Trine GNU/Linux Testers Wanted !

Update !
Due to massive amounts of applicants the applications are now closed.
Thanks to everyone who participated.

Frozenbyte the developers of Shadowgrounds and Trine series are looking for GNU/Linux gamers to test their Trine port !

We’re looking for Linux users to test an upcoming Linux version of Trine.
We need people with at least basic Linux experience who are able to run the game and can play the game reasonably soon and provide feedback.
The beta version has a limited playing time of about two weeks.
Minimum requirements are a graphics card with Shader Model 3.0 support (ie. Nvidia GeForce 6 or ATI Radeon x500 or better), with a dual core processor recommended.

If you feel like you qualify, please email .
We will then provide further instructions by email.

And if you were wondering, Alternative Games is the nice company that is actually making this Linux port for us.
Special thanks goes out to them as well.

Trine GNU/Linux Testers Wanted Thread
Alternative Games

Thanks for the news Eyecreate, and keep the good work.

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12 December

Beta Testers Needed For Cortex Command

A while ago I’ve posted about the upcoming game named Cortex Command from Data Realms.
The GNU/Linux post has finally reached the beta stage with the help of the GNU/Linux porter Svartalf (who ported Caster and now also working on caster2 port).
Now he is looking for testers.
To apply simple email Svartalf : and write about your hardware specs.

Cortex Command
Data Realms
Svartalf Post About Beta Testers
LGN Post About Cortex Command

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29 September

Eschalon Book II Beta Testers Wanted !

Today Basilisk Games the developers of the cRPG Eschalon: Book I which I’ve interviewed a few months ago, are now accepting beta testers for their upcoming game Eschalon: Book II.

If you want to apply for the Beta testing please read the “Beta Intro” first.
If you are still want to beta test the game, fill this form and remember :

We’re looking for Windows, Macintosh and Linux testers, but we will start with the Windows people. If you want to test the Macintosh or Linux version please submit an application now but remember it will be a couple extra weeks before we start with the other versions.

Basilisk Games
Eschalon: Book I
Eschalon: Book II
LGN Interview With Thomas From Basilisk Games
Beta Intro
Beta Tester Application

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6 March