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worldofgnome together with LGP are making a contest in which you can win a free copy of Sacred Gold redeemable via Desura !

All you have to do is :

  1. Share the ORIGINAL article on Google plus, Facebook, or Twitter
  2. Leave a comment on the ORIGINAL article saying what you like or you don’t like in Gnome 3.
    You will have to use the same name as of your account on the socials of course


Win a copy of Sacred Gold for GNU/Linux!

By wogue | Published September 9, 2012

Take part on the first ever contest by woGue, and win a free copy of the Linux Games Publishing Sacred Gold RPG game!

Sacred Gold was initially released in 2004 for Windows and was ported to Linux by LGP in 2009. Lately it became the newest member of Desura Linux game list, and you now have the chance to win it and fully enjoy it for free.

The Game…

In his fortress of Shaddar-Nur, the necromancer Shaddar, a pariah of the Band of Mages from Mystdale Castle, plans his triumphant return to the world of Ancaria. To strengthen his magic powers, he summons a Sakkara Demon, whose power he will absorb himself. These Sakkara Demons rule over those damned to rot in hell, the undead. Not since the Era of the Gods have any of these creatures set foot in Ancaria, not since the Seraphim army drove them back to their dimension during the Wars of the Gods.

However, Shaddar’s experiment fails. The Sakkara Demon escapes and turns on his summoner…

In the south of the Kingdom, the village of Bellevue is beset by robbers and slave traders sent by the Sakkara Sect to find suitable victims for their unholy magic rituals. At the same time, the Kingdom is infiltrated by Goblins, forerunners of the Orcs of Khorad-Nur.
Under the command of Sergeant Treville, a loyal veteran of Prince Valor, the heroes first fight in the lands bordering the Orcish wastelands against attacks by the Goblins and the Orcs, who are leaving their desert in hordes and venturing ever deeper into the Kingdom of the dying King Aarnum.

Intro – Desura
The Contest…

The price is a copy of Sacred Gold for Linux that the winner will be able to download from desura for free. The contest finishes at September 16, Sunday GMT 20:00 when the winner will be selected and announced after a random.org draw.

To participate in the contest you will have to do two things:

  • Share the present article on Google plus, Facebook, or Twitter. Please use our post on socials for sharing
  • Leave a comment on the present article saying what you like or you don’t like in Gnome 3. You will have to use the same name as of your account on the socials of course

Good luck everyone!


Original Article

Sacred Gold On LGP

Sacred Gold On Desura

several days ago LGN had a Trivia contest asking “What game engine is being used in the largest number of GNU/Linux games ?”
I frankly thought that this would be an easy one, but only after several days and two big tips someone managed to guess the engine I thought about.
Many readers said id tech engines as the most popular answer but some people got more creative with PyGame, nethack, OpenBor and Eamon Adventure System. (some of which aren’t really game engines).
The trivia answers were interesting to read..someone even suggest Unigine (I wish) and SDL (it’s a library, not a game engine).

My answer was the visual novel game engine Ren’Py which has over 240 GNU/Linux games and growing.
I thought that LGN readers should have known it because I post a LOT about visual novels and all of them use the Ren’Py engine.

So the current winner is failsaurus BUT as I’ve said before nothing is set in stone and you can still prove me wrong.

Just some notes about what I call games…
Games should be stand alone and executable and not relay on some engine or a program (apart of the OS) to be installed on the users system.
For example MAME is NOT a game engine but an Emulator, it’s ability to run games of different systems still doesn’t make it a game engine as you can’t develop with it.
PyGame is “a cross-platform set of Python modules designed for writing video games. It includes computer graphics and sound libraries designed to be used with the Python programming language.” , but I doubt that it counts as a game engine on itself.

If you think that I’m wrong, please discuss here at the comments.

If until Friday the 7/10/2011 my answer won’t be disapproved then I’ll grant the winner failsaurus the key for Achron.

A Few years ago I’ve pre-ordered the meta time strategy game Achron which I’ve posted about 2 years ago.
This month Achron was finally released and I was happy to learn that an additional serial number was supplied for a giveaway – I’ve contacted Chris Hazard the developer of the game and he said that it was their way to promote Achron multiplayer.

As you know I don’t tend to giveaway things without *some* contest, but this one will be easy.
The first one who answers in the comments below the following question will be given the serial number for Achron.

