Daily Archives: 27/09/2011

A Few years ago I’ve pre-ordered the meta time strategy game Achron which I’ve posted about 2 years ago.
This month Achron was finally released and I was happy to learn that an additional serial number was supplied for a giveaway – I’ve contacted Chris Hazard the developer of the game and he said that it was their way to promote Achron multiplayer.

As you know I don’t tend to giveaway things without *some* contest, but this one will be easy.
The first one who answers in the comments below the following question will be given the serial number for Achron.

What game engine is being used in the largest number of GNU/Linux games ?

You must only pick one engine per person and be specific, for example you must write “id Tech 2” and not “Quake Engines” or the “Quake 2 Engine”.

I don’t expect this question to stay without an answer for a long time, so be hasty.

I have 2 Amnesia The Dark Descent copies and 5 Hacker Evolution Duality copies to give.
So if you have ideas for good contests, please comment below.