And The Winner Is…

About a month ago LGN had it’s second Contest – best wordpress theme for the website.
After too much time without a single submission I thought that maybe, just maybe it was the modest prize that didn’t give enough motivation for the people to work on the theme, so Wupra offered an additional prize for the winner – but sadly that didn’t help either…

Creating a good theme isn’t that simple, although you can learn in a week how to edit an existing wordpress themes and you don’t have to be an artist (you can use already made free art), but the readers of LGN are GNU/Linux gamers – not the audience for the theme work, I guess.

I realize that LGN contests where very hard for the average reader, that is why I now ask YOU to give LGN ideas for contests and interesting stuff.
Also if you think you know what went wrong with the other contests (only 1 submission), please tell.

You can post your ideas and suggestions in the comments below or just send me an email at mb2love [at] gmail (dot) com .

I had other ideas for “community work”, but I really doubt that it will “work” now…
So to sum it up there is no winner, not this time.

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1 July

An Update On The Chzo Mythos

The winner of the first LGN contest Hamish Paul Wilson has sent LGN an update regarding his work on The Chzo Mythos.

Dear LGN,

I am happy to announce that technically the project is very close to completion. I have created a nifty little script for 5 Days a Skeptic that pre-loads certain libraries that are going to be included with the finished binary. This means that the games should be able to run on any Linux system, regardless of what libraries you have installed already. After having recently done a fresh install of Fedora 13, I can report that with my new script it ran perfectly out of the box.

Now all that is left is final polishing, as I have just today created the scripts for the other four games. I have already started work on a rather nice read-me file, which includes instructions and technical troubleshooting. After that all I need to do is attempt to get into contact with Yatzhee again. I am currently hopeful that the games will be available for everyone to enjoy by some point in July.

Thank you,
Hamish Paul Wilson.

Stay tuned for the upcoming GNU/Linux release of The Chzo Mythos !

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22 June

Wupra Offers A Prize To The LGN Theme Contest Winner !

Two weeks ago I’ve started the LGN Theme contest, but so far there wasn’t even one submission.
I would like to think that you are working hard and pushing the limits to the last day, but there is also the possibility that the prize isn’t good enough.
Leszek Sta?czyk from the Polish GNU/Linux game reseller Wupra has offered Airline Tycoon Deluxe or Knights and Merchants to the winner of the LGN Theme Contest.
This in addition to Sleep Is Death which was the first prize.

I’ve also extended the contest and all submissions must be emailed until the 30/06/2010 .
The next day I’ll put a vote for one week (if there will be any competitors that is…).
More info could be found at the first LGN Theme Contest post

Leszek Sta?czyk writes :
Wupra (read voopra) is Linux Game store located in Poland and our main customers are from Poland.
My store is on-line since 21 August 2009.
Linux games are twice expensive for Poles than for British, German or French customers.
I’d like change it a little so I offer many games for Linux with the lower price as it’s possible (of course mainly for customers from Poland).
Price is very important so I don’t sell games which are overpriced more than it’s rational.
I’d like add some cheap games with English language version (final price maybe lower).

If you want suggest any other game with cheap price, don’t be shy and send an
e-mail: to us and we see what we can do.

Upon checking the Wupra store, the Polish (sometimes even include Russian) versions of the games are indeed very cheap, but while the English versions are much more costly they are still the cheapest you can find on the net ! (Native GNU/Linux Box versions).
The shop offers many games from LGP, RuneSoft, id software, Epic Games, indies and many more…
So even if you are not a Polish or Russian – it’s still worth taking a look at this online store.

Also I’ve asked Leszek Sta?czyk a few questions :

1. Will you offer a download versions (like Tuxgames) ?
I’d like too but I’m not a programmer so I can’t work on my own, I need somebody to help me with it.
BTW – Bandwidth is not a problem at all.

2. What about the English versions of the Polish games like Doom3 +Expansion, Unreal Anthology, E.T:Quake Wars etc… ?
Even if they will be more expensive then the Polish but less expensive then those games at other shops – it could be still worth it.