What game engine is being used in the largest number of GNU/Linux games ?

You must only pick one engine per person and be specific, for example you must write “id Tech 2” and not “Quake Engines” or the “Quake 2 Engine”.

I don’t expect this question to stay without an answer for a long time, so be hasty.

I have 2 Amnesia The Dark Descent copies and 5 Hacker Evolution Duality copies to give.
So if you have ideas for good contests, please comment below.

S2Games the supporters of GNU/Linux and developers of Savage and Heroes Of Newerth games, have enabled the paid accounts to give two trial keys to anyone they wish.
Each trial key will let the player play 10 matches !

All you have to do is to register at the GamingOnLinux Forums and post !
Those who will register from today the 14/09/2010 till the end of the month and post at least 10 posts by the end of the month will enter the “contest”.
The winners will be chosen randomly from the posters and be published on 03/10/2010 .
It’s 1 post for ~45 minute of gameplay (on average), and the game is awesome !
Please do not post useless posts or spam, make it interesting.

So if you ever thought about buying HoN, but wasn’t really sure about it ans wanted to try the game, here’s your chance !

The people who registered before today, do not despair !
A random regular poster will win Amnesia: The Dark Descent on the 25th this month.

So what are you waiting for ?! register and start posting !

I know I’ve said I don’t want to make giveaways (I still don’t like the idea that much), but I got several prizes and so little contests people will actually take part in.
I just have to “get rid of those keys” 😉 .

And I didn’t forget about the Amnesia: The Dark Descent contest, I am still thinking about it as I need to find something that people will actually participate in (and I have a few ideas).

Update : HoN Trial Is Now Open For Everyone !

After 3 long years of waiting Amnesia : The Dark Descent was finally released today !

Helsingborg, Sweden, 8/10 – 2010

We at Frictional Games are happy to announce that Amnesia: The Dark Descent is now available for instant download! This represent the culmination of the three years of hard work and we are very proud of the final result. We believe it to be a huge improvement over our previous work, the Penumbra series.

One of our goals with Amnesia: The Dark Descent has been “availability”, meaning that the game should be as available as possible for those that are interested in playing it. Because of this, the game is having a simultaneous launch on Windows, Mac and Linux. It also comes with four translations in addition to the original English version, is DRM free and available from most major online retailers in addition to our own online store. Finally, the game itself has also received our utmost attention in areas that affect the ease of use and interaction with the game world.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a first person horror game with a focus on immersion. It is a game where atmosphere and story comes first. We hope that the game will be a breeze of fresh air, in a genre otherwise populated by “one-man-army action hero” sagas. In Amnesia you are almost completely defenseless, something we believe not only makes the game a lot scarier, but also gives a vastly different experience.

Enter an interactive nightmare where reality is a fragile concept.

Do you have what it takes to survive?

Selected press quotes
Few games are able to conjure up an atmosphere this genuinely frightening.

Despite its title, Amnesia remembers what the blockbusters of survival horror seem to have forgotten: how to horrify.
– PC Gamer UK

I think it is safe to say that Amnesia is the most successfully frightening game to have been made.
– Rock Paper Shotgun

I must say Amnesia is a masterpiece of horror, something surely all other horror games could take from and in some senses, strive to be.
– NeoSeeker

Details – Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Price: $20.
Available: http://store.frictionalgames.com and most major online retailers.
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X & Linux.
Languages: English – with localized text for French, German, Italian & Spanish.

Recommended Computer Specifications:
* Windows XP/Vista/7, OS X 10.5.8/10.6.4 or Linux distribution released in 2010.
* NVIDIA GeForce 6 / ATI Radeon HD.• 2.0 Ghz CPU.
* 2 GB RAM.
* 2.5 GB Free hard disk space.

Website: http://www.amnesiagame.com

Frictional Games where kind enough to offer 2 copies of Amnesia to the winners of LGN next contest.
Although LGN had little luck in the previous contests, and as I’ve said earlier I do not want to just giveaway the games on random for no reason, I’ll have to think about something creative; something that more people could take part in.

So in several days I’ll write about the upcoming contest, but if you have more ideas feel free to comment below.

GamingOnLinux are on the other hand are having a giveaway of Amnesia to a random regular poster who registers and participates on their forums, so you got another chance to win Amnesia.

