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Oniken is a retro 2d platform game heavily inspired (from the trailer) by the early Ninja Gaiden games (which I spent ours upon hours playing on SNES)
You can get it on Desura for $5 starting from 22/11/2012.

Mac and GNU/Linux versions of Oniken will be made available this Tuesday November 22th through Desura .
When purchasing Oniken (USD$4.99), player will be able to download any of game’s three versions and will also be able to download Oniken’s original sound track and extra content.
Players that have already purchased Oniken also will have acess to the new version through Desura or Bundle sites. Oniken is also on GreenLight.
Watch Oniken’s launch trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixCI4JXUuUE

Oniken is an action platformer, highly inspired by 8-bit games of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. This influence is visible not only on Oniken’s graphics and sound design, but also on its story and even on game’s difficulty.
Oniken takes place on a post-apocalyptic future when a global war nearly destroys human kind.
The few survivors are oppressed by a large military organization called Oniken. Player takes the role of Zaku, a ninja mercenary that takes part on the resistance movement.


About Oniken

Oniken is a 2D platform action indie game that make use of 8-bit graphic style. Everything on Oniken, from the character design to the music, is a tribute to the 8-bit action games from the NES era. So if you like old-school games be prepared for Oniken and remember… Oniken is NES hard!

Oniken Full Version Features:
-6 Missions divided in 3 stages each
-Boss Rush Mode
-11 Bosses
-10 Mini Bosses
-Awesome Cutscenes
-Online Leaderboards


About the Developers

Danilo Dias – Architecture bachelor, Danilo loved videogames from a very early age and always tried to make his own games. After falling short with some projects during adolescence, two years ago Danilo decided to restart an old idea and teamed up with his friend Pedro. This project became Oniken, which is a tribute to his favorite games from the 8 and 16-bit generation, such as Ninja GaidenVice: Project Doom and Kabuki Quantum Fighter.

Pedro Paiva – Pedro Paiva is responsible for the game art in some of Oniken’s levels. He is a senior student from UFRGS’s Visual Arts, teaches videogame developing in workshops for kids and teens and is also a gamer and indie developer. His other games can be seen on his blog/portfolio Arcaica .


About JoyMasher

JoyMasher  is an indie game studio founded by Danilo Dias, Thais Weiller and Marco Galvão on early 2012. Studio focus on creating gaming experiences closest possible to 8 and 16-bit era games with a touch of contemporary concepts. Besides Oniken, JoyMasher also made available for free download MRC6-454 and Major Maox, two short games that represent our game design goals.

Dan Kennedy from “The Hideout” informed me about their game “Rijn the Specpyre in… Manor of the Damned!

Manor of the Damned is a retro inspired action RPG that invokes the childhood memories from great console RPGs of times past. The game artwork is unique yet inspired by the SNES and Sega Genesis. Coupled with gamepad support, the look and feel of the game creates overwhelming nostalgia of an older generation and has led to Manor of the Damned being listed on IndieGames.com’s Best Indie Games of the Week.

Game Features:
– Engaging Story – You play a wandering vagabond swept up into the twisted lives of the immortal specpyres.
– Intense Action – Combine unique weapons to destroy relentless enemies and cunning monsters in this action RPG.
– Puzzles and Exploration – Only a sharp mind can unravel the secrets of the manor and the horrors of its past.
– Multiple Weapons – Dual wield weapons and items to combine their powers.
– Retro Style – Retro inspired sound effects and graphics.
– Awesome Soundtrack – Pounding industrial and eerie gothic music.
– Multiple Languages – Play in either English or Swedish.



A very small indie gaming company called “Volumes of Fun” are now porting their first game “Voxeliens” to GNU/Linux !
One of the developers Matt Williams, let me know that is should take about 1-2 months to finish the porting.
He also was happy to tell me that use the FOSS (free open source software) engine Ogre3D (which was used by many good and high quality games), QT as well as some open-source libraries.

They will be updating their blog on the porting progress, so it should be interesting to read how they are overcoming the technical challenges.

Voxeliens is a retro-style arcade shooter for the PC, in which you defend your planet from waves of descending enemies. The gameplay is simple and fast paced as you battle your way through different environments using a variety of powerups. Think Space Invaders would have been better in 3D? You’re right.


