Shadow Remnants GNU/Linux Port At Launch !

Shadow Remnants which I wrote about earlier, recently had a new update on their Kickstarter page, they will be releasing the GNU/Linux and MacOS ports at launch !


I wanted to chime in really quick to say that we are changing our delayed Linux and Mac release. We are launching all three versions on the original release date. We are really excited to bring you this news! We want to support our Linux and Mac community. We will keep working hard and please help us advertise!



They are still far from their goal of $75k, which 17 days left.

So if you want to help bring this tactical RPG to Linux, please pledge.


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14 August

Shadow Remnants – Tactical RPG

Shadow Remnants is an epic adventure that brings back the genre of tactical RPGs, so if you like games like Final Fantasy – this game might be for you !

Their goal is $75k and they have 25 more days to reach it, currently they gathered ~$3,400 – so you can help them make this game a reality.


Update : GNU/Linux port at launch !!!


Shadow Remnants is a turn-based tactical role-playing game for the PC. As you travel through the vast country of Avatia, you will battle against the tides of corruption to uncover an ancient power with a dreadful secret. Using the wide range of character classes at your disposal, assemble a band of followers to aid you in battle. Make your way to the very heart of corruption, crushing your foes with both magic and sheer physical might.

You will find yourself in the midst of epic boss fights that will require skill and timing to overcome.
You will find yourself in the midst of epic boss fights that will require skill and timing to overcome.

If you enjoyed Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea or other similar titles then you are not alone. The turn-based tactical RPG genre is a great one…so, why does it feel so neglected? We decided to create a game to reignite the excitement that these games brought us. We feel that infusing unique classes, non-linear talent trees, a crafting system, randomized encounters, epic boss battles, our soul fragment system, multiplayer and a lengthy single player campaign with dozens of side quests will make one awesome game.

In Shadow Remnants, you play as Drake, whose family was slaughtered by invading Entarians two years ago. Now a foot soldier in the royal infantry, he fights for vengeance. The closer he gets to the truth, the less he’s sure who the enemy is. The war, the royal family’s involvement in a cover up and the corrupt power within the relics — nothing is as it seems.  The land of Avatia is plagued with evil and shrouded in darkness. Uncover the truth, unearth the ancient artifacts… Fight the darkness.

  • 13 unique classes which become available through a tree-style unlock system to allow maximum player customization and a wide range of party compositions
  • 2 skill trees for each class, allowing for control over a specific character’s focus
  • A crafting system that allows you to use raw materials obtained in battle to forge new gear
  • Turn-based combat on vibrant 3d battlefields where character skills, gear, timing and positioning all affect the outcome of a fight.
  • Online multiplayer where you can take your party head-to-head against other players and compete for rare crafting materials and rankings
  • Epic boss battles which will require every ounce of skill and strategy that you have at your disposal
  • Soul Fragments drop at random when an enemy is slain. After you collect a certain amount, you will learn a new spell from the soul.
  • A new and challenging gameplay mechanic that allows the player to directly influence the effectiveness of your abilities and spells by timing a charge meter. The closer the meter is to the critical zone, the more powerful the attack.

Shorebound Studios is a small indie studio founded by Jonathon Davis and Ryan Berkani. Our mission to create high-quality, immersive games. We want to give players enjoyable and worthwhile experiences that they will remember. Our backgrounds range from training simulations software for the government to engine and game development. Jonathon has been in the gaming industry for eight years and has designed three of his own multi-platform engines and has launched two games for the iPhone/iPad, Moonlight Minions and Pastry Pig.

Although we have made significant progress so far, we have been funding this out of pocket and the money has disappeared. We simply cannot afford to go forward and make the game we have been dreaming about for years. Where will the money go? It will provide hot pockets and ramen noodles to our team and cover asset costs such as models, animation, textures, sound effects, music, concept art, etc.  If you are interested in the project or you love the turn-based tactical RPG genre, we ask that you help us out. We cannot do this without you!

Our powerful editor will allow players to create their own custom maps
Our powerful editor will allow players to create their own custom maps
The awesome Shadow Remnants T-Shirt reads "Backer" on the back! (Design is not final)
The awesome Shadow Remnants T-Shirt reads “Backer” on the back! (Design is not final)



                        The awesome signed Shadow Remnants poster!
                        The awesome signed Shadow Remnants poster!



If we shoot over our pledge total, we will provide the following rewards:

$85,000 – 15 extra side quests
$95,000 – 50 extra craftable items
$105,000 – 4 extra spells for each class
$115,000 – 2 extra classes
$125,000 – 5 more bosses
$135,000 – mobile port for Android/iPhone and a OUYA port


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6 August