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Bolt Riley – Chapter 1 is a reggae point and click adventure game for GNU/Linux.
This is the second attempt to fund the game trough kickstarter and this time with 35 hours left and 8k to gather, it looks like they might make it! (crossed fingers).
So we need your help to make this game a reality.
The music is just awesome and the graphics is top quality.
There is even a GNU/Linux aplha demo.

About the game
You play as Bolt Riley, a poor boy from Trenchtown, Jamaica, on his pathway to stardom.

Bolt is struggling to survive and has to deal with a gang of Rude Boys. You go through a journey of self discovery, of love, friendship, and inspiration, where you are introduced to Reggae music, you have to form your band, get inspiration, write and produce your songs and then perform them. The story consists of three parts each focusing on a different aspect of Bolt Riley’s passage into becoming a Reggae legend.

This is the true story of the underdog who breaks out and becomes a worldwide sensation.
Bolt Riley performing for the first time in front of an audience Bolt Riley performing for the first time in front of an audience

“Bolt Riley – Chapter 1” is complete game that’s part of a trilogy series. It has a self sustained story that should last a few hours of gameplay, all depends on whether you click every little thing on the screen or not, and how fast you solve the puzzles, and if you listen to every dialog line in the conversations… Getting a full indie game with hours of unique gameplay and dialog, for only $10, is not that bad.


There are only 35 hours left to fund their kickstarter campaign, so make haste!

Kevin Kettler of Replay Games let me know that their upcoming two games Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: Reloaded and Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold, are coming to GNU/Linux, probably even at the same day of the original release.


Replay Games is trying to get the word out on two popular titles coming to Linux! As you probably know, Replay has been hard at work on the remake of Leisure Suit Larry which had a very successful Kickstarter campaign. Leisure Suit Larry is one of the most iconic characters in the history of computer gaming. The game follows the life of Larry Laffer, a loveable loser who is a balding, dorky, double entendre-speaking, leisure suit-wearing “lady’s man”. The new Larry game is going to be expanded and enhanced in every detail and ready for mobile devices, PCs, and LINUX!


Replay will also be releasing a new retro style adventure game called Fester Mudd. Fester Mudd: The Curse of the Gold, is due in January 2013 on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. The game is a throwback to the old school adventure games that dominated gaming in the 80’s and 90’s. With a western theme and strong comedic elements, Fester Mudd will be Replay’s first original intellectual property adventure title. Al Lowe, famed creator of the Leisure Suit Larry series, raved about the game, “I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more. Actually, that crying part is a lie. Fester is a good ol’ timey adventure game in the true spirit of Sierra’s best games!”


Kevin Kettler,

Replay Games”


“Fester Mudd will definitely be coming to Linux at the same time we release for windows.”


For those who didn’t want to pledge to  Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: Reloaded because no GNU/Linux client was confirmed at the time, you can still pledge here!



Noctemis is a mix of adventure classics like Megaman and the legend of Zelda with a unique art style and story driven horror-adventure experience.

What is Noctemis? 

Noctemis is a side-scrolling platformer Video Game for the PC, Mac, Linux and eventually the Xbox, OUYA, and PS3 target markets.


Noctemis takes place during the late 1800’s, on a small island slightly north of mainland Europe, in the modest town of Horrow-Brook. Horrow-Brook was once a beautiful and bright city of opportunity and life. However for over a decade a curse has plagued the city of Horrow-Brook. This curse causes those who fall asleep to drift into a comatose state and release horrifying dream spirits into the world around them. This curse has slowly caused the entire population of Horrow-Brook to slip into a state of horror and deprivation.

Spirit Example (Dholl)

Spirit Example (Dholl)

The people of Horrow-Brook were panicking as more and more people fell into their deep sleeps and released these nightmarish creations into the world around them. Just as all hope seemed lost, a powerful and frightening figure, known only as Mon. Sr., brought the people of Horrow-Brook together and gave them the tools necessary to fight against these spirits. These tools consisted of specially designed weaponry and armor meant to combat the spirits. The most potent weaponry that Mon. Sr. brought to the people of Horrow-Brook was known as Syrum S.

Syrum S is a liquid concoction that prevents those who inject it from dreaming in their sleep, and therefore they become incapable of releasing these “evil spirits” into the world around them.

Witch Spirit (Dholl)

Witch Spirit (Dholl)

Just as with any drug, humans eventually become more tolerant to it and therefore need increasingly high dosages in order to benefit from the effect. This increased dependency on Syrum S would normally not be a problem, but unfortunately Syrum S is very expensive.

