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Three years ago I’ve posted about a cRPG titled The Broken Hourglass.
Unfortunately the game wasn’t developed as fast and professional as one could hope for, and it seems more like a hobby than a real effort to finish the game, so the development was abandoned.
But there is yet a hope for the game to be released under some free/open source license.

From the Planewalker Games website :

“Planewalker Games LLC is formally abandoning development of The Broken Hourglass as a commercial product.
I have concluded that it is infeasible for PWG to deliver the game promised, and unacceptable to try to market a product that would not meet expectations.
I take full responsibility for this decision and the factors leading to the conclusion.

It is my intention to release the game materials for TBH and the underlying WeiNGINE game code in some open source/open content license model which will permit the ongoing exploration and development of the game as a non-commercial, community project.
The exact licenses and scope of this public release have not yet been determined, and there is no specific timetable for this public release to happen.
The intention will be to give the greater community the best chance possible to explore the potential of TBH and to honor the efforts of the dozens of people who have been involved with TBH’s development over the years.

Support from RPG players and press has been overwhelmingly positive and constant during the long development cycle of TBH and I am extremely grateful.
It remains to be seen if PWG will attempt a commercial project of more manageable scope in the future.
Until that day, please accept my apologies for coming short of the mark, and my thanks for your interest.

– Jason Compton”

Those are sad news with some hope that might deliver a complete FOSS cRPG at the end.
As far as I understand the game is in advanced stages of development so if they indeed release it under some FOSS license we will be able to finish it and even use their WeiNGINE engine for more games.

This RPG was in development for quite some time now and it will probably take another year or two, but this game is something special for me – this game gave me hope for Linux commercial gaming.
It wasn’t the first commercial game I’ve seen for Linux off course, but at that time I was looking for a good RPG for Linux (except NWN 😉 ) and after several days of searching I’ve found this great RPG in development that gave me hope and boost to keep searching for great games.
At that time I hoped that this game would be released in several months at best, but unfortunately it takes longer then that – indies work slow 😉

So if you already read my thread at Ubuntuforums about this game then there will probably be nothing new for you in this post, but for others…

The Broken Hourglass (TBH) is a professional RPG in the latest stages of development.
TBH is deeply inspired by the “Baldur’s Gate 2” RPG game.
And making mods for TBH is very easy as the developers used to make mods for the Baldur’s gate 2 game.

Some things about TBH :
TBH promises to be a deep game with many ways to solve quests, and each way comes with consequences.
TBH is a party based RPG with 2d isometric graphics like fallout 1-2.
TBH offers relationships between party members and even romance.
TBH has many weapons and armor and items.
TBH has a unique magic system

The Broken Hourglass is a new cRPG in development for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers. You become an ordinary citizen of Mal Nassrin, fading star of the Tolmiran Empire, with an extraordinary purpose. The city is under siege by some unexplained and unidentified magical force–no one may enter or leave, and the city’s water supply has been reduced to a trickle. Caught in a devastating explosion which obliterates a large area of the city, you begin the game as a recuperating refugee caught up among an eager group of vigilantes and makeshift militiamen hoping to put the city to rights before complete chaos takes hold.

The Broken Hourglass takes place in the Tolmiran Empire, a world defined by political intrigue, economic decadence, and a disinterested pantheon. Mal Nassrin, long ago a wealthy independent city-state, is now just the nominal capital of a backwater province, the unfashionable Narimir region of Tolmira. Tens of thousands call Mal Nassrin home–but few boast of vacationing there.

You aren’t alone in The Broken Hourglass. Nine party-joinable characters and countless citizens stand ready to help (or hinder!) you in your quests. Some are lifelong residents of Mal Nassrin, while others are simply trapped by circumstance, looking for a way out. Each brings a unique skillset and outlook to your party, along with personality, byplay, and even the occasional flirtation.

To fully understand the deepness of this game you have to read the interviews.

Some Screenshots :







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