New GNU/Linux Gaming Forum And Contests !

LGN’s friend GamingOnLinux aka GOL has opened a new GNU/Linux Gaming Forum which is something that we never had before.
Sure, almost every GNU/Linux distribution forum has a gaming section, but it’s usually more about gaming problems that happen to users with that specific distro and rarely about news or general gaming discussion.
We also have the very good FreeGameDev Forums, but it’s goals are different – it’s only for free software and it’s oriented towards the developers and FOSS gaming projects.

So I’m really hoping that the new general gaming forum will become a success, to “help you register and be productive” GOL made 2 more contests (the 1st one is over) :
1. The first user to reach 50 posts will win a full retail copy of Eschalon Book 2 !!! (ended)
2. On September the 25th GOL will choose a random regular posting member of the forum to win Amnesia : The Dark Descent .

So with those prizes, what are you waiting for ?
Register at the forums and start posting !

GNU/Linux Gaming Forum
GOL’s Second Contest : Eschalon Book 2
GOL’s Third Contest : Amnesia : The Dark Descent
Eschalon Book 2
Amnesia : The Dark Descent
FreeGameDev Forums

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30 August