Source – Not Just A Game Engine

As you know Valve is  bringing Steam and Source to GNU/Linux.

Most of you probably think about Source as only a game engine – but Chris Smith is actually working on a web series called “Aura” that is made with Source SDK and other tools such as Faceposer –  which is used for the lip syncing onto character models, Garry’s mod – for backgrounds and Sony Vegas for editing.


Chris Smith told me he wanted to be a director and that he is working on the series called “Aura” for 6 months now, and in my opinion the directing part of this trailer is very well made (although the graphics could be better – but Chris said he will improve 😉 ).



Usually I don’t post about series and movies, but this time I wanted to do something different as it is related to GNU/Linux in some way.

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27 September