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Recently I’ve spoken with Krešimir Špes from Cateia Games about their GNU/Linux support.
More then a year ago I’ve posted about the puzzle adventure game “The Legend of Crystal Valley”, a GNU/Linux client was promised but due to major difficulties in porting the old engine to GNU/Linux it’s most likely not going to happen (the MacOS client barely made it) .
But since then Cateia Games developed a new engine which games can be easily ported to GNU/Linux.
The first game to reach our beloved OS is Kaptain Brawe, afterwards the strategy game “Medieval Battlefields” and the puzzle adventure games , “Tales from the Dragon Mountain: The Strix” and “Family Secrets: Ghosthunters” will follow.

Here are some screenshots from those games

And Trailers
Medieval Battlefields Official Trailer

Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World Official Trailer

So Cateia Games didn’t forget about us, and there are a lot of games to wait for.

Cateia Games
Cateia Games GNU/Linux Support Thread
Kaptain Brawe
Medieval Battlefields
Tales from the Dragon Mountain: The Strix
Family Secrets: Ghosthunters

Zoop To The Future” is a point-n-click adventure game based on the independent animated web series from The Zero Counts called “The Somewhat Comical Adventures of Prickley Pete!”.

Joey Rodriguez one of the two brothers behind this project sent me an email explaining about their game

Joey Rodriguez :
Hey Maxim,

My name is Joey Rodriguez and my brother Danny and I are currently developing an Indie point-n-click adventure game called “Zoop To The Future!” for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, and the iPad. We know that Linux doesn’t get much love when it comes to video games so we thought we’d pass some info on to you to see if you were interested in maybe writing a story about it for your website or just keeping the info for future reference.

The game is about a blobby, stubby-armed ghost named Prickley Pete and his two best friends, two humans named Joey and Danny (yes, based on us!), who must travel through time to help Prickley Pete’s ghost relatives fix the past and prevent Prickley Pete from losing his catchphrase, “Zoop!” forever. Along the way, things get more complicated when his newborn babies are kidnapped and scattered throughout the space time continuum.

“Zoop To The Future!” is based on an animated series we created called, “The Somewhat Comical Adventures of Prickley Pete!” which stars the same three main characters going cross country to expose the Ghost Hunters on television for who they really are, demons bent on world domination through TV ratings…or something.

Danny and I wrote, directed, and animated all 14 ½ episodes of Season 1 ourselves and we even do all the voices (South Park is a big influence) and we will be doing the same thing for “Zoop To The Future!” under our two-person game development company, The Zero Counts. Danny, a graduate of Full Sail’s Game Development program will be handling all the coding duties and I will be animating everything and we will both share the writing and voice-acting duties.

“Zoop To The Future!” is inspired by all those classic Lucas Arts games we played when we were kids, like The Curse of Monkey Island, Sam & Max Hit The Road, Grim Fandango, and Day of the Tentacle. It will feature over 225 characters to interact with, each with their own unique voice, look, and dialogue choices, 200+ items to pick up and use for puzzles, 85+ different locations as well as over 15 different time periods. This game is going to be huge!

A unique feature of the game will be that you can control all three characters at once or individually to solve puzzles as well as use them in three separate time periods to affect the past, present and future!

We plan to submit “Zoop To The Future!” to Valve Software in hopes of getting it on Steam, their digital distribution platform. If approved, we hope to take advantage of Steamworks, which allows for Steam Achievements, Stat Tracking, and Steam Cloud.

Right now we are trying to raise money to cover some of the development costs such as the licensing fees for programs, music, fonts, etc. We know that it’s awkward to ask complete strangers to give us money, so we are not forcing people to send us money, but if they do, depending on how much they donate, they will get free copies of the game, free T-Shirts, free stuffed toys, free music, and a ton of other great rewards.

Hello and thank you for contacting me.

I’ve watched a few episodes of your show and I gotta ask you, how do you come with those weird ideas ?
Also the sound effects are loader then the voices, I find it somewhat disturbing.

In the game, what “special abilities” each character will have ?
What software are you using to develop this game ?
Any estimation date on when the game will be out ?

Joey Rodriguez :
Hey Maxim,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

I don’t really know how we come up with all the stuff that’s on the show, it just kind of comes out! A lot of stuff literally just happens when I’m writing, and if there’s even one line that I think is funny I just run with it and it usually spirals out of control!