Due to the high cost of Syrum S the people of Horrow-Brook have stopped spending their money on the other necessities of life such as repairs to their homes, the purchasing of toys for their children, and even simple things such as the care of their clothing. Due to these circumstances the city of Horrow-Brook is in a state of disrepair. Buildings are missing doors, have broken windows, leaking rooftops, and the city bell tower hangs to one side as if ready to fall onto the cobblestone street below.

Not only has the general economy been devastated by the need for Syrum S, but the Order requires gratuitous amounts of time from any healthy, strong, able bodied man to fight for the order against the spirits of nightmare. This has left no time for the youth to work the fields, fish the ponds, cut the trees, or repair the buildings.

Fears of the Sea bring about horrific sea creature nightmare spirits. (Dholl)

Fears of the Sea bring about horrific sea creature nightmare spirits. (Dholl)

As time has gone on more people cannot afford their dosage of Syrum S and therefore risk the chance of releasing dark spirits from their dreams.

In the beginning, with the release of the first dark spirit, the ocean began to swell, the sky grew dark, the trees started to die, and a darkness began to crawl towards the island from the distant horizon as if attempting to slowly swallow the city of Horrow-Brook in eternal darkness. No ships have visited the island of Horrow-Brook since that day, and no contact has been made with anyone outside of the island since that day other than Horrow-Brook’s savior, Mon. Sr. , leader of the Order.

Mon Sr. (Dholl)

Mon Sr. (Dholl)


Current Setting(Where the game starts):

It has now been over a decade since the first spirit was released from a dreamer, and over a decade since Horrow-Brook has been cut off from the rest of the world. The people of Horrow-Brook now worship the Order in a cult-like fashion. This is done in order to stave off the paranoia they all suffer from as they fear each other’s desire for Syrum S as well as each other’s ability to release these evil spirits if not given the appropriate dosage of Syrum S.

Some spirits even burrow under the ground. (Dholl)

Some spirits even burrow under the ground. (Dholl)

No one knows how the curse came to be. Many people blame the sightings of the spirits of the dead in the graveyard on the edge of town, others question the eerie light that comes from the abandoned lighthouse, some even say it is a gypsy who brought the curse over from the mainland. Whatever the case, the horrors of this world have been spilled onto Horrow-Brook in the form of evil spirits, and there are few capable of taking up the challenge of solving the mysteries of Horrow-Brook as well fighting their way through hordes of evil creatures.

You play as the intelligent scientist Eldwin Kershner:

Eldwin Kershner (Dholl)

Eldwin Kershner (Dholl)


Main Character & Character Options:

Eldwin is a scientist who has dedicated the past ten years of his life working for the Order in order to create weaponry to fight the evil spirits who inhabit Horrow-Brook.

Your character will develop new skills and become adapted to his environment as you play the role of a scientist with the ability to create weaponry to fight against the spirits as well as create useful gadgets to assist you against any obstacles that get in your way.

The picture below is an example of an armor set you can create in-game for your character in order to combat the nightmarish creatures in the game.

Eldwin Spirit Hunter (Dholl)

Eldwin Spirit Hunter (Dholl)

After defeating spirits Eldwin can bottle their energies and release them to summon powerful spirits to fight for him. Very similar to summoning creatures in Final Fantasy only they stick around until they run out of energy.

Fulgrous: The Hound of Cruelty. (Summon Spirit) (Jared Sandall)

Fulgrous: The Hound of Cruelty. (Summon Spirit) (Jared Sandall)


What is the world of Noctemis?

The world of Noctemis is a dark and Horrific place.  Spirits Haunt the houses of those who have become “dreamers”, the dead walk the earth, and terrible nightmarish apparitions stalk the outskirts of roads, chapels, and the shoreline.

The people of Horrow-Brook are distant, as if appearing to be here in body, but not in mind. Darkness clouds the sky at all times of day and night, and a crawling darkness threatens to envelop the city of Horrow-Brook as it approaches in a thick, cloud-like substance from the distance.

Imagine your worst nightmares come to life, your childhood terrors become a reality, as you experience this dark, alternate version of the world around you.

Your nightmares become reality. (Dholl)

Your nightmares become reality. (Dholl)

No matter your personal fears, fantastic whims, or curiosities, Noctemis is sure to be an encompassing and enjoyable experience for anyone who likes a deep and enthralling storyline mixed with fast-paced gameplay and a rich environment as well as a unique art style.

Gameplay Details?

Noctemis rewards skill as well as creativity.

There are a plethora of unique items to choose from, as well as a great upgrade and creation system that really tries to strike home the idea that your character is a skilled scientist and mechanic.

