Humble Voxatron Debut

Humble Bundle is proud to present the Humble Voxatron Debut, featuring the Voxatron alpha, Lexaloffle Games’ brand new, voxel-based, action-adventure bulletfest!

Pay what you want for the Voxatron alpha and…

Be the first to tackle this voxel-based, old-school-gone-new platform shooter. Pick up your trusty pea gun and shoot your way through more than twenty areas filled with blocky baddies, destructible toys, and palliative powerups.

Get Voxatron’s future content and gameplay updates. As a customer of the Humble Voxatron Debut, you’ll receive access to all of Lexaloffle’s future updates to Voxatron: levels, characters, and more!

Make awesome voxel levels, with monster creation tools on the way! After conquering the alpha adventure, check out the “BBS Levels” for instant-access to user-created content. Want to make your own masterpiece? The Voxde level editor is included with every purchase, granting you the ability to create mind-blowing new environments to share with the world. And soon, Lexaloffle plans to add monster creation tools for designing your own blocky bad guys to populate your creations.

Click here to pick up your Humble Voxatron Debut before time runs out!

Jeffrey Rosen
Humble Bundle

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31 October

Some Personal News

Hello Everyone !

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted on LGN and it’s not because I don’t have news to write about.
About a week ago I was fired from my job as a GNU/Linux/Windows System Administrator at Zlango, the reason for this was because I had no actual work to do there (there already was one Sysadmin one they hired me), frankly I was amazed they kept me for half a year as I struggled to find something useful to do.
As strangely as it sounds once I’m unemployed and have all the time in the world, I just don’t feel the urge to update LGN.
And even more strange is that I bought a new mobile (Samsung Galaxy S 2) and a car (Daihatsu Sirion 2001), so all I need now is a new girlfriend and a job to support them all 😀
I’m working on it.

I hope that I’ll keep updating LGN soon enough.

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12 October

LGN Trivia Contest Discussion

several days ago LGN had a Trivia contest asking “What game engine is being used in the largest number of GNU/Linux games ?”
I frankly thought that this would be an easy one, but only after several days and two big tips someone managed to guess the engine I thought about.
Many readers said id tech engines as the most popular answer but some people got more creative with PyGame, nethack, OpenBor and Eamon Adventure System. (some of which aren’t really game engines).
The trivia answers were interesting to read..someone even suggest Unigine (I wish) and SDL (it’s a library, not a game engine).

My answer was the visual novel game engine Ren’Py which has over 240 GNU/Linux games and growing.
I thought that LGN readers should have known it because I post a LOT about visual novels and all of them use the Ren’Py engine.

So the current winner is failsaurus BUT as I’ve said before nothing is set in stone and you can still prove me wrong.

Just some notes about what I call games…
Games should be stand alone and executable and not relay on some engine or a program (apart of the OS) to be installed on the users system.
For example MAME is NOT a game engine but an Emulator, it’s ability to run games of different systems still doesn’t make it a game engine as you can’t develop with it.
PyGame is “a cross-platform set of Python modules designed for writing video games. It includes computer graphics and sound libraries designed to be used with the Python programming language.” , but I doubt that it counts as a game engine on itself.

If you think that I’m wrong, please discuss here at the comments.

If until Friday the 7/10/2011 my answer won’t be disapproved then I’ll grant the winner failsaurus the key for Achron.

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3 October