4 Days Left To Fund GamingOnLinux Hosting!

GamingOnLinux aka GOL is an excellent source of news about GNU/Linux gaming and got an active forum and an editable wiki!
This website was recently updated and looking better than ever.

GOL is run by one men named Liam Dawe who sadly is currently unemployed and not sadly, a young and proud father!
Also a big thanks to the contributors and editors for making GOL great.
About a month ago Liam Dawe started a campaign on Indiegogo to fund hosting space for GOL and have only 4 days left.

He is aiming for 600 GBP (British Pounds) and already got 170 (which is something)
600 GBP will enable him to host GOL for more than two years, and as Indiegogo is not kickstarter – Liam can choose to keep the contributions even if it’s not fully funded – so every penny counts!

If you enjoy this excellent website as much as I do, please contribute to it’s continued existence.

From the Indiegogo campaign page:


Who are we?
GamingOnLinux.com is one of the main Linux gaming websites that is updated daily by the editors and the community. In the past we have run competitions for people to win games, we review games, interview game developers and so on.

We also run a Wiki open to anyone to edit about mainly crowdfunding games that offer Linux support (the only one of it’s kind currently!).

What We Need & What You Get
£600 would cover just over two years worth of hosting so that rather than worrying about the bill we can worry about the website content to give you more of what you want to hear about!

This is for our own Private Server so we aren’t on a server with hundreds of other websites. It also means we can host other people’s projects without issues as well.
We are currently in the process of revamping the website as well out of our own time and pocket to make it much easier to use and less javascript heavy! So it will load faster and look better.

The Impact
By contributing you will be securing the future of GamingOnLinux.com to continue to break awesome Linux gaming news to you!

Other Ways You Can Help
If you can’t contribute don’t worry! We accept help in many other ways like spreading the word on social networking websites and even just submitting articles to us, it all helps!

We have G+, Twitter and Facebook pages so please let everyone know about them.
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28 January

New GNU/Linux Gaming Forum And Contests !

LGN’s friend GamingOnLinux aka GOL has opened a new GNU/Linux Gaming Forum which is something that we never had before.
Sure, almost every GNU/Linux distribution forum has a gaming section, but it’s usually more about gaming problems that happen to users with that specific distro and rarely about news or general gaming discussion.
We also have the very good FreeGameDev Forums, but it’s goals are different – it’s only for free software and it’s oriented towards the developers and FOSS gaming projects.

So I’m really hoping that the new general gaming forum will become a success, to “help you register and be productive” GOL made 2 more contests (the 1st one is over) :
1. The first user to reach 50 posts will win a full retail copy of Eschalon Book 2 !!! (ended)
2. On September the 25th GOL will choose a random regular posting member of the forum to win Amnesia : The Dark Descent .

So with those prizes, what are you waiting for ?
Register at the forums and start posting !

GNU/Linux Gaming Forum
GOL’s Second Contest : Eschalon Book 2
GOL’s Third Contest : Amnesia : The Dark Descent
Eschalon Book 2
Amnesia : The Dark Descent
FreeGameDev Forums

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30 August