Marball Odyssey Released For GNU/Linux !

Sylvain Labbe aka Ozzy from Sunday Coders announced the GNU/Linux release of his game Marball Odyssey.

I’m proud to announce that Marball Odyssey is ready to go for Gnu/Linux with the help of many community enthusiasts!
The game is available as a shareware proggy on the Sunday Coders website.

The Full version is available as a DRM free ‘bundle’ including both Gnu/Linux and Windows versions for a price of €9.99. (many more platforms are planned and will be included into the bundle).

About the game:
MarBall Odyssey is an extremely well polished and addictive game which follows the theme of the classic game marble madness, with a few twists.
The principle of MarBall Odyssey is simple: guide the ball to the exit without falling out of bounds, avoiding obstacles or by triggering various mechanisms.
Along the route, you can pick up various bonuses to improve your score.

Rules and Achievements:
collecting all rings will create additional extra coins
collecting all big coins will activate a special blue portal and one extra life on start.
collecting all extra coins will give an extra life on exit.
Activating a purple checkpoint is giving more time.
Fences can be broken using the big ball or the small ball with high velocity.
bridges can be broken using the big ball.
Yellow buttons can be used only with the big ball.
You can climb onto walls using doors and bumpers.
Finishing a level is unlocking the next one.



Sunday Coders
Marball Odyssey

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30 August

Incognito Trilogy Released For GNU/Linux !

Magrathean ported their Incognito trilogy to GNU/Linux !
The GNU/Linux version of their games can be bought via Indievania for only $5 per episode.
The trilogy will also be available from Desura, when they begin offering a GNU/Linux support.
Incognito Episode 4 is under development…

John Smith (generic name, you can choose your own) is a man in trouble. He’s lost everything he has in the Stock Market, his house is in danger of being washed away due to erosion. All he has is a life insurance policy. Depressed and despondent, he decides to end it all. Climbing to the top of his office building. A split second before he hits the ground, a wormhole opens up, and he vanishes! John awakens in a strange place. It’s clearly a high-tech world, but he can’t read any of the writing or understand the language he’s hearing. What’s going on; is he dead and in Hell?

Incognito is meant to deliver simplified versions of gameplay from different genres and bring them together into a game that’s epic in scale and requires different genre skills but is easy for the average hardcore gamer to jump into and play from beginning to end.

These genres change at each “zoom level” of the game:
When you’re on foot, it’s a First-Person Shooter with RPG elements
When you’re in your ship, it’s a Space Trading/Combat Simulation
When you’re in low orbit of a planet, it’s a Simple Real-Time Strategy Game
When you’re in your hovertank, it’s a Tank Combat Game

In order to progess through each Episode, you’ll have to conquer challenges at each level, gathering information on foot, exploring in your ship, landing on uninhabited planets and establishing bases, and on hostile planets, invading a planet’s surface defenses in the hovertank.


Gameplay Video

Incognito trilogy
Incognito Episode 1
Incognito Episode 2
Incognito Episode 3
Buy Incognito Episode 1
Buy Incognito Episode 2
Buy Incognito Episode 3

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28 August

Dirk Dashing 2 Is Now Available For Pre-Ordering !

Secret agent Dirk Dashing is back for a brand new mission!

After a wicked computer virus destroys G.O.O.D’s new computer network, agent Dirk Dashing must track down the cyber criminal responsible for the attack. His mission leads him to a massive global corporation, owned by one of the wealthiest men in the world. Help Dirk avoid security systems, evade guards, and solve all-new puzzles to stop a diabolical new plot by E.V.I.L mastermind, Dr. Ego!

Dirk Dashing 2 features:
* Improved graphics, with lighting effects and cel shading!
* A new inventory system, so you can pick up multiple weapons and gadgets, carry them with you, and use them whenever you want!
* A new health system, so Dirk can take multiple hits before he dies (no more instant death)!
* New moves, including the ability to climb ladders and hang from wires and pipes!
* An all-new soundtrack with spy music that perfectly fits the game!
* Play using keyboard, joystick, or game pad!
* Ability to save your game progress at any point!
* In-game instructions to get you started!

Dirk Dashing 2 can be pre-ordered for $19.99 USD. Pre-ordering customers will receive a download link to the “full” version beta, containing Parts 1 and 2 of the 5-part story. They’ll also receive free updates as I finish each part of the game, with new levels, new features, bug fixes, and more. And when the game is all done, I’ll give pre-ordering customers a free copy of the planned $5 strategy guide, containing level maps, concept art, hints, tricks, and more!