In the beginning I didn’t really know much about animation and how to use Flash so the first few episodes are a little wonky, if you check out Episode 14 (the season 1 finale) you’ll see it’s a lot better, the first few episodes were kind of like a test run, I guess.

They won’t have special abilities like shooting lightning bolts or invincibility, but each character has unique responses and dialogue choices as well as being able to operate three different things in three different place/time periods at once. We do have specific actions for Prickley Pete like he has to go through a door (because he’s a ghost) and he’s the only one who can do it.

We’ve looked at some of the free software like the one that “Time Gentlemen, Please” and “Ben There, Dan That” were built from, but those programs won’t allows us to do 720p and 1080p graphics as well as some of the more complicated puzzles, tons of external cutscenes and stuff like that. We are currently developing our own engine, called Stub-E, to handle all that stuff sort of how the free programs do, but with ability to handle all the crazy stuff we want in there, and we’re thinking it of releasing it to the public so more people can take advantage of it.

Right now the tentative release date is Summer 2011. We just found out about the new Back to the Future game and we’re kind of waiting to see what they do so we don’t copy it and get blamed for it!

As for art, just like the show, I’ll be doing all the art in Flash and then exporting it to our engine.

Features :

  • Using the same animation techniques as the animated web series, you can literally play the show!
  • Play as Joey, Danny, and Prickley Pete (all at once) as you help Prickley Pete restore his family timeline. Travel to the past, the present, and even the super future in order to rescue his children and prevent him from losing his “Zoop!” forever!
  • There are over fifteen unique time periods (The Jurassic Period! Colonial Times! The Super Future! Space! Dystopia!) to explore, each with their own puzzles, characters, and ridiculous goings-ons!
  • Over 200 individual, interactable characters are featured in the game (not to mention the hundreds of background characters and other wacky nonsense), each with their own unique voice and look, as well as having an integral part to the story.

Puzzles :
– Even across multiple time periods! What you do in the past may affect the future! Have all three characters in the same time period or multiple periods in order to pull off big expansive puzzles
– use your wacky inventory (high-tech floss, kind of poopy water, orange drink, guns!)
– use dialogue and the right questions and answers to outsmart the puzzle
– independently control all three characters for different actions to beat ’em
– and they’ll probably be some mini-games…I guess…maybe not….No.

Other stuff :
– Easy to use menu and navigation, switch between the characters quickly and easily, navigate your inventory with ease!
– Achievements!
– Behind the Scenes nonsense!
– Unlockables…maybe!
– Even an audio commentary that you can listen to while you play the game!




About Donating:

Game Info:
Zoop To The Future! Official Website
The Zero Counts, Official Developers Website
The Somewhat Comical Adventures of Prickley Pete
Zoop To The Future! Twitter
The Zero Counts Twitter

“Zoop To The Future” release is planned for summer 2011

The two man indie game company Lassie Games released the 2d classic adventure game “What Makes You Tick : A Stitch in Time” which is a sequel to their previous freeware game “What Makes You Tick ?” (which is not available for GNU/Linux yet).

The demo is free to download or play from the browser, however it requires Adobe Air for the installation (which has a native GNU/Linux port).
I’ve tried the game on Ubuntu 64-bit (download version) and found glitches, the game is stable – but there are problems with random screen refreshes – the web demo version didn’t have those problems, but maybe your experience will be different.

About the game
What Makes You Tick: A Stitch in Time is the follow-up classic adventure game to Matthias Kempke’s 2007 indie hit What Makes You Tick?. Tick plays in the style of the classic adventure genre, and has been covered by BBC Entertainment News and PC Gamer Magazine since its release.

What Makes You Tick: A Stitch in Time will immerse players in a whole new adventure that both concludes the story of What Makes You Tick? and covers new ground within the world of Ravenhollow and the story of the Smith Institute.

Bringing to life the themes of Franz Kafka, both classic adventure gamers and literary fans will enjoy the rich world of What Makes You Tick? and its detailed story, witty characters, and wry humor.

The story
Nigel Trelawney arrives in Ravenhollow to settle the estate of his late father. However, the shadow of a nearby castle has fallen over the village since a recluse baron, unseen within the castle walls, has assembled a security force to lock down the village. Now as Nigel struggles to resolve his father’s estate amongst adversaries hidden within the castle, he begins to realize that the source of all deception and mystery currently plaguing Ravenhollow somehow leads back to his father’s former work… and its untimely end.

