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Spiky Caterpillar with the collaboration of Hanako Games the developers of Date Warp and other visual novels for GNU/Linux are proud to release their next game Magical Diary: Horse Hall out of beta this month.

Spiky Caterpillar writes :
Magical Diary: Horse Hall is expected out of beta sometime in June. (It’s been on sale to testers for some time now, though, so it may not entirely count as upcoming.)
It’s a GxBG magical school dating sim with RPG elements, generally fluffier than Date Warp was.”

After that, we’re not sure what the next project will be – more Magical Diary games are planned, but Hanako and I want to work on something else for a bit first, and I’ve got a more traditional RPG planned in conjunction with Tycoon – no details until I get further along, though.

About Magical Diary: Horse Hall
Attend a magical school! Design your own character, learn spells, explore dungeons, make friends, and try to get a date for the May Day Ball.
Each game in the series is set within a different Hall of Iris Academy, and features roommates, friends, and enemies that are unique to that story, while characters from other stories move around in the background.


Magical Diary: Horse Hall
Spiky Caterpillar
Hanako Games

Hanako Games, the creators of Date Warp which I’ve posted about earlier and other games, are working hard to bring even more games to GNU/Linux,
Spiky Caterpillar let me know that he is working to port Cute Knight Kingdom to GNU/Linux and MacOSX and it’s currently in beta testing.
He also said that Fatal Hearts may also be ported (The Cute Knight Kingdom port involved writing a large chunk of a GameMaker runtime for Linux, so the work to get
Fatal Hearts ported should be much smaller – however, he intends to wait for bug reports on Cute Knights Kingdom before starting in on any other GameMaker-to-Linux ports, and he has several new games trying to be written).

Screenshots From Cute Knight Kingdom And Fatal Hearts

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