Blocks That Matter For GNU/Linux Released !

Guillaume from Swingswing Submarine informed LGN about the GNU/Linux release of Blocks That Matter.
You can buy the game at indievania for $5.
A demo can be downloaded from indiedb.

When indie game developers Alexey and Markus are in trouble, their only hope comes from their creation.
You are the Tetrobot: a tiny robot that can drill blocks of matter one by one, collect them, and recycle them into new pieces of 4 blocks. You also have the possibility to destroy lines of 8+ blocks in a very «retro russian» game style.
Sand, wood, stone, obsidian, iron, diamond: each matter has its specific behaviour you’ll have to use wisely and take advantage of them. So get ready to use your brain and combine your platforming and puzzle-solving skills in this incredible mashup!

Launch Trailer

Swingswing Submarine
Blocks That Matter
Buy At Indievania
Demo At Indiedb

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7 September

Blocks That Matter Coming Soon To GNU/Linux

Swingswing Submarine the company that is working on Seasons After Fall (release date : when it’s done), has now released a new game called Blocks That Matter, and soon will port it to GNU/Linux.

Blocks That Matter is a puzzle/platformer in which a tiny driller robot travels underground in order to save its creators, kidnapped by someone who wants to steal their work. The robot can drill blocks of matter, collect them, recycle them into new pieces and destroy lines.

Gameplay Footage

Our intention is exactly the same than the one we had when we created Tuper Tario Tros.: we want to create a unique game experience mixing games elements and mechanics. The mash-up concept is a popular genre and that’s something we really like because it allows players to see how games that seem different at first can share the same DNA.

The game will be released in the middle of April 2011 on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel, and a few weeks later on PC, Mac and GNU/Linux. The price isn’t set yet but you can expect it to be available for less than 5 dollars.

Blocks That Matter
Swingswing Submarine
Seasons After Fall
Tuper Tario Tros

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17 May