Bringing to life the literary themes of Franz Kafka in the style of classic Lucas Arts adventure games, “What Makes You Tick: A Stitch in Time” encourage players to explore this world of many secrets during the day and at night!


Lassie Games
What Makes You Tick : A Stitch in Time
What Makes You Tick ?
IGF 2011 Game Page

Iron Steam is a sci-fi adventure game in which you play as a robot (from 1st person view) in a quest to find the meaning of your existence.
The game is being made with the great FOSS Blender and will come in episodes.
This game is being made by Endi as a hobby project – and from the screenshots below it looks very professional.
The first episode will be released in the second half of 2011.

Screenshots :

Video of Endi’s works which include Iron Steam :

Hamish Paul Wilson started let me know of his porting of The Chzo Mythos to GNU/Linux at May 2010, and updated me on his progress at June 2010, now finally the porting is done and The Chzo Mythos is available for GNU/Linux free of charge !

Hamish Paul Wilson sent me this email today :
After playing more than my fair share of email tag with several individuals, I am happy to announce the availability of The Chzo Mythos for GNU/Linux. Hosting is being provided by the always generous Ryan C. Gordon of icculus.org and Linux porting fame, who most kindly accepted my request for an icculus.org account. Although I did hope to have this done by the end of July and with the support of Yahtzee himself (I never was able to get a response), I am quite happy with the release and my new found hosting abilities. Thanks again to icculus for making this possible.

Upon playing I recommend everyone contact me with their thoughts and experiences. Specifically of interest would be information about how it ran on the various distributions it was being played on, as currently I have only been able to test them on Fedora 12 and Fedora 13. So all you Ubuntu, Debian, Mandriva, Suse, Slackware, Arch, or whatever the hell you are running people please send me a message!

More information is available from The Chzo Mythos GNU/Linux Binaries website:

To contact me please send me an email at:

Thank you,
Hamish Paul Wilson.

From The Chzo Mytho GNU/Linux website
The Chzo Mythos GNU/Linux Binaries
What is the Chzo Mythos?
Although he is probably more well known for his satirically negative game review series Zero Punctuation, Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw has had another identity for at least the past twelve years; that of a talented freeware game creator and designer. His works include the amateurish yet still enjoyable Arthur Yahtzee Trilogy, his first publicly released games from which his nickname is based. He would then go on to envision the Rob Blanc Trilogy, the wickedly funny game series which first made his name a household one, well, that is if you were a part of the amateur adventure scene at least. His next project, The Trials of Odysseus Kent, took a step into the lurid which would eventually lead to his most celebrated works and the subject of this website: The Chzo Mythos.
Originally styled after horror slasher films, the games later took on the character of an H.P Lovecraft novel. The first and most celebrated game of the series, 5 Days a Stranger, depicted the events that would later become known as the “Defoe Manor Incident”, as seen through the eyes of the eccentric cat burger known only as Trilby. From this modest beginning the series spans hundreds of years and entangles many different characters, from ancient Celtic druids, to freed African slaves, to land use authority investigators, and even starship counsellors. Each game in the series has its own unique setting, and each game offers a different view to of the universe and plot of the games. It is important for them to be played in order for the plot to make any sense however.

What does this have to do with GNU/Linux?
Although all four games, five if you include Trilby: The Art of Theft which serves merely as additional back-story for the Trilby character in the form of a stealth platformer, can be run native on GNU/Linux using the sadly closed source AGS Linux Interpreter, this was often a pain to set up and caused these great gaming gems to be inaccessible to a common user. I myself have taken up the role of packaging native GNU/Linux binaries of each of the games which is easy to use and enjoyable for anybody on any distribution. Keep in mind these are the Special Editions, so they will include extra features not included in the original freeware releases.
Unfortunately some of his older titles, which are my own personal favorites, are not applicable to be packaged, since the AGS interpreter can not run Rob Blanc or Odysseus since they were constructed with an older version of Adventure Game Studio. However, I can confirm that both Adventures in A Galaxy of Fabulous Wonderment and the 1213 series can be packaged at a later date. Arthur Yahtzee was built using Visual Basic 3 and could potentially be ran through WINE. I know Rob Blanc runs great through Dosbox, and I can only assume that Odysseus does as well.