I’m working on it, I must find suppliers in UK.

3. Some “Polish” marked games on your website like “Unreal Anthology” and “Prey” says “English” if you look at their data sheet.
So are they in Polish or English ?

They are in English but UT2004 have only polish subtitles, English was ripped of by CD-Project.
I applied a patch for UT2004 but there are only partial English files.
When I say Polish that mean Polish cover, manual and Polish language if game have English language game data I added this information to “Data Sheet”.
I can’t add English subtitles without permission from Epic Games.

So if the data is in English, does it mean the whole game (not cover and manual) is in English ?
Correctly, only UT2004 text/subtitles are incomplete for other language than Polish, but the voices and the menus are in English.
I can ask Polish distributor for access and permission for add full English (or other) subtitles or Ryan help (he helped me with Postal X, I got permission from RWS to use Linux binary of Postal, Postal 2). I added information about ripped of English version.
Also it is possible to order the Full English version with manual and cover but at least 30 requests are needed.

Polish version of Prey is a little more complicated because there are 4 polish editions :
First edition is without polish game data (and polish distributor didn’t give me permission to add polish version.
That’s weird because their claim that they can’t because they can’t) but other have it.
2 latest edition have game data package in .bin files (Windows only).
Prey have Polish cover and manual and language version listed on page description in data sheet.

Can we remove the Polish subtitles from Unreal Anthology ?
I don’t want to make anyone confused, but if you think I should rename Unreal Antologia POLISH to Unreal Anthology I can do it.
For examples of Polish version of Defcon have Polish cover without manual, Polish game data but Linux version support only English language so I didn’t add POLISH for English description.

Other games with English and Polish game data but with Polish manual and cover:
– Doom 3 (Polish sounds are so stupid especially if some served in army,soldiers don’t talk with that stupid way)
– Tactical Ops: Wojna z Terrorem

Links :
LGN Theme contest
Airline Tycoon Deluxe
Knights and Merchants
Sleep Is Death

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19 June

The Chzo Mythos Is Coming To GNU/Linux !

Two weeks ago I’ve officially started the first LGN contest, that with the disappointing results will also probably be the last LGN contest.

I have received a few news reports via IRC chats from friends, but those people didn’t ask to participate in the contest and didn’t ask for a prize.
Only one official email was received from “Hamish Paul Wilson” just hours ago, making him the winner by default.
Hamish Paul Wilson wins the Osmos game I wrote about on LGN.

Here is his article below (links added by myself) :

The Chzo Mythos is coming to GNU/Linux!
By Hamish Paul Wilson

Although he is probably more well known for his satirically negative game review series Zero Punctuation, Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw has had another identity for at least the past twelve years; that of a talented game creator and designer. His works include the amateurish yet still enjoyable Arthur Yahtzee Trilogy, his first publicly released games from which his nickname is based. He would then go on to envision the Rob Blanc Trilogy, the wickedly funny game series which first made his name a household one, well, that is if you were a part of the amateur adventure scene at least. His next project, The Trials of Odysseus Kent, took a step into the lurid which would eventually lead to his most celebrated works and the subject of this post: The Chzo Mythos.

Originally styled after horror slasher films, the games later took on the character of an H.P Lovecraft novel. The first and most celebrated game of the series, 5 Days a Stranger, depicted the events that would later become known as the “Defoe Manor Incident”, as seen through the eccentric cat burger known only as Trilby. From this modest beginning the series spans hundreds of years and entangles many different characters, from ancient Celtic druids, to freed African Slaves, to land use authority investigators, and even Starship counsellors. Each game in the series has its own unique setting, and each game offers a different view to of the universe and plot of the games. It is important for them to be played in order for the plot to make any sense however.

