 1024 x 768 upwards, including wide screen resolutions
– pixel and vertex shader 2.0/3.0
– dynamical lighting and soft shadows, particle effects
– normal and parallax mapping
– 5.1. sound

Screenshots :