Even the armor your character adorns changes your movement, the toughness and speed of your character, and the ability to climb, jump and maneuver about the world around you. Collect resources and gadgets and implement them on your workbench to create cool and unique weapon combinations.

Noctemis is a sidescrolling, 2D, action-horror, platformer with a lot of cool and developed puzzle mechanics. The overall gameplay is very akin to a mix of other popular titles such as: super meat boy, n+, binding of isaac, and the Zelda Titles.

Noctemis is truly a unique experience that draws inspiration from many other games, but delivers them in a way that hasn’t been this involved in the way the player’s choice of play-style and overall personal choice have a direct effect on the gameplay.

Fear Causing Crow Caller (Jared Sandall)

Fear Causing Crow Caller (Jared Sandall)

You fight large, small, frightening, and sometimes even deceivingly cute creatures with a HUGE selection of weapons that only grows as the player decides how they want their weapons to react and be used on the enemies they face.

Deceivingly Cute.  (Jared Sandall)

Deceivingly Cute. (Jared Sandall)

In game Screenshots?

Dungeon Room

Dungeon Room
Great Hall

Great Hall
Demo Main Menu

Demo Main Menu

Homestuck Adventure Game is a spinoff of Homestuck which is an illustrated, semi-animated story on the internet that is an extensive parody of video games, most notably classic adventure games.
Homestuck Adventure Game structure is very open, which suits a highly exploratory piece of freeform media with a huge cast and many silly tangents. This game would be a more formal exercise in interactive storytelling and feature a very cool soundtrack !

Till today this project somehow managed to gather more than $1.1MILLIONS out of the already huge goal of $700k with 22 days left !
As a follower of the gaming kickstarter projects, I have NO IDEA how this game managed to reach  more than  $1.1Millions unless there is some voodoo magic involved 😉
Maybe the fact that the interactive story begun more than 3 years ago and managed to get a fair amount of followers helped a bit.

After passing the $900,00 USD stretch goal the GNU/Linux client was confirmed.

About the project

Homestuck is an illustrated, semi-animated story on the internet.  It is not a comic that just happens to be hosted on the internet – it was specifically designed to exist there, to explore the potential of the medium, and evolve through reader participation. I began working on it about three years ago. The end of the story is now on the horizon. When it’s complete, I’ll work with an independent game developer to create a game involving a new story based within the Homestuck universe–assuming this project is funded, of course. The readers, through their participation, have helped make Homestuck what it has become. They may continue to participate in Homestuck’s evolution by helping to fund this project!

If you are unfamiliar with Homestuck (or the site it lives on, MS Paint Adventures), it will help to know a little about the nature of the story and how it was made. Read below to find out more, or if you’re already familiar with it, feel free to skip to the next section where I talk about the project.

Please tell me about Homestuck.

Click here to let me tell you about Homestuck.

These two guys will wait patiently while I tell you about Homestuck.

These two guys will wait patiently while I tell you about Homestuck.

I have been told about Homestuck. Please tell me about this game.

Homestuck, like all other stories on MS Paint Adventures, was built on extensive parody of video games, most notably classic adventure games. The “mock adventure game” format has driven the creation of every page in the story, often with readers supplying commands for what the characters should do next. So for the project after Homestuck, I think it would not only be fitting, but quite exciting to present the story in the form of an actual adventure game.

I’ve worked with others to make small playable games as single pages of Homestuck before, creating them very quickly on small-to-nonexistent budgets. (Like this, or this, with RPG-like gameplay.) And some games I worked on alone. (Like this, and this, with Myst-like gameplay.) These were pretty casual projects, each made in a week or two, and slotted into a much larger, regularly updated story. But a more serious independent game project, with higher production values, many puzzles and challenges, and a fully developed, self-contained story, that is something that requires BIG BUCKS! The $700,000 goal will be enough to fund this project, but is really just about the bare minimum needed to make the game I have in mind. Games are expensive!

They also take a lot of time. The plan is this. I’ll finish Homestuck some time in 2013. In the meantime, there will be a high-level planning phase for the game project. The decisions reached will largely depend on the budget we have to work with: how much money is raised here. When Homestuck is done, that’s when our full attention will be on actual development. The game will be scheduled for release in 2014. I’m often asked what I will work on once Homestuck is done. If the project is funded, then this is it! As for what will happen with MSPA after that, I haven’t really decided yet. I might continue making some sort of content for it, but I’ll have to see what sort of time investment the game will require first.

We’ve talked to some independent game developers about this project already, companies that have already released great games. One in particular we have spoken with quite extensively about this project, and likely will be a good fit. Until things are finalized, that’s all the information we’ll release! Announcements like this will most likely follow after the Kickstarter is over.


So, what will the game be like?