Although all four games, five if you include Trilby: The Art of Theft which serves merely as additional back-story for the Trilby character, can be run native on Linux using the sadly closed source AGS Linux Interpreter, this was often a pain to set up and caused these great gaming gems to be inaccessible to a common user. I myself have taken up the role of packaging native Linux binaries of each of the games which is easy to use and enjoyable for anybody on any distribution. Keep in mind these are the Special Editions, so they will include extra features not included in the original freeware releases. Although I am not quite satisfied enough to release them yet, I have already made significant progress in making them releasable. I have all five games currently running on my Fedora 12 system at this very moment. I have already tried to contact Yahtzee but as of yet not received a response, this I consider unsurprising and I am fairly confident he will get back to me soon. If not I will release them in my own capacity.

Unfortunately some of his older titles, which are my own personal favorites, are not applicable to be packaged, since the AGS interpreter can not run Rob Blanc or Odysseus since they were constructed with an older version of Adventure Game Studio. However, I can confirm that both Adventures in A Galaxy of Fabulous Wonderment and the 1213 series can be packaged at a later date. Arthur Yahtzee was built using Visual Basic 3 and could potentially be ran through WINE. I know Rob Blanc runs great through Dosbox, and I can only assume that Odysseus does as well. I can not promise a release date for this project. It will depend on Yahtzee’s response and whether or not I consider my work ready for release. I will update LGN if there are any later developments in this story.

The Games

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17 May

LGN Contest !

As promised a few days ago, LGN making a contest with a prize for the winner and hopefully for all of us, here is the back-story…

When Osmos was released for GNU/Linux at 28/04/2010 I published the good news on LGN.
Telling people how cheap this game is I just had to buy it myself (to serve an example and because the game is really worth it).
Hemisphere Games The developers of Osmos wrote a blogposts that whoever publishes their game on his Blog, will get a free Osmos copy !
As I didn’t write the news about Osmos to get a free copy, and bought the game to support the developers, I didn’t think Hemisphere Games would contact me and still give me the game which I can give as a gift (or a prize) for anyone I want.
So now I have a prize to give – a copy of Osmos for all 3 platforms (I just couldn’t disable the Windows and MacOS versions ).

But what about a reason for the contest ? for the celebration ?
The day I wrote the Osmos article I was linked to .
The same day LGN broke all visitor records and gained 666 visits.
The next day LGN broke the records again with an amazing 1,089 visits ! (again thanks to

So now we have a reason and a prize – but what about the rules of the game ?
The contest must be fruitful for LGN and the GNU/Linux gaming community (and I don’t mean to create a new logo for LGN, I already have a logo – but I never have the time/will to mess with it, upload and configure it).

A while ago I wrote an article on how can you try to find GNU/Linux gaming related news.
I was hoping that it would help the community find more news about GNU/Linux games but unfortunately 95% of the news I write on LGN are found by myself (excluding the interviews off course, I must have someone to interview).
So as you might guessed this contest is about finding GNU/Linux gaming related news.

The Rules :
1. Must be GNU/Linux gaming related !
2. Can be about FOSS or proprietary games or gaming related stuff.
3. Must not be already published on LGN or other websites or forums.
4. Must be valid, current and backed up by some source, like the developers for example (you can’t write “there is a chance that WOW will be ported to GNU/Linux soon…without some strong and valid prof).
5. Must be a news article and not a general article or a review.

Each participant will allow me to publish the news he submitted on LGN, giving him the credit, regardless if he wins or not.

The prize
As there is only one prize which is the Osmos game for the 3 platforms (GNU/Linux, MacOSX and Windows), there is only one person who can win the prize.
And remember, it’s not about the prize, it’s about the news.

Hopefully the submitted news will make all of us winners.

How to participate in the contest
Please submit all news to : mb2love [at] gmail (dot) com
The subject of the email must be “For The LGN Contest”
Don’t forget to include your name and/or a nick.

Please do NOT submit your news for this contest as a replay to this thread (it won’t be counted).

This contest will end in 2 weeks at : 17/05/2010 !

Osmos aka The Prize !
Hemisphere Games
LGN post about Osmos

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3 May