What exactly are all the games?
5 Days A Stranger:
A cat burglar breaks into a supposedly deserted country mansion, only to find himself imprisoned along with four strangers by a mysterious force. A nice nasty horror game with some murders and gore.
7 Days A Skeptic:
The sequel to 5 Days A Stranger. Four hundred years into the future, the scoutship Mephistopheles and its crew of six discovers something it should have left alone.
Trilby’s Notes:
Master thief turned paranormal investigator Trilby follows the trail of John DeFoe’s soul idol to a small hotel in Wales, where he discovers the dark history of the cursed wood.
6 Days A Sacrifice:
Council inspector Theodore Dacabe is sent to investigate the headquarters of a fad religion and finds himself embroiled in the machinations of destiny.
Trilby: The Art of Theft:
The eccentric British cat burglar Trilby is at large in an American city, robbing the rich to give to himself, but will his arrogance cause him to bite off more than he can chew?
You can find more information about these and other great games here
Download from here

Thanks Hamish Paul Wilson for the great ports and contribution to the GNU/Linux gaming !

The Chzo Mythos For GNU/Linux
Download The Chzo Mythos For GNU/Linux
More Information About The Games

Youyungames are working on a new 3D fighting adventure game named HurricaneX2 for the 12th Independent Game Festival.
Attempts to port the game engine to GNU/Linux are being made and there are a very good chances for their success.

HurricaneX2 is a 3D Kung Fu fighting game developed by a Chinese Kung Fu practitioner. It is a game for players to express themselves in the form of martial art by the smooth control of various Kung Fu moves acquired in the game. It is a game deeply rooted in the Chinese culture and philosophy. It is a game that emphasizes timing and anticipation over brute strength and provides a variety of fighting gameplay with a unified mechanic.

HurricaneX2 is a thrilling 3D action game developed using XNA2.0 and Idealist3D 2.0 with striking graphics in the form of a fantastic oriental legend. By playing the role of Hua, with the final purpose to find out his true identity and fulfill his destiny, the player will start the adventure around various places of interest in China and fight with all sorts of enemies, e.g. monks, assassins, demons, etc, some of whom are the Kung Fu Masters from different martial art genres.

Though the player is supposed to learn the utmost awesome martial arts from different genres in the game play, the game control is deliberately designed to be simple and creative. Further, the game provides a special action system which could adjust the difficulty level automatically, and it will satisfy the need of each unique player.

With the advanced graphic techniques, the art work simply looks gorgeous, and the players would appreciate the beautiful sceneries of China as well as experiencing the sentimental Chinese culture, while at the same time hooked by the exciting fighting challenges from all kinds of enemies to improve their Kung Fu techniques, and finally understand the true meaning of fighting.


12th Independent Game Festival HurricaneX2 Evolution Page

Trauma is a flash based game similar to Machinarium (in technology, not in gameplay or theme), so it should run on any OS.
It was designed by Krystian Majewski and will be available for free as a “website flash game”, but a “download” and “box” versions will also be available for a fee.

Trauma is a point-and-click adventure game where the game world is a huge collection of photos which create the world, the player can zoom in (thus revealing new closer photos and details) or out, move to different directions and even draw symbols which do stuff (like revealing a new path or make your character remember details from her past).
The gameplay is a bit unusual for a flash based game and the awesome narration voiced by Anja Jazeschann really adds to the game.

TRAUMA tells a story of a young woman who survives a car accident. Recovering at the hospital, she has dreams that shed light on different aspects of her identity – such as the way she deals with the loss of her parents. TRAUMA lets you experience those dreams in an interactive way, reminiscent of Point-and-Click Adventure Games. It builds upon this established formula by introducing a gesture-based interface, real-time 3D technology for dynamic level layouts, unique photographic visuals and a level design philosophy that focuses on creating a rich experience rather than an elaborate puzzle challenge. Combined with the unconventional story, it is aimed to be a compact and deep game for a literate and mature audience.

TRAUMA will be released by the end of 2009. It will be available for free. It is playable in most Web browsers compatible with the Adobe Flash plug-in. It requires a modern computer (no older than 3 years or so) in order to run smoothly. A downloadable version will be available for a small fee. There will also be a more comprehensive edition available on a physical medium.

Trauma Gameplay Preview :

TRAUMA Gameplay Preview from Krystian Majewski on Vimeo.

