Garshasp – Looking Good

More then a year ago I’ve posted about the hack-n-slash game made with the FOSS Ogre Game Engine called Garshasp, and even interviewed the developers.
Now the game looks even better and you can see the significant improvements at the gameplay video below.
The developers of this game, Fanafzar Game Studios have a nice blog in which you can follow the development of the game.
The game is inspired by the “God Of War” games and “Prince Of Persia”.
I’ve spoken with the developers again and the GNU/Linux client is going to happen.

About Garshasp
Garshasp is a 3rd-person action adventure video game, based on ancient Persian mythology and will be initially available for PC. The game is based on the epic battles of the mythological hero, Garshasp, in the ancient lands against the evil monsters. The main mechanics of the game revolves around melee combat, puzzle solving and exploration. The Garshasp game has been under development in Fanafzar Game Studios since early 2006. Fanafzar was founded in 2003 and has been active in the software market ever since.


Garshasp Trailer

Garshasp Awesome Gameplay Video

Garshasp will be released very soon, so stay tuned !

Garshasp Blog
Garshasp First post on LGN
interview with Garshasp developers on LGN
Ogre Game Engine

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16 November

Krum – Hack-N-Slash cRPG Under Development !

Krum is an open source hack-n-slash cRPG that is being developed with Blender by one man named haidme from Bulgaria.
The game would be combat oriented 3rd person, gore heavy cRPG in which you will be in complete control of your moves and slice enemies to pieces.
You will have many weapons to choose from and attack to perform.
It’s a very professional and impressive looking game even for a team of developers, while the release date is unknown Krum promises a lot already.

I’ve asked haidme Krum’s developer a few questions (like a very mini interview) about the game :

Hello !
My name is Maxim and I am the editor of the website.
Krum looks great and as it uses the Blender Game Engine I was wondering if a native Linux client will be released ?

Hello Maxim,
Krum is completely compatible with Linux OS. So, when the game is complete, I’ll release some free content native for Linux and Windows OSes.

Will the game be FOSS or proprietary ?
It is not decided yet…by now, the most important thing for me is to finish it.
Then I’ll think of the ways of distribution.
It is possible to be completely free and open source or not free but still open source. I just don’t know yet.

Could you tell me more about the game ?
Will it be like Diablo or NWN ? (hack-n-slash or deep quests), any other news about the game would be great.

Thanks for your interest.
Krum will be third/first person(first person is like an option, not completely supported) hack-n-slash role playing game.
The main focus will be on the battles, not the quests.
You will need to block,strike and dodge with the exact timing if you want to win the battle.
On the other hand battles will be fast and furious, mostly one on one…so the player will be able to focus on the fighting mechanics.
There will be combos, but unlike Prince of Persia or GoW, the player will have control over the character and will perform exact moves in exact order.
Blocking will be on of the most important fight mechanics.
About the quest..they will be simple and yet fascinating.
The environment will be rich and intractable.
The closest game title ,to what Krum will try to become is “Blade Of Darkness”.
Thanks again for your interest!

I’m sure you remember the great game “Die By The Sword” (which was ignored at the time because “Tomb Rider” took all the fame … who can resist this chick ? ).
Krum reminds me of it by the fact that you can slice enemies to pieces.
Will the “slices” be used as finishers or could you slice the leg for example and keep the enemy fighting ?
Will the slicing be performed at one hit or will it takes several hits to cut a body part ?
Any more info ?

Yes I remember “Die By The Sword”, it was a great game.
For now, the player in “Krum” is able to slice the enemies only
like a finisher moves. But you gave me a good idea for a new feature. Maybe I’ll try to implement it on a later stage in the game.
Some more info: Krum will be separated in 5 big levels. Each will consists of 3 sub levels.
I’ll try to describe the feeling (atmosphere) in them with one word for each: The Mountains, The Castle, The Underground Passage,The Swamps,The Wastelands.
Those are not levels names. Just a description of what to expect in them.
And one curious fact: Krum is left handed.
Thank you very much for the publication!



Krum’s Official Website
Krum’s BlenderArtists Progress Thread
Krum At Indiedb
Krum At Youtube

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27 September