Linux Game Awards Featuring – Project Of The Month!

The Project of the Month is back!


Only two days left to vote!!!



The Project of the Month was (re)created to raise awareness for individual free game projects and for the the free gaming community in general. Several websites teamed up to make this happen. The supporters of the award are:
Freegamer, Linux Game Database, Rootgamer, Gamin On Linux, Linux Gaming News and Portable Linux Games.
The prize for the Project of the Month is one month promotion provided by the supporting websites. Eligible are free Linux game projects. The voting process and everything else is described in more detail at the Project of the Month page.
In short it consist of two stages:


  • nomination stage
    where 10 game projects are nominated by one of the award supporters and a
  • voting stage
    where the winner is decided by approval vote by the community

Every one that has an account at the Linux Game Awards can vote! Go register!


The first award will be Project of the Month January 2014! And the short list of 10 nominees is currently created by Freegamer. The online vote for all registered users will be opened 25th of November 2013.


The way the Project of the Month will be promoted by the award supporters will follow shortly. Stay tuned.


The Linux Game Awards team


If you want to support the Project of the Month award or have any other questions you can contact us at: mail at linuxgameawards dot org


10 games were nominated for the project of the month, you can vote till the 24th and the winning project will get free ads on the participating GNU/Linux gaming websites (including LGN).

Here is the list:

  • Stunt Rally
  • SuperTuxKart
  • 0 A.D.
  • The Dark Mod
  • Flare
  • Pioneer
  • Simutrans
  • Zero-K
  • Megaglest
  • Hedgewars

So go VOTE!



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22 December

Just Tactics – Turn Based, Online Multiplayer Game That Gives Back To The Community !

Jordan Brock sent me an email about a game he is working on with his team called Just Tactics (they are also working on a new website 😉 ).

Just Tactics is a free (for now) turn based, online multiplayer, 1v1, tactical war game involving squads and deck building.

They Follow the “Minecraft business model” in which they give the game for free at first and as the game development progresses they start charging money from lower to higher (so those who buy early get a better price).

The plan is to gradually build a community that can help test the game and  enjoy it together (it is a multiplayer game after all).


The interesting thing is that they use the jmonkey engine and a lot of other open source tools but also give back to the community.

You can see the tools they have developed and released under the BSD license  far from their dev blog, and they are always working on new tools !


Here is the email Jordan Brock sent me :

Hi Maxim,

Sorry, I am not a pretty girl.


We are working on a game called “Just Tactics,” currently available for Linux and Windows.  Just Tactics is a Turn Based, Online Multiplayer, 1v1, Tactical War Game involving Squads and Deck Building.


We are using jmonkey engine and a lot of other open source tools.  Our entire codebase is not open sourced, but some day it likely will be (right now what is not open sourced is our art assets and the game logic specific to our game, honestly not particularly useful to anyone).  Any tool that we have made that actually would be useful to someone, we have open sourced, you can check them out on our devblog:


For Just Tactics we have been doing QA testing for 6 months, so there aren’t many bugs left.  The game is not quite finished (there are a number of art assets missing, mainly some paint and sound effects).  However, Just Tactics is very much playable, and it is time to build a community of gamers that will love all of the tactical goodness packed into Just Tactics.  We are looking to give away several thousand copies of the game, this will allow us to stress test our infrastructure, and also gets us to the ever important “critical mass” of gamers the community needs so that when you join the Quickmatch queue, you actually find an opponent.


We are using a “Minecraft pricing strategy.”  Right now the game is free.  As the game becomes more complete, we will start to charge a modest price for it.  As Just Tactics gains more content, we will continue to up the price commensurate with what is reasonable.  This creates an incentive to join the community now (especially now because the game is free 🙂 as opposed a traditional pricing structure where the game comes out as a finished product at a high price, and then some people delay their purchase until the game is in the “bargain bin.”  We feel that the “Minecraft pricing strategy” is a better fit for indie games like ours.  When we do start charging for the game, anyone already in the community is still good to go, you do not have to pay for DLC or anything like that.  Even when we are charging, new players will be able to demo the game for free forever using a default army (which is a decent army, not crippled in any way).  By letting you demo forever, it helps us to continue to grow the community, and it lets us simply ignore that part of DRM 🙂  When you grow weary of the default army, you can pay, and then you have access to everything  (paying gets you everything, all units, all cards, all future units, all future cards, there is no “pay to win,”  which is why having your fans join our community now, for free, is quite a good proposition for them 🙂


Check out some of these videos to see what the game is like:
First Look




Please check out the website (we have a web designer working on a nice design at this very moment I swear!)