(YouTube Version here)

Screenshots :

Designer – Krystian Majewski
Voiced By – Anja Jazeschann

Aquaria is an Underwater Fantasy adventure game by the indie company bit-blot.
A Windows versions was already done and they are now working on the GNU/Linux client that will be released soon.

An Underwater Fantasy World to Explore
A massive ocean world, teeming with life and filled with ancient secrets. Join Naija, a lone underwater dweller in search of her family, as she explores the depths of Aquaria. She’ll travel from hidden caves, shrouded in darkness, to beautiful, sunlit oases, all lovingly handcrafted by its two creators.
Naija’s story, narrated fully with voice overs, will become yours, as you join her on this magnificent adventure.

Magic and Combat at a Mouse-Click
Naija has the gift of the Verse. By singing songs, she can weave this force to change the waters around her. With each song Naija learns comes new abilities. With powerful songs, Naija is able to change form, giving players many options as to how to play the game.
And with Aquaria’s intuitive mouse-only control system, it’s as easy to make Naija swim gracefully through the waters as it is to have her sing, cast spells, and engage in combat with the numerous dangerous creatures that inhabit Aquaria’s waters.
The Xbox 360 controller and FPS style mouse / keyboard controls are also supported.

Create Your Own Worlds
The full version of Aquaria includes the level editor and modding tools which we used to develop the game. Easy to pick up and learn, you’ll be able to make your own worlds, and even add your own graphics and music. The powerful Aquaria level editor allows you to test your creations while you play the game!

The world of Aquaria hides the secrets of creation within its depths. The currents that buffet the many diverse plants and animals that live there also carry with them stories of long lost civilizations; of love and war, change and loss.
From lush, green kelp forests to dark caves, exploring will be no easy task. But the splendor of the undersea world awaits Naija… and you.
Crystalline Blue
The glassy waters of the open sea let you peer far into the distance, and fish and other creatures play beneath the wide canopies of giant, undersea mushrooms.
Here, ruins serve as a clue to Aquaria’s long past. Will they lead Naija to the truth?
The Natural World
The kelp forest teems with life. As light from above pours across the multitudes of strange plants and animals that live here, one cannot help but marvel at the dynamic landscape.
But beware, its beauty belies the inherent danger inside. Careful not to lose your way.
As you swim deeper, to where sight cannot reach, the Abyss begins to swallow you whole. The deeper waters of Aquaria have spawned legends of frightening monstrosities that lurk where few things can survive. Are they true?
What lies beyond? Are there areas deeper than the Abyss? Or as we swim ever upward, can we find the source of the light?
Only those with great fortitude will come to know and understand the mysteries of Aquaria.

Screenshots :







Hothead Games the developers of the Penny Arcade Adventures series for GNU/Linux, Mac and Windows are working on a new cRPG adventure game names DeathSpank.

While a GNU/Linux client is still unconfirmed I’m sure it will be done like with their previous games.

DeathSpank is a funny and comical combination between The Monkey Island and Diablo.

From 1up.com preview :

“When Gilbert takes the controls for our tour, he starts by talking about the game’s story, but it’s hard for me to focus for the first few moments. I’m distracted by the game’s art style, which is equal parts British children’s show and fantasy novel watercolor, presented from an angle that makes it look like you are perpetually on the side of a small hill. He says they devised this “forced rolling perspective” to make the world feel intimate, and it works in conjunction with art designed to look 2D in a 3D space, and limited left/right camera control to preserve the view. DeathSpank’s world is flat, but it looks like a giant pop-up map wrapped around a horizontal tree trunk, where you control an ant-sized DeathSpank as you crawl around it…using outhouses as a teleportation subway system.”

“But now I’m playing cut and paste with Gilbert’s demonstration, because in-between the adventure game detailed above, there’s an action-RPG where you spend time killing enemies like orcs and chickens, leveling-up, and collecting loot. The design goals for this half of the game seem centered around two concepts: making sure the combat requires strategy, and offering enough items so everyone who plays can customize their character as they choose.

The base mechanics work very simply — you have direct control over your character, with a mix of melee and ranged attacks, and can lock-on if you want to attack someone specific. And as you kill enemies and complete quests, you earn XP to level up, which increases your health and strength, and allows access to certain level-locked weapons and pieces of armor.

