Multiplayer In Helena The 3rd

Brandon Smith who developed Ensign-1 and Helena the 3rd, now wants to include a multiplayer to his latest game.
For this he started a Kickstarter project in which you can not only help Brandon fund multiplayer, but also buy his games at a much cheaper price !

The goal is only $1,500 so it’s very achievable, and off course all his games are working on GNU/Linux.

About this project
I recently created an action platformer called Helena The 3rd. In it players pilot a jumping tank through a series of underground caverns, in search of ability upgrades which can only be found by exploring tighter areas on foot. The game is very much a love letter to my favorite NES game of all time, Blaster Master.

Anyway, the game was released on Desura for Windows, Linux, and Mac, and one thing that I really wanted to get into the game was multiplayer. I think that the game is a perfect candidate for co-op as well as battle royale style deathmatch.

To add this to the game, I just need to see that there are enough people out there who would be interested in this, and willing to show their support with a pre-order, or by spreading the word.

The co-op portion of the game would be pretty straightforward, very similar to other co-op platformers out there. I’d like the deathmatch to be of a battle royale type, similar to Twisted Metal and other car combat games. Players will be able to choose from a vehicle list at the start of the match, just as if they were choosing their character in a fighting game.

Of course, multiplayer would work across platforms, no matter which OS each player was using.

Try out the demo and learn more.

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17 May

Helena The 3rd Update

Kevin Pears aka Rustybolts from Gaming on Linux the designer of Helena the 3rd has let me know of their progress.

Our website is located at : .
New in this release:

  • Level 1 has been redesigned, other levels will be redesigned for future releases.
  • Higher resolution textures
  • Fog
  • New exploding effect on player tank
  • Mouse support
  • New logo and title screen changes.
  • Improved sound effects.



  • Combination of 2D, 3D, and FPS game modes
  • Upgradeable tank sporting new game play mechanics
  • Split screen co-op
  • Built in level editor


Trailer :

As its currently in development the game is Sort of pay what you want with the price starting from $2.
Buying the game now will allow you access to future updates for free, and will cost less than the full version though once all worlds have been redesigned, the price will be increased to a fixed $5.

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21 April