  • Simple and fast-paced gameplay. Test your trigger finger and save the planet!
  • Attractive voxel-based graphics capture the retro gaming spirit.
  • Available for all recent versions of Windows (Linux version coming soon).
  • No DRM of any kind. Single purchase gives access to downloads for all platforms.
  • Everything ‘Space Invaders’ wishes it could have been!

Volumes of Fun
Blog Update About The Voxeliens GNU/Linux Port

Several months ago an unfamiliar indie game company of one man has released it’s first retro subliminal space shooter MINDGUNNER.
But the news were never published on the GNU/Linux gaming websites, so I am writing about it here…

The Children of NYX is a one man Indie game company Steve started to try and help feed his family after being fired and couldn’t find another job.
All the games Steve makes are adware, spyware, and DRM free and off course have a native GNU/Linux client.

MINDGUNNER is retro arcade insanity at its finest. Crafted of dreams, memories, and electrons from the by gone days of dimly lit arcades.
With 20 levels of wave after wave of baddies flooding the screen the simplicity of the controls and gameplay will frustrate while the shifting backgrounds and colors can mess with more than just your eyes.

There are also a subliminal versions of this game which try to make the player happy by sending subliminal text messages to the players mind, you can also request a customized version of the messages (like stop smoking, lose weight, get a life… 😉 ).


  • GLSL Hardware Accelerated Graphics
  • Retro design and stylings
  • 20 levels
  • key layouts for left or right handed control & Joystick Support
  • Windows and Linux support
  • NO DRM
  • Enough baddies to make you beg for mercy
  • Now when you buy the game you’ll get both Windows and Linux versions in one download



MINDGUNNER Creator Notes:
The subliminal messaging used in the subliminal versions of the game is a basic visual type. It has been done in such a way that you should not notice it during game play as this is the desired effect.
This game started out with a very singular ambition behind it and has blossomed into what it is today. Originally I wanted to build a game to help my (step)daughters (9 and 10 years old) communicate with us(the parents) and each other better. Now your possibly asking how a shooting game could help my kids communicate better. Well after feeling completely helpless when it came to helping my daughters deal with their anger issues (stemming from my wifes first marriage) I remembered a PC game I had played many years before that used subliminal messages to help the player feel better. My experience with the game had always stuck in my mind as amazing. A friend and I had played the game for about 2 hour one day. In the middle of playing the game we both had started to laugh. After we had stopped playing it took the laughter around 15 minutes to subside, and even longer for the smiles to fade. The game had helped us to feel truly happy. So after remembering this experience I thought, “well why not make a game using the same principles of subliminal messaging to help my daughters”, and so I began to work.
Shortly there after in July of ’08 I lost my job as a network admin for a wireless internet service, and not even a month later discovered my wife was pregnant with our first child together. Needless to say the “Oh Crap!!!” factor had kicked in, and chaos ensued. I worked on the game intermittently during the following months. An hour here, two hours there. It officially was sent to the back burner. I worked where and when I could doing odd jobs. After sending out over 1500 resumes, and only receiving a handful of responses (all rejections) I was on the verge of a breakdown. My son would be here in only a months time and I had no job prospects. So with nothing else to lose I started work on the game again, but this time with the intension to try and sell it. That was in April of ’09. Now 4 months later I have a 3 month old baby boy, and a finished game.
I truly hope people enjoy what I have created here. It has been a labor of love to help my daughters, and now also to bring a little piece of retro-arcade to life.
Steve G.

The Children of NYX “are” also working on a new game called Municipal :

Vid quality stinks but it’s the best I could get from my linux rig. This is the work in progress of a game I’ve been working on called Municipal Level III. Completed version will have 30 levels with the ability to play any of the levels in any order. This game is my tongue in cheek stab at corporate game companies. The final version will have zombies, mutant cockroaches, midgets on stilts that shoot missles from their butts.

(yes, you read that right missles from their butts)

And many more irreverent baddies.
This vid gives a pretty basic look around of the play area, as well as some of the hover car physics and capabilities.

Thanks Grzegorz Budny aka mateo for those wonderful news

The Children of NYX
Youtube Channel