Frictional Games
Buy Amnesia

Gaming On Linux resumed it’s competition after the failed attempt last time.
LGN and GOL made competitions back then, asking for news/articles – but sadly it didn’t go well for both of us.
LGN had only 1 contender who won by default, and as far a I know GOL had none.
Then LGN made a second competition asking for a new wordpress theme for the website, but none took part in it.

I really am out of good ideas for competitions people would want to take part it, I don’t want to just giveaway games for free like LGP did recently.
I want to make it more interesting.

GOL now has it’s own contest which is more like a giveaway – but it has a very interesting question :
“Why do you think, you deserve to win it ?”
The best answer will get you Osmos, if you still don’t have it by now.
You just need to register and replay on their website.
Note that the competition ends 10PM GMT Wednesday 1st September

I would be interested to read the answers to this question.
I remember back then when HoN gone retail, one person practically begged for a free account on the forums, many people weren’t impressed and made jokes about him – until one rich guy finally gave him a free account (payed for his account).
Did this person deserve to “win” his account ? that’ a real debate, he was poor and couldn’t afford paying $30, but then again maybe if he had $30 he should have found a better use for it then games, and there are many people like him – so why him ?

That’s a real hard question to answer, why you deserve the game – but GOL isn’t serious about it – it’s more like a giveaway.
You don’t really need to convince him why you deserve it for all people, an interesting answer will do.
I’m actually looking forward for next contest, what will the people need to do to win ?
And the stakes are raising as GOL teaming up with LGP to offer bigger prizes for future competitions.

So what competitions would YOU like to see ?
I know I’ve already asked this question before, but there where so little actual ideas that I need to ask again.

Two weeks ago I’ve started the LGN Theme contest, but so far there wasn’t even one submission.
I would like to think that you are working hard and pushing the limits to the last day, but there is also the possibility that the prize isn’t good enough.
Leszek Sta?czyk from the Polish GNU/Linux game reseller Wupra has offered Airline Tycoon Deluxe or Knights and Merchants to the winner of the LGN Theme Contest.
This in addition to Sleep Is Death which was the first prize.

I’ve also extended the contest and all submissions must be emailed until the 30/06/2010 .
The next day I’ll put a vote for one week (if there will be any competitors that is…).
More info could be found at the first LGN Theme Contest post

Leszek Sta?czyk writes :
Wupra (read voopra) is Linux Game store located in Poland and our main customers are from Poland.
My store is on-line since 21 August 2009.
Linux games are twice expensive for Poles than for British, German or French customers.
I’d like change it a little so I offer many games for Linux with the lower price as it’s possible (of course mainly for customers from Poland).
Price is very important so I don’t sell games which are overpriced more than it’s rational.
I’d like add some cheap games with English language version (final price maybe lower).

If you want suggest any other game with cheap price, don’t be shy and send an
e-mail: info@wupra.com to us and we see what we can do.

Upon checking the Wupra store, the Polish (sometimes even include Russian) versions of the games are indeed very cheap, but while the English versions are much more costly they are still the cheapest you can find on the net ! (Native GNU/Linux Box versions).
The shop offers many games from LGP, RuneSoft, id software, Epic Games, indies and many more…
So even if you are not a Polish or Russian – it’s still worth taking a look at this online store.

Also I’ve asked Leszek Sta?czyk a few questions :

1. Will you offer a download versions (like Tuxgames) ?
I’d like too but I’m not a programmer so I can’t work on my own, I need somebody to help me with it.
BTW – Bandwidth is not a problem at all.

2. What about the English versions of the Polish games like Doom3 +Expansion, Unreal Anthology, E.T:Quake Wars etc… ?
Even if they will be more expensive then the Polish but less expensive then those games at other shops – it could be still worth it.

I’m working on it, I must find suppliers in UK.

3. Some “Polish” marked games on your website like “Unreal Anthology” and “Prey” says “English” if you look at their data sheet.
So are they in Polish or English ?

They are in English but UT2004 have only polish subtitles, English was ripped of by CD-Project.
I applied a patch for UT2004 but there are only partial English files.
When I say Polish that mean Polish cover, manual and Polish language if game have English language game data I added this information to “Data Sheet”.
I can’t add English subtitles without permission from Epic Games.