It’ll be based on Homestuck, of course. But this doesn’t mean it’ll be anything close to a direct adaptation. That would be impossible! Homestuck is a pretty huge story.

It’ll be a little more like a spinoff than an adaptation. Something that draws from the elements already established in the vast Homestuck universe, applied more selectively to a shorter, self-contained story. Homestuck’s structure is very open, which suits a highly exploratory piece of freeform media with a huge cast and many silly tangents. This game would be a more formal exercise in interactive storytelling. I’ll use elements from Homestuck that I think will be interesting to expand upon in something new, likely with minimal relevance to Homestuck comic canon. Beyond that, things are pretty up in the air as far as plot and characters go. I have some ideas, but the concept will be a work in progress for a good while.

And when I say it will be a “formal exercise,” I don’t mean I won’t try to do anything creative or novel with the medium. I’ll definitely be looking for ways to have some fun with the adventure game format, maybe do a few things that haven’t been done before with the genre. But I mainly mean that my primary goal will be to make a well-produced and highly-accessible game by any standard, something that everyone can enjoy even if they’ve never heard of Homestuck before.


So as this project it pretty much a go and will have a GNU/Linux client, you are free to pledge .

Did I mention the soundtrack is cool ?

Jack Houston and the Necronauts is a traditional point & click  adventure game being made with stop-motion animation using physical models and made sets, like in the old days of movie making !

$38,262 already been pledged of the $56,000 goal with 24 more days to go.
I’d say it’s a sure bet that this game will be made – so it’s your chance to preorder, get better rewards and help make a better game.
While their new stretch goal for GNU/Linux at launch is 90k, they are still committed to make a GNU/Linux client even if they won’t reach that stretch goal – but it will only be after the release.

About this project

Jack Houston and the Necronauts is a pulp sci-fi inspired adventure game where you portray Captain Jack Houston on his deadliest mission: to man the first rocket to explore a savage, alien world!

The Concept

Think “The Dig”, if Ben from Full Throttle gut-punched Boston Low and commanded the mission in his place. The interface will be a fairly streamlined verb coin point & click system. The setting should be familiar to anyone who’s seen Tom Corbett: Space Cadet or Perry Rhodan: bubble helmets, rockets ‘n ray guns galore.


The Story

In the year 1999, a retired Jack Houston is recruited by the Venture Aeronautics and Space Transportation (VAST) corporation for one last mission: to man the first rocket to Venus. The rocket is designed to penetrate the hazy atmosphere and land on the surface, where some believe Jack may find the first signs of life in our solar system. En route, something goes terribly wrong and Jack’s rocket crash lands in an alien ocean, where he rests in cryogenic sleep for 1,000 years. The world he wakes up to is one of savage beast men who worship a devil god with the power to control the dead. These strange entities are able to inhabit the remains of any creature after death, fortifying and building upon their skeletal structures until they are virtually indestructible war machines. With the tribal inhabitants of the entire planet under their crushing heel, the undead Venusian warlords threaten to pulverize Jack like an ant. But our clever test pilot will uncover a shocking revelation about the origin of these “Necronauts,” a connection between the creatures and himself that could be their undoing… and his.

This isn’t the mission Jack signed up for, and even if he finds a way off the planet, the Earth he knew is gone. What Jack will find, however, is a whole new universe where space travel is common place and aliens are everywhere. A galaxy of adventure he could never have dreamed is waiting for him, if only he can survive the perils of this vicious planet!

The Setting

Jack’s adventure takes place not far from home, on our neighboring planet of Venus. But this isn’t the lifeless planet we know today, this Venus is a sweltering vine jungle teaming with strange beasts of horn, tooth and claw. This is the world of adventure imagined and glorified in sci-fi magazines and novels of the 40’s and 50’s, by science fiction authors and artists whose legacies include John Carter of Mars, Carson of Venus, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Tom Corbett: Space Cadet, Perry Rhodan and many more. In this future world, humans have conquered space and found a new frontier beyond our imagination.


The Production


In film production, it’s always the same deal. We pitch a project to investors, raise money, make the movie, and then cross our fingers that we will a) get a great domestic distribution deal, b) have lots of luck at the international markets selling foreign rights, and c) become profitable enough to repay all our investors and make enough for ourselves to launch another picture.

That way of working is frankly crazy. With Kickstarter, you as the fans and players can make a project like this a reality by backing it ahead of time and, as long as we do our job, there’s no taking chances on market fluctuations, agent fees, greedy distributors, tea leaves, fortune cookies or the ramblings of the Voodoo Lady at the International House of Mojo. We get to create the best game possible and put it right into the hands of the very fans who backed us. No middle men what so ever.

