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I am a huge fan of the first Blood game, and luckily I’m not alone and there is a whole Blood community that wants to see this game remade and continued.

Recently Jace Hall who was the founder of Monolith Productions Inc, the company who developed Blood – posted on The Postmortem forums his wishes for a modern enhancements port of Blood which will be available on GNU/Linux for free.

Take note that this is not intended to be a remake but a modernized port to suite the modern OS’s and hardware.


The compiled list of things discussed includes :

Port Necessities (Maintenance & Convenience)

  • two executables of focus: Blood (the game) and MapEdit
  • no modification of the original maps, art, sounds, music, or gameplay
  • incorporate an updated BUILD Engine from the EDuke32 project
    • this will immediately add cross-platform, stability, and video advancements
      • multiplatform support (Linux, Mac OS X…)
      • increased screen resolutions (up to 3072×2304)
      • (optional) OpenGL rendering support
      • widescreen support
      • “highres” content support
      • vsync
      • uncapped framerate
      • improvements to the map editor
    • closed-source compatible license (but only for the engine; game and Mapster32 are GPL)
    • This would actually need to be done or else a lot of time would be wasted re-porting the BUILD Engine from DOS.
  • cross-platform support (start with Windows and GNU/Linux; Mac and all other ports follow easily)
  • improved control setup and mouse input
  • fix demo recording, which has always been broken in BloodBath, and in SP cannot complete levels
  • replace outdated UPX network code with functionally equivalent or superior modern code
  • fix MapEdit bugs such as inaccurate mouse pointing
  • remove/increase level design limits, such as floor/ceiling mirrors causing hall of mirrors and maximum sector, wall and sprite limits (previously 1024, 8192, 4096)
  • add support for using CD audio without a physical CD (via FLAC and OGG files)
  • ensure proper support for the Bink/Smacker movies
  • port the original Blood command-line tools as well

All of the above should be made first priority before the below is attempted.


Port Enhancements

  • easier launching of user maps, mods, and TCs (RATM, Bloody Pulp Fiction, Deathwish, etc.)
  • add support for additively-loaded zip files and user folders in addition to RFF
  • add options to fix original gameplay bugs (warps, eternal fire, panel glitches, stone gargoyle, etc.) but it must be customizable like ZDoom’s compatibility options
  • Multiplayer: client/server protocol, mid-game joining, map/kick/ban voting, “pure” flag, spectating
  • Multiplayer: more configuration options
    • option to have timelimit in multiplayer mode
    • option to force players to respawn after a set time in multiplayer mode (very important with the timelimit)
    • option to have team specific spawning points in team games in multiplayer mode
    • support for more multiplayer spawn points per map
    • option to force ‘show opponents weapon’ off in multiplayer mode, chosen by the player that starts the map
  • Multiplayer: keep text chat record, visible in an overlay window when T is pressed
  • per-player configuration of auto aim: complete enable/disable and options to tone it down (though cap it at original strength to keep it fair)
  • support for additional episodes in the main game (ie. the ability to load user created episodes / maps within the game)
  • status bar shrinking at higher resolutions
  • “modern” small HUD option, like EDuke32’s
  • bloody footprints (after stepping in a blood pool, footprint decals for 3-5 steps)



  • Multiplayer: additional game modes
    • capture the flag
    • monster rush / horde / endurance
    • king of the hill
    • 1v1 duel
  • Multiplayer: voice chat
  • Multiplayer: target hit confirmation, visual and audible
  • Multiplayer: server lobby
  • Multiplayer: leaderboards: frag tracking, map time records, # of secrets found, hit/miss accuracy
  • Multiplayer: tournaments
  • Multiplayer: multi-skin support, optional clan skins
  • Lua support for modders
  • surround sound
  • achievement system
  • patches and updates for years to come!


Stuff We Don’t Want

  • “PunkBuster” or similar buggy and problematic anti-cheat
  • anything having to do with ZBlood
  • changing the original game (by default)
  • a remake, either in whole or in part


I personally can’t wait for this game to be ported to the modern OS’s , you can join the discussion and help bring this project to life.


Thanks to Curly Brace for letting us know about those wonderful news !

Today I thought about writing about Blood and it’s remakes, freegamer already did it first (yesterday) but I hope I could add some new stuff he didn’t write about.

I’m a huge fan of Blood, yeah that old 3D shooter from 1997.
I think that Blood is the best game that used the BUILD engine, and even today with it’s outdated graphics it is one of my favorite 3D shooters of all times.

Luckily I am not the only fan of this great game and there are several fan made games/mods inspired by blood.

1. Blood: The Flesh Game :
As you can guess from the name this is a flash version of blood which runs on all OS’s.
Although it’s just a demo of what never became a full length game due to lack of time, it was praised by the fans.
Blood : The Flesh Game is an adventure game based on Blood and Blood 2 in which you are play the role of Caleb at a 2d platform shooter.
The game is closed source but I think that if you would like to finish developing this demo into a full game you can contact Tamás Tóth (at adatjoe [at] vipmail {dot} hu) and he will help you in your quest and maybe even release the source (who knows).


2. ZBlood :
ZBlood (sometimes spelt Zblood or zblood) is a game that runs on the ZDoom engine, which is a modified version of id Software’s Doom engine aka id Tech 1 . ZBlood itself is a modified version of the Doom II WAD, Blood TC. However ZBlood includes many new weapons, levels and features and is currently being updated while Blood TC is no longer being worked on.
As id Tech 1 was released under GPLv2 and works with GNU/Linux, this mod should also work on GNU/Linux.
The original BUILD engine is more feature heavy then id’s 1 engine, so I consider it a downgrade in terms of technology.


3. Transfusion :
Transfusion uses the DarkPlaces engine in order to recreate Blood in full 3D.
Darkplaces is a very modified and improved Quake engine.
Currently Transfusion is a death-match game like Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament (but with much less impressive graphics), but it’s a Free software (FOSS) and still under heavy development.
The goal is to recreate Blood so there is much work to be done still.



As you can see the first screenshots is the death-match and the second one is the actual (still incomplete) single player levels.

Now we finally came to the last recreation or even reincarnation of our beloved game Blood.
HYPERTENSION is based on the GPLed Hyper3dge which is was developed from the EDGE engine which was based on id tech 1.
HYPERTENSION is feature live-action videos with amateur actors, changing soundtrack based on events in the game, many new and old weapons and enemies, classic levels a brand new campaign and much more features !

While the game itself is not yet FOSS (this could be discussed) it will be out very soon and will have a native GNU/Linux client !



There is much to expect…

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