So if the data is in English, does it mean the whole game (not cover and manual) is in English ?
Correctly, only UT2004 text/subtitles are incomplete for other language than Polish, but the voices and the menus are in English.
I can ask Polish distributor for access and permission for add full English (or other) subtitles or Ryan help (he helped me with Postal X, I got permission from RWS to use Linux binary of Postal, Postal 2). I added information about ripped of English version.
Also it is possible to order the Full English version with manual and cover but at least 30 requests are needed.

Polish version of Prey is a little more complicated because there are 4 polish editions :
First edition is without polish game data (and polish distributor didn’t give me permission to add polish version.
That’s weird because their claim that they can’t because they can’t) but other have it.
2 latest edition have game data package in .bin files (Windows only).
Prey have Polish cover and manual and language version listed on page description in data sheet.

Can we remove the Polish subtitles from Unreal Anthology ?
I don’t want to make anyone confused, but if you think I should rename Unreal Antologia POLISH to Unreal Anthology I can do it.
For examples of Polish version of Defcon have Polish cover without manual, Polish game data but Linux version support only English language so I didn’t add POLISH for English description.

Other games with English and Polish game data but with Polish manual and cover:
– Doom 3 (Polish sounds are so stupid especially if some served in army,soldiers don’t talk with that stupid way)
– Tactical Ops: Wojna z Terrorem

Links :
LGN Theme contest
Airline Tycoon Deluxe
Knights and Merchants
Sleep Is Death

Last month LGN held a contest which frankly was very disappointing.
Only one person officially participated and won by default.
I suspect that it might be because it’s hard for many people to find GNU/Linux gaming related news, specially those that weren’t yet published on any news website.

Yesterday again the LGN daily visits record was broken, and reached 2,972 visitors (thanks to linux.org.ru), so it’s time for another contest…
This time the contest is oriented towards artists and web designers, although anyone can take part in it.
After the first week, LGN settled up on a wordpress theme which doesn’t really represent the websites theme – GNU/Linux Gaming News (and I was always too lazy to add the logo banners I’ve made very long time ago).
So I want you to create a WordPress theme which you think will represent LGN !

The Rules :
1. Must have a ‘Linux Gaming News’ logo at the top or top left if a mini-logo is used (I’ve attached 2 logos I’ve created at the end of this post, you may create others).
2. Must NOT be pornographic/racial/political/hate oriented theme .
3. Must be a WordPress theme which I could easily install (without too much configurations) :

  • Can be in a *.zip format which installs trough the WordPress management page.
  • Can be uploaded to any wordpress theme website (there are plenty), just upload and sent me the link to get/view it.

4. Must have at least one screenshot so I can put a vote on the LGN website.
5. All the submitted themes must be released by the author under the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license (or later) or some other free license.

  • If you change/edit an existing theme to create your own work – be sure to have the full rights to do so and release it under the creative commons license (if it isn’t already under the CC-BY-SA) or other free license.

How will the winner be chosen ?
The winner will be chosen by the voters (the participators may also vote, but please vote just once), but I will have a veto if the chosen theme will be drastically worse in my opinion then the others or the current theme.

Please do NOT make threads asking people or/and friends to vote for your theme, make it fair and may the best theme win.

The Prizes
The prize will be “Sleep Is Death” which I wrote about earlier.
This game is for artists and level designers (if you want to play the “dungeon master”) and will suite this contest well.
In addition to Sleep Is Death the winner could choose from Airline Tycoon Deluxe and Knights And Merchants offered from Wupra.

This contest however is not about the prize, but about the community and creativity.
Please note that your themes may be used for other sites as it will be released under a free license.

As explained in the “Rules” section ALL submitted works must be released by their authors under the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license (or later) or some other FREE license.

How to participate in the contest
Please submit all themes to : mb2love [at] gmail (dot) com
The subject of the email must be “For The LGN Contest 2”
The email must contain a .zip file or a link to your theme, and at least one screenshot.
Don’t forget to include your name and/or a nick.

Logos (you may create others).

All competitors must send me an email by 30/06/2010.
At the next day the 01/07/2010 I will make a poll on the website so you can vote for the winner which will be up for one week.
After that I will post the results.

Good Luck And May The Best Theme Win !

Linux Gaming News
LGN Contest 1
The winner of the first contest.
Creative Commons
Sleep Is Death
Airline Tycoon Deluxe
Knights and Merchants