Within three weeks of the project being funded, we will go into production full time and begin filling YOU in with regular updates and behind-the-scenes videos keeping you involved in the project every step of the way. You’ll have exclusive access to the dev team through the private backers’ forum, and high level backers will even have certain perks including quarterly producer reports and the opportunity to vote on critical in-game content.

Platforms and Localization

At the base goal, we will be using Adventure Game Studio as the base engine, which supports PC and has limited support for Linux. If we continue that path, we will do all we can to support Linux at launch, within the capabilities of that engine, and begin work on a Mac port after launch.

However, we are also formulating a stretch goal that will allow us to develop the game using a different engine that will fully support PC, Mac and Linux at first launch, then iPad and Android tablets soon after. We are committed to seeing Jack on multiple platforms no matter what, but exceeding our funding goals will allow us to do so immediately at launch.

At the base goal, the game will be released with English voice over and on-screen text. We are currently formulating a small, attainable stretch goal that will allow us to translate the game text into many other languages at launch. Again, we are committed to supporting as many languages as possible. If we do not attain this goal, other languages will follow sometime after launch.


Questions & Answers

Q: You have mentioned pulp sci-fi writter Edgar Rice Burroughs. In his Barsoom series he approached the themes of race and religion among others. Are there any specific moral themes you’ll be considering in this game?

A: Thank you for that great question, and you are not the first to ask so I’m glad to give a public response to this concern.  It’s true that many of the pulp adventure writers, Edgar Rice Burroughs included, often wrote and created their worlds and characters with racially charged overtones. As a lover of pure adventure stories, I’ve always taken these pulp stories with a grain of salt. When it comes to adapting these kinds of stories for the 21st century, I look to others who have tread this path before me.  I think Weta has always tried to walk this line carefully in creating the races of Middle Earth especially, trying to steer clear of influences ripped directly from actual Earth cultures so as not to create a shallow parody of anyone’s cultural traditions, designs or ancestors and offend people in the process. I think this is a challenge anyone faces who attempts to create worlds and cultures from whole cloth. It’s important to always design these cultures deeply, and let their culture rise from the design, rather than leaning on ready-made earthly cultural influences. In a similar way, I believe in being careful not to fall into similar traps when writing female characters, but I also believe that writing characters to simply pander to a perfect ideal of political correctness can come off as heavy handed. The solution, again, is to let depth and background define the role and personality of characters, male and female, human or otherwise. Every character must be true to their nature as defined by their background, and every character’s actions must in turn serve the story. That’s the nature of drama.

Q: Pulp fiction/magazines is sometimes remembered by their exploitative stories or the overly dramatic art cover. Is this “cheesy” aspect something you’ll be trying to capture in the game?

A: My take on pulp sci-fi is dark, gritty and unflinching. Zero cheese.

Q: The game will feature a powerful god: someone who can raise the dead. Death in itself is an heavy subject. What role will it play in the game? And will any extra genres come along with it? Should we expect horror? Dark humor? Shocking violence? What mood/atmosphere do you intend to bring into this game?

A: Expect the same level of subtle but dark humor you saw in Full Throttle, expect the same level of violence you saw in the Dig (anybody remember what happened to Brink’s hand?)

Q: Your own background as well as the video show a strong influence from cinema. Will the game be more of a “cinematic experience”? And how will you prevent the “game” from becoming a “movie”?

A: I have worked in games, and I have produced and directed films. A game is not a movie, not in the least. In fact, what excites me about games is the way they can be better than movies. Sure, I can watch Luke Skywalker rescue the princess and blow up the death star, but I don’t feel like I was a part of it. I didn’t make any decisions, I just sat and watched. I don’t feel like I did those things, or even helped. But I guarantee you, if it weren’t for me, Roger Wilco would be somewhere in the back of ScumSoft encased in green jello. Seriously, ask him.

Q: Will the game play in a linear fashion or will there be situations of conflict that will require the player to choose sides and create his own story? Put into other words, will there be branching gameplay and multiple endings?

A: There will be branching gameplay with multiple characters. This will be done similarly to the way Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote the later Tarzan novels, where one character would come to a cliffhanger at the end of one chapter, then we would rewind a bit and another character would interact with the same events from a new perspective, and new elements of the story would surface, changing the meaning of what transpired in the previous chapter. It was a common technique in pulp fiction, and was even used in the actual film “Pulp Fiction” to delicious effect!

