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I’m happy to let you know that the GNU/Linux news and updates website Happypenguin.org aka The Linux Game Tome is back online.
For now this website is a bit outdated (it’s been offline for almost two months), but I have no doubt that it will resume it’s mad amount of updates and become updated as before.

Also as of Nov 23rd 2010, Linux Game Publishing are having a few more unforeseen issues in bringing all of the sites back online, but they are working through these as quickly as possible.
Some sites are back online, such as penguinplay, happypenguin.org and the LGP keyserver.
For those who rented LGP games and have been unable to play the rental versions, LGP have extended the rental periods for anyone affected.

So I expect LGP and Tuxgames to be back online in a few days.
I also hope that they will recover from the offline damage and continue to support the GNU/Linux Gaming scene.