Color By Numbers – Halloween Released !

Color It By Numbers released a Halloween edition of their color-book games for children.

The pages of this coloring book will help your children learn the main attributes and symbols of Halloween filled with a special spirit of magic and mystery.

A black cat walking on the roofs, a flock of bats hiding by an old tree, a lonely scarecrow at an abandoned farm – all of these scenes are steeped in mystery. At the same time, these images don’t frighten little children. They can easily memorize numbers while coloring and get immersed into a special atmosphere of the Halloween eve.


Thanks Grzegorz Budny for the update.

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7 November

Color It By Numbers – Flowers, Released !

A while ago I’ve posted about the Color It By Numbers Series, recently it got a new addition – Color It By Numbers – Flowers.

Imagine a flower garden that is home to the most beautiful, fragrant flowers in the world. You walk around this garden, admiring their splendor and inhaling the subtle fragrances of lilies of the valley, roses, tulips and violets. This splendor covers your heart with a sensation of warmth and harmony. It is as if summer has come knocking on your window…

With Flowers Coloring Book, your children can create their very own greenhouse at home. This greenhouse is a unique one: your children can color every flower in unconventional, «impossible» colors to create their own one-of-a-kind garden.

Combined with color-by-numbers mode, your child will enjoy their time coloring – and learn their numbers in the process.

Give your children minutes of joy and mirth together with Flowers Coloring Book!


Color It By Numbers Series
Color It By Numbers – Flowers
LGN Post About Color It By Numbers

Thanks to Grzegorz Budny for those good news

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9 August