Garshasp Developers

At first it was reported that Garshasp is being developed by Fanafzar Game Studios, but now the developers are DeadMage.
Our longtime LGN news contributer Hamish Wilson made some research and put some light on the matter :

It seems that my questions about the status of Garshasp have been answered. A few weeks back the following was posted on the Ogre website:

“Garshasp: The Monster Slayer”

“In a week from now, the next major Ogre powered game will finally be released. We had the chance to get some up-front information and material that we are happy to share here. So what are we talking about? … The game was developed and published by the studio “DeadMage“, with a core team of nine people: 3 programmers, one concept artist, an 3D modeler, 2 game designers, one sound guy and an animator. Overall 30 people were ultimately involved in the process. Together they worked on it for 3 years, albeit most of the time part time, since the team members had to make a living or study at the same time.”

“PS: Linux port is in development and they are even considering porting it over to XBLA.”

After reading this, I sent an email to Dead Mage asking what happened to Fanafzar Sharif Game Studios and why this Iranian game is now being completed by a studio that claims to be based in Pasadena, Texas. They quickly shot back the following reply:

“Hi Hamish,

Thank you for your interest in our game. The studio owners and most team members have moved out of Iran and Fanafzar Games does not operate anymore. The project has been completed by Dead Mage.
The Linux port is being worked on, we hope to have it available soon, fingers crossed :).
Have a good day,

Thanks Hamish for the news report.

The Windows version of Garshap is due to be released this month, and the GNU/Linux port should be finished by the end of the year.


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12 May

Garshasp – Looking Good

More then a year ago I’ve posted about the hack-n-slash game made with the FOSS Ogre Game Engine called Garshasp, and even interviewed the developers.
Now the game looks even better and you can see the significant improvements at the gameplay video below.
The developers of this game, Fanafzar Game Studios have a nice blog in which you can follow the development of the game.
The game is inspired by the “God Of War” games and “Prince Of Persia”.
I’ve spoken with the developers again and the GNU/Linux client is going to happen.

About Garshasp
Garshasp is a 3rd-person action adventure video game, based on ancient Persian mythology and will be initially available for PC. The game is based on the epic battles of the mythological hero, Garshasp, in the ancient lands against the evil monsters. The main mechanics of the game revolves around melee combat, puzzle solving and exploration. The Garshasp game has been under development in Fanafzar Game Studios since early 2006. Fanafzar was founded in 2003 and has been active in the software market ever since.


Garshasp Trailer

Garshasp Awesome Gameplay Video

Garshasp will be released very soon, so stay tuned !

Garshasp Blog
Garshasp First post on LGN
interview with Garshasp developers on LGN
Ogre Game Engine

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16 November

Interview With Amir From Fanafzar – Garshasp Developers

Recently I’ve interviewed the Fanafzar Game Studios development director Amir about their upcoming game Garshasp, which I recently wrote about.

1. First of all, what can you tell us about yourself and your company ?
My name is Amir H. Fassihi. I am the development director for the Garshasp game. Fanafzar Game Studios is a private company based in Tehran, Iran which is working on Garshasp. Fanafzar Game Studios is part of Fanafzar Software Company which has been active in business application development for 6 years now. Garshasp has been in development for 2.5 years now.

2. Tell us about Garshasp, is it like “God Of War” clone with different setting ? What can we expect from it ?
Well, God of War is the favorite game for almost all our members here at Fanafzar. Our story is based on Persian Mythology, which is older than Greek mythology by the way. We are looking forward for little innovation in this game too.

3. In your game preview movies I’ve seen some very cool combat moves and combos.
Are all combat moves will be available from the start or will you have to learn them in the course of your adventure ? What skills and weapons will be at Garshasp ?

Garshasp will have combat moves from the start but he will achieve a few special moves as he proceeds. His main weapon is a sword, he will find a special mace as he proceeds. The mace looks like the skeleton of a dragon. There are a few items which have magical abilites also, one of the magic powers is a wall which will surrond the player and enemies, Garshasp will be able to jump out of this wall and confine the enemies in there.

4. Will Garshasp offer some RPG elements such as quests, character build, leveling, choices and consequences and/or other stuff ?
The RPG elements in this game will be very light, we are hoping to add such features in the sequels to this game.

5. Will Garshasp also offer other gameplay options such as Arena fights, challenges, vs mode, multi-player and other stuff ?
One of the features in our wishlist is Co-op play. However the first release of the game is not going to have that feature and we might see that in the sequel.

6. You have chosen the Ogre3d game engine for Garshasp, what made you choose it and what other software did you use ?
We were looking for an open source engine to do rendering very well. Ogre3d is open source, has a very nice architecture, a wonderful community and the fact that it is not a full game engine was a plus for us since we wanted it to be great at rendering and we knew we had to implement a lot of features for our game ourselves. Our core team was mainly made out of technical people and we always had a very positive feeling towards free and open source software. Other software we use are Nvidia PhysX, Particle Universe (Ogre project for particles) NxOgre (PhysX wrapper for Ogre), Boost library, OpenAL, WxWidgets for our world editor.

7. As Garshasp is being developed with Ogre3d engine, will there be a GNU/Linux client ? When it can be expected ?
This is one more think on our plan. Ogre is platform independent, the other libraries and tools we use the same so theoretically we do not have a problem porting to Linux but in reality it might take a bit of tweaking here and there. We are looking forward to the time after our release and right before the pre-production of the next title to work on the port.

8. Your company is based on Iran, I understand that there are issues sending goods to some countries.
How do you intend to solve this problem regarding your game ? Will you also offer a download version so this problem could be more easily bypassed ?

Unfortunately there are some sanctions against Iran imposed by some Countries, this brings some constraints. As an example we can not apply for the dev kits to develop games for the Consoles. About selling our game outside Iran, if we are successful in finding a publisher, then there shouldn’t be any problems. Direct download can be another option as you mentioned.

9. Recently you where at the “Gamescom 2009” conference, you spoke with many people from the gaming industry.
What new things have you learned regarding the gaming world ? Where is it heading ?
Are the game developers more open to GNU/Linux and FOSS ? Please explain.

The Gamescom experience was great for us, seeing all the experts and new projects is always inspiring for us and there are a lot of things for us to learn from. Regarding the gaming world, it would be hard for me to generalize about where the industry is heading, I need to gain much more experience for that, but what has been interesting is that there are two poles, one where games are getting more complex and advanced and another where we see casual and very simple games. The increase for games on mobile devices is interesting also. I guess good developers always open to FOSS but we don’t see this being promoted much in the commercial world of gaming. It is always to see projects using open source, there are quite a few German games we saw at Gamescom base on Ogre.

10. Is there something that I’ve missed and you would like to add regarding Garshasp ?
Thank you, thats all for now.

Thank you very much for the interview despite the fact that I’m Jewish and live in Israel.
This really proves that political issues have no place on my Linux Gaming Blog and in the FOSS community in general.

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7 September