The wiki is a good resource to learn how to play.


If you want to play a couple of matches add me as a friend on the client, I am ‘carnator’.  If you join Quickmatch you will probably not find a match (tiny community = no one online looking for a match, this is why I am writing you 🙂  Hit me up with an email if you want me to hop on and play you 🙂

I think that some of your site’s fans will really enjoy the awesome Linux game we are working on (and, hey, it’s free!)  I think that you will appreciate how we approach building the community, expanding the game, running our business, contributing back to the open source community, etc.



-Jordan Brock


So create a an account and download the GNU/Linux client while it’s free !

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17 October

Sleep Is Death – Pay What You Want !

Sleep Is Death by Jason Rohrer is an unique 2 player game in which the second player takes the rule of the AI, making the game intelligence extremely real !
When you buy the game you get a 2 player license and the source code !
Note that while the source code is compiled on GNU/Linux, a native binary is not included.
If you don’t have a friend to play with there is a matchmaking option here

Now you can buy this game starting from $1.75 to cover the cost of the expenses, but it’s encouraged to pay more to support the developer and his family

Don’t be frightened by the poor graphics, you have to try it before judging it.

Gameplay Example Video


Sleep Is Death
Jason Rohrer
Video Tutorials
SID Matchmaking
SID Forums

Thank Števo Olejník for letting us know about those wonderful news

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19 May

Adonthell 0.4 – Not Just A Game

Adonthell is a FREE RPG under GPLv2 or later license.
The game itself is currently very simple and have a nice 2d graphics and simple gameplay.
Adonthell 0.3 aka “Waste’s Edge” is a short demo game that was meant to show what the game engine is capable of.
With Adonthell 0.4 which is still in active development a lot of things have changed and added.
The game itself wasn’t exciting to me (at least not version 0.3) , but the development tools (of 0.4) are priceless.

Adonthell 0.4 is not yet available as a package and needs to be compiled from source – but for the tools it has, compiling is surely worth it.
As the title said, Adonthell is not just a game, Adonthell is a game engine and also a collection of tools which makes the game, like :

* Charedit for creating characters and creatures
* Dlgedit for creating conversations between player and NPCs
* Mapedit for creating the game world
* Questedit for creating the quest tree
* Itemedit for creating items

Those tools are still bound to the game engine and currently could only be used at Adonthell BUT without too much work they could be converted as “stand alone” and even used in other game project.
All those tools are bound to each other and integrated BUT also could be used separately – quests and inventory aren’t a must for game creation while map and characters are.
But they could be integrated with each other as tools, meaning that you could put a script in Dlgedit that would add things to the inventory and even update your quests when a specific dialog option is chosen by the player.

As you might know I am slowly developing a draft for a text game which if ever be done I will release under GPLv3, more on my little project I might write later.
So for my project I chose the Dlgedit tool for dialog trees, and it’s remarkable.

Dlgedit lets you easily create a visual dialog trees and add python scripts to them, the Adonthell developers even wrote a guide on how can Dlgedit be used – which is very impressive.
On that note their wiki is fairly detailed and holds much information for the developers

As I’ve mentioned Adonthell 0.4 and it’s tools needed to be compiled from source, it wasn’t easy at all – but the developers were extremely helpful and guided me step-by-step what I needed to do.
They also updated their wiki with new dependencies we discovered on the way and also fixed the code so it would actually compile on my machine.
I’m sure that now it is much easier to compile Adonthell with it’s tools.

My hopes is that other free game projects will use Adonthell’s tools and convert them to be used with their projects or even as “stand alone”.
I think they are very useful and in Dlgedit’s cease very unique – I didn’t see such a tool anywhere in the FOSS (Free/Open Source Software) world.
There were in fact such talks at PARPG forums (which is a FREE cRPG in development) but it’s still undecided.

This time I will not include screenshots for this game as version 0.3 doesn’t represent the current status of the development and my attention was not on the game, but on the tools – tools other developers can use for their projects.
You see, people seems to judge from first sigh, and the screenshot from version 0.4 (yes, only one screenshot – and not a good one) could harm people’s opinion about the game while the tools are good and useful in other projects.

Adonthell Project Page
Adonthell Wiki

Adonthell IRC channel could be found at #Adonthell at the Freenodes server, the developers are usually there and they are very helpful.

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21 August