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Unigine supports GNU/Linux game development with engine license giveaway

Have you ever wanted to develop your dream game with the excellent Unigine engine but didn’t have the money to acquire the license ? now is your chance !

Tomsk, Russia – November 25, 2010 – Unigine Corp. announced a competition to support Linux game development. It will give a free license for its top-notch Unigine engine to an experienced team willing to work on a Linux native game.

Competition Rules
A team is welcomed to participate in the competition if it meets the following criteria:

1. It has released a 3D game or has one in development
2. Team members are experienced in Linux software development
3. It is ready to develop a native Linux 3D game

Submissions (with links to released games, team background info and contacts) are to be sent to licensing@unigine.com. The competition comes to a close on December, 10.

The winner team will get a free binary license on Unigine engine for a single project on PC platform (Windows / Linux) with full access to technical support and updates.

The teams that will take the 2nd and the 3rd place are granted huge discounts on licensing Unigine.

The Idea
I have been using Linux for over than 10 years now and find it a really great platform with a steadily growing market share on desktops. What we see, however, is though this niche market is open to conquer, it severely lacks high-quality 3D games with up-to-date visuals. We are eager to contribute to filling in the gap and boost up Linux game development.

From the very beginning Unigine engine aimed and has been supporting Linux, not to mention our CTO (Alexander Zaprjagaev) is also an experienced Linux developer. Moreover, our internal team is currently working on a cross-platform OilRush game that natively supports Linux. On top of it, we have a bunch of benchmarks (Heaven, Tropics, Sanctuary) released previously for this platform.

That being said, we want to help the seasoned and skillful team to jump-start a Linux game project by providing them with world-class technology completely for free“, commented Denis Shergin, CEO of Unigine Corp.

Unigine Engine
Unigine is a cross-platform (Windows / Linux / PlayStation 3) real-time 3D engine, which unleashes the ultimate power for creating interactive virtual worlds (both modern games and virtual reality systems).

The engine is a complete out-of-the box solution:

  • Photorealistic 3D render
  • Powerful physics module
  • Object-oriented scripting system
  • Full-featured GUI module
  • Sound subsystem
  • A set of flexible tools

High scalability of Unigine engine is ensured by the efficient and well-architected framework supporting multi-core systems. It allows to successfully develop various VR projects and multi-platform games of various genres on its base.
Unigine engine also powers a well-known Heaven Benchmark, which made a big name by showcasing the hottest DirectX 11 technologies with the breathtaking art content.

PS: Xmas season is drawing near so we are slashing all the base prices for licensing Unigine engine: see the updated pricelist.

About Unigine Corp.
Unigine Corp. is an international company focused on top-notch real-time 3D solutions. The development studio is located in Tomsk, Russia. Main activity of Unigine Corp. is development of Unigine™, a cross-platform engine for virtual 3D worlds. Since the project start in 2004, it attracts attention of different companies and groups of independent developers, because Unigine is always on the cutting edge of real-time 3D visualization and physics simulation technologies.

Unigine Corp. is a registered developer of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (previously ATI Technologies Inc.), NVIDIA Corporation and Creative Labs Inc. Being a registered developer the company works closely with hardware vendors in order to provide the best level of performance and stability of its products. The company also has a license to develop tools and middleware for PLAYSTATION®3 platform.

Also Unigine Corp. reports that the development of their upcoming Oil Rush game is going well, but no release date given. (I assume sometime in 2011).

Thanks Reto Schneider, one of the editors of Holarse-Linuxgaming and the owner of the GNU/Linux Fun4Tux gaming shop for the great news.

If you haven’t heard it from other sources then the GNU/Linux game indie developer Chronic Logic who brought games like : Gish, Zatikon, Bridge Construction Set and Triptych to GNU/Linux, is having a giveaway !

All you have to do is to create a Facebook account (if you don’t already have it) ,join the Chronic Logic page and write about your favorite game (or if you already have it like I do, just write about the next best thing 😉 ).

Be swift as the promotion ends at FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH, 9 AM PST.

Dear Chronic Logic Customer,

Have you become a fan of our Chronic Logic Facebook Page yet? If not, now would be a great time to do so! Starting Wednesday, November 3rd, we will be hosting a FREE game giveaway. All you have to do is reply to a specified post on our Facebook page with your favorite Chronic Logic game and we will send it to you for free. Already have your favorite game? Tell your friends so they can join the Chronic Logic community. It will only last fourty-eight hours so become a fan on Facebook to take advantage of this great opportunity!


Thank you,
Chronic Logic LLC

I’ve also had a little “chat” with Josiah Pisciotta from Chronic Logic about the other games on their website that don’t have a GNU/Linux clients :

LGN: I’ve noticed that the Bridge Construction Set has a native GNU/Linux client, but it’s sequel “Bridge It” doesn’t support GNU/Linux nor MacOS … why have you decided to use an engine that isn’t easily ported to GNU/Linux and MacOS ?
Is there any chance for “Bridge it” “Kingdom Elemental” and “Trash” to be ported to GNU/Linux ?

Josiah Pisciotta :All those games were developed with other developers who did not use engines that support Linux so there is very little chance of those games having a Linux version. However we always try and take that into account when selecting which technology we use for development in house.

LGN :It’s a shame really…
We don’t have many high quality cRPG’s and Strategy games on Linux.
We could really use more games.
BTW, except Micro-Warrior, which other games are in development ?

Josiah Pisciotta :We are involved with a bunch of other games which are in development, Pontifex III, Golf?, working on a major update to Zatikon along with a new game, Zatikon : Inquisitions, and three other games that are early in development.

So the future seems bright for Chronic Logic and for the GNU/Linux gaming, and if you are a fan of Zatikon like me – there is a lot to expect.
And Zatikon also has a Facebook app so you can play it from anywhere !.

Chronic Logic
Chronic Logic page
Zatikon Facebook App