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Update !
Stainless Games wrote in the comments :
“We WILL be supporting Mac and Linux in the longer term, no matter whether we reach the stretch or not. As I mentioned in my last post here, the stretch goal helps us towards the target of accelerating how soon this stuff gets done – not whether we do it or not!”

So that means that now it’s an excellent chance for you to preorder the game and even get more games !



As I wrote earlier, Carmageddon: Reincarnation will have a GNU/Linux client IF $600,000 is raised.
Currently there is $568,000 and counting, so to goal of $600,000 is still reachable.
If you pledge $30, you will get a copy of their original Carmageddon & The Splat Pack from gog.com as long as 2 Carmageddon: Reincarnation downloadable copies (without DRM or via Steam, your choice).

Also if you pledge any sum you will get notified when the Android version of their original Carmageddon will arrive, and you will be able to get if for FREE on the first 24 hours of release.

So please make this very achievable dream, a reality !
Less then $32,000 is left to gather.

Also I’ve heard that if we won’t manage to raise $600,000 by kickstarters campaign end, we can still reach it via Paypal later on.

Carmageddon: Reincarnation will be the 3rd game of the crazy but extremely fun driving/killing game series named “Carmaggedon” (made by the same company Stainless).
In this game the goal is not to finish the race first, but to kill the most people/animals/opponents in the most unique ways.
As expected the game already reached his $400,000 goal and will be ported to GNU/Linux if $600,000 is pledged.
Whoever pledged $25 and more will also get Carmageddon & The Splat Pack from gog.com (sorry, no native GNU/Linux client for this old but fun game).

So if you want to help bring this fantastic game to GNU/Linux (and we do need more quality “racing” games 😉 ), please help make it a reality by donating to their kickstarter campaign.