Q: Adventure games come in different flavors as far as interface is concerned. The first adventure games made use of text parsers. In Monkey Island 2 we had a 9-verb box. In Monkey Island 3 a more simplified verb coin. Recent games only have a single action. While there may be advantages and drawbacks to each one, it is true that the former ones provided more opportunities for interaction. Is this an important factor to you? What type of gameplay interface do you have in mind?

A: I’ve been enjoying watching Tim Schafer work through these very issues in the Double Fine Adventure documentary series. I think one “interact” action is a bit too simple. I always enjoyed the Full Throttle verb coin, and will be looking at that primarily for inspiration.

Q: If I understood correctly, you’ll be filming and animating real life miniatures (like Wallace and Gromit movies). That seems to be a fairly expensive and lengthy process. I’m not aware of any game that attempted such thing.
Isn’t this too risky? Why not go for 2D and set the art direction accordingly? (for example: Machinarium discarded the cartoony look and kind of reminds the use of real life miniatures).

A: The most direct answer I can give you is: because I’ve already seen that. I want to break new ground visually and, while stop motion certainly isn’t a new concept in game graphics, I do think it has been an underutilized technique. I also think it’s perfect for the adventure game genre. I also just love stop motion monster movies. 🙂

Q: Will the game have voice overs? Yet another expensive element.

A: I’ve recorded ADR (Additional Dialog Recording) to replace an average of 60% or more dialog in every film I’ve made, so I’m certainly comfortable with recording dialog and directing actors. Directing and recording great vocal performances is an area I feel has always been a bit neglected in the games industry as a whole.  I’m really looking forward to bringing subtly powerful performances to Jack Houston.

Q: I saw a lot of awesome concept images there and that makes me wonder on how far game production is. Has the game design bible been written yet? Or the game story script? Maybe you could share the first chapter or an in-game encounter as an update?

A: The game has been outlined and certain areas have been fleshed out extensively, while others are looser in concept. However, I have been making notes for a lot of new story elements that I think will really take this game to the next level and I can’t wait to wrap up the campaign successfully so I can spend a couple of weeks just completely overhauling and updating the design doc to bring it up to date. The backers will all get to peek in on this process on the private forums and literally watch as the game is created.

Q: You mentioned The Dig. In it you explore an alien world that was inhabited by a now lost civilization. The Venus of Jack Houston and the Necronauts looks like a very hostile and tribal world, although it is also the home of an intelligent alien civilization. (at least that is what I assume from looking at some of the artwork)
What else can you tell about this world? What factions or races inhabit it? What characters will you interact with?

A: Venus is the home of several races. Among them are a primitive race of slow moving, four-armed elephant-like creatures called the Junga, a race of cat-like predatory hunter beast with elongated necks and four gazelle-like horns, and the god-like beings who are best comparable to the snake cult in Conan, with a bit of the palace of Jabba The Hutt. A few misc. alien races also pop up here and there, and even a few humans.

Q: What game engine will you be using? AGS?

A: We are currently using AGS, but we will soon be posting a stretch goal that will allow us to develop on a cross-platform engine to be determined.






HeXit is a kickstarter point and click adventure project with awesome graphics that recently committed to a GNU/Linux port if funded.
While their goal of $75,000 is high, it’s reachable within the 32 days we have left.

So if you are a sci-fi and adventure fan, this project is for you !

The Game
HeXit will be a point-and-click adventure game. We believe that the atmosphere and the visuals of a game of this genre should be as spectacular as possible, so everything in the game will be presented in the form of pre-rendered graphics. We love sci-fi, exciting stories and police procedural television series. What we are trying to achieve is creating a game combining these elements, while focusing on a compelling storyline with twists and exciting adventures. We are trying our best to create a spectacular sci-fi world, which, on the one hand, looks amazing but will also exist as a realistic, richly-detailed and interactive environment in the atmosphere similar to the new Total Recall movie. Several side-stories and detailed in-game world await those who enjoy exploring everything in a game. There will be countless usable items which can be combined. HeXit will also involve several mini-games. There will be English language voice acting for all in-game dialogues.

The Episodes
Just like the successful police procedural television series, HeXit is planned as an episodic adventure. If it is possible, we wish to release several installments. Currently, we would like to receive support for the making of the first episode, which will involve 6-10 hours of gameplay.

The Characters
The main character of the game is police Lieutenant Jane Davis, who, suddenly, finds herself in the middle of a dangerous and exciting adventure. Everything seems to change around her. She used to be the hunter, but now she becomes the prey. She has to escape, so that she could clarify herself. Will there be any trusted friends she can rely on? Who will believe her, who will betray her and who will help her…? All episodes of the game will feature dozens of individual characters. They will include loveable ones and villains, robots and cyborgs.


