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Terry Welsh the developer of Retrobooster let me know about his upcoming survival space platform shooter  game (which looks excellent even at this stage of development)

My name is Terry and I am making Retrobooster, an upcoming 2.5D survival shooter and cave-flyer. It was a hobby project for a long time, but my day job was holding me back. In July, I quit my job at NASA and became a full-time indie game developer.

Retrobooster lets you pilot a thrust ship across the galaxy, focusing on the thrill of flying just as much as blasting enemies. Some cave-flyers keep the flying slow or neuter the physics in some other way, but Retrobooster enhances its survival theme by keeping the flying fast and tense. This is accomplished with a combination of clever control laws and realistic physics. Retrobooster also sports colorful explosions and other effects produced by a custom particle engine. All of this produces an arcade experience with a balance of bullet hell mayhem, flying challenges, and delicious pyrotechnics.

The gameplay consists of skill-based flying and shooting, grabbing tokens to get power-ups and weapons, and figuring out how to get through each level. Beating a level can mean rescuing people, solving puzzles, or surviving speed-flying challenges. Replay value comes from multiple difficulty levels, the chance to play for high scores, and your constantly improving ship control skills.

Retrobooster is about two-thirds through development. The gameplay has matured enough that I am now releasing its first playable demo. I hope this will generate good feedback that will help make it a better game.

Platforms: Windows, Linux
Release: TBD 2013
Price: TBD

* Classic thrust ship controls, plus reverse thrust
* High quality physics, with believable collisions and death by crushing
* Unlocked levels can be replayed anytime
* 4 difficulty levels
* Single player or up to 4 players split-screen
* Cooperative and deathmatch multiplayer modes
* Acquire weapons and power-ups by destroying enemies
* Electronic soundtrack by Kevin Meinert – http://www.subatomicglue.com
* Customizable controls
– Keyboard
– Mouse and keyboard
– Game controller (Some popular controllers are recognized automatically.)

Playable demo:
This demo will not be finalized until Retrobooster is complete. Expect demo updates as the game improves.

Official webpage

Steam Greenlight page


Screenshots :


My background is in visual simulation and virtual reality, but games are a whole lot more fun to make. I have long been interested in artistic programming as you can see from all the OpenGL screensavers .

Retrobooster has been a pleasure to create, and I hope you try the demo.


Terry Welsh

Two indie companies Por Design and Double Dude decided to combine forces to work on a new game named Warp Speed which as I’ve confirmed will have a native GNU/Linux client !

Warp speed is a 2D multiplayer shooter game that we are creating especially with multiplayer competition in mind. It’s fast paced, extremely fun and playable,Easy to learn but hard to master. Fast, full of action and visually appealing…. It’s base concept is that it allows the player to rotate the environment around the dude.

What makes Warp Speed special is its innovative physics that allows you to move around the map without jetpacks, ninja ropes etc. etc. By rotating the dude around his axis you control the gravity so you’re no longer bound to the floor. Well, actually you are but it doesn’t really matter since the floor is literally all over and around you!

Warp Speed movement overview Video


Warp Speed will feature 7 unique and badass weapons.

Warp Speed
Moddb Warp Speed Page

Thank SlickMcRunFast from the #lgp IRC channel, at the freenodes server for letting us know about this game.

Irukandji GNU/Linux port was recently released by Charlie Games.
Irukandji is a score underwater shooter with flashy graphics, many enemies, bosses, weapons, ships, challenges and much more !

Charlie Games have an unique “donation – pay as you want” program for some of their games…
Irukandji costs 1USD or more – pay as you see fit !
I think it’s an interesting idea and it would be interesting to see if it pays off.

Irukandji is a fun score attack shooter, set in an abstract underwater trench. You fly your ship against the flow of hundreds of amazing procedurally animated sea monsters, blasting your way to the final showdown – a Giant Enemy Crab!
As you play, you unlock a variety of different ships each with its own unique weaponry and play style which offers a different way to play the game. There are also 10 challenging achievements to attempt, and online scores for each ship.

* Cool procedurally animated sea monsters!
* 6 unique ships to unlock
* Score attack gameplay
* Online scores for each ship
* 10 challenging achievements
* Giant enemy Crab!

Gameplay Video


Charlie’s Games
Irukandji Game Play Video
John Marwin – Music Composer

The long time GNU/Linux supporters ChronicLogic in cooperation with ZeroHourGames are working on a new title named Micro-Warrior.
Micro-Warrior could be played like 3dr person shooters and 1st person shooter.
In MW you fight viruses inside patients bodies curing them from their diseases.
You have many weapons in your arsenal to destroy the weird parasites of your host.

Micro-Warrior is a fast-paced 3D action game being co-
developed by ChronicLogic and ZeroHourGames.

Using stunning visuals and solid fundamental game play,
Micro-Warrior thrusts you head first into the epic
battles waging inside us all.

Track a super-virus patient by patient. Combat it directly
and help the world’s top scientists generate antibodies
and one day, a cure.

Micro-Warrior pits you against a sinister viral plague that is waging a secret war against mankind.

The battlefield could be you. Control a Micro-Warrior bot injected into infected hosts. Fight the virus directly, inside of living human patients!

Your goal: Terminate this virus with extreme prejudice to save as many people as you can.

Use your Micro-Warrior to collect samples of the virus and its mutations to manufacture antigens and cure your patient. Keep your bot running smoothly with power modules and batteries. Link up to the Lab to upgrade your shields and weapons or download new melee moves tailored to the evolving threat.

Micro-Warrior’s power reserves are limited and the plague is spreading fast. You know what you have to do:

Track. Treat. Terminate.

Game Play :
You are given a ward of nine potentially infected patients. Select one, then inject the Micro-Warrior to assess the patient. How well you manage your bot and treat the patient will dictate the overall state of the patients in your ward. Contain the plague with no casualties for a perfect score.

The virus is manifested in three basic forms, each more deadly than the last and all capable of mutation. Fight to break the Virus’ cycle of evolution by selectively targeting weaknesses in the chain of mutations. The virus mutates from patient to patient and each individual infection will require a unique strategy.

Gather samples of any new mutations you discover along the way. Transmit this information to the Lab so they can manufacture enhancements for your bot. To fight the evolving enemy, the key to survival is adaptation. The Lab will transmit back enhancements and advanced weaponry customized to fight the new mutations. Stockpile these to power up and reconfigure your bot.

Using classic FPS controls, maneuver your bot through various organs and arteries. The Micro-Warrior’s internal gyros keep it oriented to your control view even while jumping and jetting through the patient’s body.

Unique, interactive, living levels: Play in soft, bouncy levels where every surface is in play. See your progress reflected in the health of the tissue as the patient gets better or worse. See, hear, and feel the changing condition of your patient from the inside.

Evolving creatures: Witness and track countless strange mutations. Experience dynamic foes that get tougher over time and adapt new behaviors as you play.

Customizable Micro-Warrior bot: Gain powerful melee moves and unlocks. Collect upgrades for the power supply, weapons and shields. Reconfigure your bot as the battles get tougher, requiring more energy and firepower.

Non-linear game play: Never experience the same exact level more than once. You can develop many approaches to win, adapting your tactics to match your enemies as they become progressively more lethal.

Patient Management: Fight, quarantine and control the spread of the virus from the outside. Use your wits and help from the Lab to prevent a world-wide pandemic!

Screenshots :