Combat relies pretty heavily on what the game calls “abilities,” which, should you be playing the game on a control pad, you can assign as you wish to any of the face buttons. These include the ability to put larger enemies to sleep temporarily while you fight their friends, or the ability to send the Flock of Chickens towards enemies as a low-damage, high-range attack (the latter you earn by killing “something like 100″ chickens while playing).

Kill other enemies, and they may drop more significant loot — helmets and pieces of body armor with varying stats for things like strength and fire protection, weapons that give you different types of attacks, etc. Gilbert says there will be over 100 pieces of armor, and over 100 different weapons you can track down if you spend enough time with the game, some of which you’ll get from enemies, and some of which you’ll find randomly places in barrels or treasure chests. When you visit Pirate Village, you’ll even be able to don a pirate hat, shoulder pads, chest plate, and twin parrots to get into character. The game also has a potion system, so either through purchase or gathering and combining items, you can boost things like your health, foot speed, anger, or the damage you cause to enemies.”

About The Game
Charming. Intelligent. Enigmatic. These are just a few words that nobody ever uses when describing DeathSpank. He doesn’t shoot first and ask questions later. He doesn’t even realize there are questions.

Described by top scientists as Monkey Island meets Diablo, DeathSpank’s gameplay is divided between uncovering the epic story via conversations, solving complex puzzles, equipping your character to maximize his dispensing of justice, not to mention his charming good looks, plus battling just about anything that moves. As DeathSpank vanquishes evil and heroes the downtrodden, he will collect loot, level up, collect loot, acquire new abilities and of course, collect loot.

DeathSpank features witty dialog, improbable scenarios, unexpected villains, and a robust collecting system for weapons, armor, items, and abilities. The action is easily accessible for short bursts of unsupervised fun, but the story is revealed over 15+ hours of gameplay. In addition, you can choose to search out rare items and tackle DeathSpank’s many side quests.


  • Massive seamless world with no load screens!
  • Hundreds of pieces of Armor!
  • Hundreds of weapons!
  • A real story…not a crappy video game story!
  • Mind numbing – yet completely fair – adventure game puzzles!
    A mysterious thing called The Artifact!
  • A beautifully hand crafted Quest Log to keep track of Important and Unimportant things to do!
  • Stuff that blows up!
  • Stuff that doesn’t blow up!
  • The most interesting and eccentric cast you’ve ever seen!








Game Website
Developers Website

One of the “The Legend of Crystal Valley” developers posted about the GNU/Linux port a year or two ago at UbuntuForums, and now after the Windows version has been released the GNU/Linux version is finally confirmed and under way.

The Legend of Crystal Valley is point and click adventure game with beautiful graphics, and magical world.
It’s being developed by Cateia Games which are also working on another GNU/Linux title named “World Under Siege” which is a turn based strategy gamed based on World War 2.

In “The Legend of Crystal Valley” you play as a redhead women named Eva which searches for her lost father and finds herself in a magical word with strange creatures and magic.

Description :
When Eve receives a mysterious and disturbing letter from her long-estranged father, who for years has lived an increasingly secluded life, she travels to the family estate in France in order to find him. After arriving, she discovers that her father has disappeared. Now, in order to find him, Eve must explore Crystal Valley, an alternate fantasy world inhabited by strange creatures, and piece together the clues that reveal her family’s true identity.

The Legend of Crystal Valley is a Point n’ Click Adventure game that brings the best qualities of the genre. It provides many hours of gameplay dozens of various locations (including many hidden locations), characters and puzzles. With beautiful 2D backgrounds and 3D characters and interactive objects, The Legend of Crystal Valley is an adventure game that will stick you into your chair until its last scene!

Features :
– Discover 9 chapters with more than 150 locations
– Interact with more than 40 key characters including fantasy creatures like dragons, dwarfs, angels and other creatures from European myths and legends
– Use over 150 items and item combinations
– Original and exciting story combining fantasy and Science fiction
– Beautiful 2D rendered backgrounds
– Use magic and magical items to solve quests and puzzles
– Cut-scenes that enrich game-play
– Simple and user-friendly interface

Engine features:
– screen resolutions: from 1024 x 768 upwards, including wide screen resolutions
– pixel and vertex shader 2.0/3.0
– dynamical lighting and soft shadows, particle effects
– normal and parallax mapping
– 5.1. sound

Screenshots :