HeXit on kickstarter
HeXit Official Website

Jensen, the creator behind Gabriel Knight and Gray Matter adventure games as well as King’s Quest VI and her husband, opened a new game studio called “Pinkerton Road” that will be solely focused on story-driven, 3rd person adventure games.

The first game they are creating is Moebius.

Story :
Malachi Rector is an antiquities dealer who hunts down artifacts all over the world. After his upscale Manhattan store is destroyed in a fire, he’s hired by billionaire Amble Dexter to investigate a series of events and document them in his meticulous way.

The first event is the death of a young woman in Venice. She was found hanging from a bridge. As Rector investigates her life, compiling facts for his dossier, he realizes that the beautiful and talented young woman — and the interrupted path of her life — had great hidden significance. It appears that Amble Dexter and his associates are playing with the fabric of life in a way Rector never imagined was possible. Even he, Rector himself, is part of a larger pattern. He must figure out who is doing what, and whether their intentions are for good or ill, before he can decide if he will play his pre-scripted role — or try to change the outcome. This is a metaphysical thriller ala Dante’s Equation and Gabriel Knight.

Art Style & Mechanic:
2D, graphic novel look and feel (like an updated GK1). It will be a 3rd person adventure game with a point-and-click mechanic and lots of sophisticated puzzles. It will have two modes: Casual Mode (with hints, a hotspot finder and a simplified interface) and True Adventure (more challenging — like the Gabriel Knight games).

Moebius will be about the size of GK1 – 50 rooms with 10-20 hours of gameplay (depending on your level and gameplay mode).

What kinds of adventure game will Moebius be? Hard? Casual?
Our plan is to have a “casual” and a “true adventure” option at the start of the game. This will allow us to provide an easier path through for those who are not hard-core players — while allowing our ‘true adventure’ path to be uncompromised (and by uncompromised we mean classic Sierra-style puzzles). We’re looking forward to beta-testing with our studio CSG members and tuning the game.

“Pinkerton Road” invented a new approach to funding studios called CSG (Community Supported Gaming) :
The idea is that with your pledge you “join” the studio family for one year. You won’t only get the games we produce that year, but you get a virtual seat in the studio. And the higher you pledge, the greater your access will be!

Besides Moebius they will release “Mystery Game X” this year, BUT as this second game is supported by publishers, a GNU/Linux client is in big question (depending on the sales of Moebius and how hard it is to port their games to GNU/Linux).

Currently they have $346,250, and 6 days to go … so $400,000 is reachable
So if you want to help make a GNU/Linux port from the creators of Gabriel Knight and Gray Matter adventure games, please pledge to Moebius.

About two years ago I’ve posted about the Flash Based Point-and-Click Adventure game named TRAUMA.
Now it’s been finally released !

TRAUMA tells a story of a young woman who survives a car accident. Recovering at the hospital, she has dreams that shed light on different aspects of her identity – such as the way she deals with the loss of her parents. TRAUMA lets you experience those dreams in an interactive way, reminiscent of Point-and-Click Adventure Games. It builds upon this established formula by introducing a gesture-based interface, real-time 3D technology for dynamic level layouts, unique photographic visuals and a level design philosophy that focuses on creating a rich experience rather than an elaborate puzzle challenge. Combined with the unconventional story, it is aimed to be a compact and deep game for a literate and mature audience.


Gameplay Video

Developers Blog

The indie game developers Jugilus who developed Little Space Duo are working on a new game called Legions of Ashworld.

From the blog :
I think it is time to say something about my next game. I have been working on and off on it for almost a year and although it is not yet finished, a lot has been done.

The game is called Legions of Ashworld and it can be classified as a wargame. Some of its characteristics also approaches genres like RPG and adventure. It features quite specific gameplay which is inspired by the old 8bit title The Lords of Midnight (and its on-line fan based adaptation called Midnight/MU). My game will expand on the base concept and many new gameplay mechanics should provide fresh and compelling gameplay experience.

Legions of Ashwold is a fantasy wargame. It is put on one vast land, inhabited by different races and many mysterious places. When a major conflict arise, a player will have to gather an army and lead it toward victory (or defeat ).

The concept of Legions of Ashworld is based on scenarios , which can be single-player or multi-player. I plan to provide one major single player scenario and few multiplayer scenarios for the release version. Of course, scenario based concept also means that custom scenarios will be possible!

A lot more could be said about this game. I will share some thoughts in future, but for now, here is the first screenshot!

Thanks to Grzegorz Budny for finding those news

Blogpost about Legions of Ashworld
Little Space Duo

Recently the GNU/Linux friendly visual novel developer Winter Wolves Games, posted their plans for the future :

Role Playing Games
Beside Planet Stronghold, which will be finished at end of January 2011, I plan to start 2-3 more RPGs.
I love RPGs and I always wanted to make them, but in the past I was lacking proper funds and/or technical knowledge to make decent ones.
Now, using Planet Stronghold RPG framework I can expand it and create new RPGs.
Most of them will be in fantasy setting though, since it’s the most common/popular one (unless Planet Stronghold is so successful that convinces me to make add-on/sequels).
I have already a good collaborator of mine who is starting creating the main game plot, character sketches, and so on. Another one should start hopefully in next months, and I want to do another myself as well.
So the 2011 will be surely full of RPGs!

Adventure Games
I am still in love with my character of Vera Blanc, despite the first two episodes not being really topsellers.
As I posted several times if I make a third episode, it will be an adventure (first person) and not a visual novel, since the adventure style integrates better with that kind of game.
I have already a plot for the story, but since it requires lot of money, it’s still a risky decision, so if I make it, won’t be before next summer, or even later during Fall/Winter of 2011.

Visual Novels / Dating Sims
Of course I’ll keep making them! Flower Shop 2 release is really close, is just a matter of few months. But since is tied to external factors (artists finishing some pieces) I won’t dare to name a date for it.
Instead I can already say that very likely the otome game “Remember Me” will be ready around February/March 2011, since the plot is completely written and need only to code the “simulation part” of it and do testing/balancing.
Depending how my other projects go, I could make more VN/Dating Sims, but they’ll be mixed with simulation games.

Strategy / Simulation Games
In 2011 perhaps I will finally release the sequel of Spirited Heart. I have yet to start coding it though, so is probably more accurate to say that in 2011 I’ll begin coding it, which is a bit different. It won’t be ready probably before 2012, also because I have in mind some online-features (probably optional) that could improve the gameplay a lot, so I am not sure yet I’ll use Ren’Py to code this one.
There will be for sure more strategy/simulation games coming in 2011 though. A remake of my game Universal Boxing Manager, this time with the fights completely in 3d realtime, is under production! Is made in partnership with a good 3d coder who is going to use Unity3d to power the 3d simulation. It’s probably my biggest/most ambitious game to date and the 2011 will be mainly focused on it. I hope will do well since I’d like to port more of my old games into 3d or start new ones.
As I said I might also find the time to do a sort of light-strategy/time management game based on Heileen settings. In particular, Heileen 2 settings (pirates, the caribbean).
The game could be played as normal strategy game or with visual novel cut-scenes (they’ll be optional). This will be a sort of experiment since I am not sure if/when I’ll finish it. Let’s say I’ll work on it on my spare time and when it’s done, is done 🙂

Online Games
Almost every year I say “next year I’ll make one”. So, this time I won’t say it! But, I would like to try making one, even if I am not sure I’ll find the time…or better, if I’ll find the right person, since I’m probably going to outsource the coding (will be most likely done in Flash or HTML5). Or if the new interesting BRL:monkey project from Mark Sibly (creator of Blitzmax) gets released, I might use that and do everything myself.

So in conclusion, looks like the 2011 will be a year full of new releases! Happy New Year again!!

I’ve asked for an explanation about his decision to use Unity3D which doesn’t support GNU/Linux for a Universal Boxing Manager remake :

LGN : I’m sad to hear that you will use Unity for the Boxing game, as Unity doesn’t support Linux.
Also, when you talk about cRPG’s, you mean the “visual story” cRPG’s – right ? or the other kinds (isometric, 3D, 1st person…the usual…).
I mean there is a HUGE difference between visual story cRPG’s and games like Fallout, Realms of Arkania, Eschelon books, NWN etc…).

WWG :Yes it’s sad that unity still doesn’t support linux 🙁 unfortunately I had to go with the tool my coder knows better… (don’t know honestly if there are any linux 3d engines comparable to unity). I hope unity adds linux support somewhere in near future!
About cRPG, yes mainly using Planet Stronghold system so more visual story, even if one of them has also some basic map2d system. I won’t dare yet to try an isomap because is rather complex for my standards, but maybe in future… and there is also a dungeon master style game that is still in stand-by (have to wait for the coder to finish another game first) but that could still be started next year (and that would be a true cRPG!).

I could off course suggest the more then comparable Unigine engine, but then I would be passing the MacOS users.
There are many FOSS tools like Ogre3D, but I’m not a programmer to say what suites for their game.
Yet, there is a lot to expect this year from Winter Wolves Games, I wish them a fruitful year with lots of new titles !

Winter Wolves Games
Planet Stronghold
Vera Blanc
Flower Shop
Spirited Heart
Universal Boxing Manager