Official Game Page
GNU/Linux Download
Pre-Order Purchase Link

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26 August

Best In Show Solitaire Coming To GNU/Linux !

Graduate Games are soon going to release their unique dog solitaire game Best in Show Solitaire, you can preorder the game at lower price and play the beta now !

Best In Show Solitaire Game Now on Pre-order – Includes Beta Access
Graduate Games’ casual indie card game, Best in Show Solitaire, is now available for Pre-Order. Pre-Purchasing the game gives you instant access to the closed Beta of the game and will save you 25-50% over the final release price.

Best In Show Solitaire is now available for pre-order. Best in Show Solitaire is an addictive casual card game currently in-development for PC, Mac and GNU/Linux by independent game studio Graduate Games. Best in Show Solitaire features over 40 different breeds, unique abilities for each dog, RPG elements, a pet store, achievements, and a light-hearted story about becoming the top dog trainer in the region by winning Best in Show at the National Eastminster Dog Show.

You can pre-order the game from Graduate Games’ website and get instant access to the Beta. But that’s not all you get for preordering. Graduate Games is including the full version of Best in Show for Mac, GNU/Linux, and PC DRM Free to all early purchasers and is also throwing in its Level Editor Tool, and a Strategy Guide as a bonus. You can learn more about Pre-Ordering by visiting

For more information, screenshots, and videos of Best in Show Solitaire, please visit the game’s website:

Best in Show Dog Solitaire is the new casual game from indie game studio ‘Graduate Games’. It’s a casual solitaire card game that is easy to pick up and play. This incredibly addicting card game features over 40 different breeds of dogs who all have different abilities and stats that affect each hand. The game is currently under development and will be available soon for PC, Mac and GNU/Linux operating systems.
Have a barking good time in the addicting Card game, Best in Show Solitaire! Adopt and Train 40 different breeds as you strive to win the National Title of “Best in Show.”
Earn enough cash to purchase supplies from the Pet Store. Train your dogs and play hands with them to unlock their unique abilities. Chain together combos to fill up your energy meter and save the faeries!
With tons of hands to play through, 40 breeds to collect and train, 3 different times of day, and a National Championship on the line, Best in Show Solitaire will keep you chasing your tail for months.

You can learn more about the game from our blog

* 40 Different Breeds of Dogs
* 2 Unique Abilities for Each Pup
* RPG Elements and Statistics
* Easy and Addictive Card Gameplay
* Unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Want to Play the Game Now?
The big news is that Best in Show Solitaire is available to play now! You can save 25% off the final game by preordering the game today! You will get early access to the game at a discounted price and can play our Beta Builds immediately after purchase.


Graduate Games
Best in Show Solitaire
Preorder Best in Show Solitaire
Best in Show Solitaire Blog

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25 August

Marball Odyssey Needs GNU/Linux Testers !

Ozzy from “Sunday Coders” told LGN that they are porting their game Marball Odyssey to GNU/Linux and need testers to make sure it would work on as many distros as possible.

So if you have time you can contact ozzy via desura as ozzyyzzo or at .

About Marball Odyssey
MarBall Odyssey is an extremely well polished and addictive game which follows the theme of the classic game marble madness, with a few twists. The principle of MarBall Odyssey is simple: guide the ball to the exit without falling out of bounds, avoiding obstacles or by triggering various mechanisms. Along the route, you can pick up various bonuses to improve your score. rules: collecting all rings will create additional extra coins. collecting all extra coins will give an extra life on exit. collecting all big coins will activate a special blue portal and one extra life on start. Activating a purple checkpoint is giving more time. Fences can be broken using the big ball or the small ball with high velocity. bridges can be broken using the big ball. Yellow buttons can be used only with the big ball. You can climb onto walls using doors and bumpers. Finishing a level is unlocking the next one.


Sunday Coders
Marball Odyssey at Desura

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24 August

Zatikon: Legions Is Now Available For GNU/Linux !

Chronic logic the developers of Gish and other GNU/Linux games, released the second add-on to their freeware strategy and tactics game Zatikon.
Despite the simple graphics the game is very deep and addictive, you can play the game and if you like it and want more units, you can buy the add-ons which add many new strategies and tactics.

About Zatikon
Welcome to Zatikon. Construct your army out of creatures as varied as the magnificent dragon or mighty warrior to the evil necromancer or holy Templar. Destroy your opponent with a heavy cavalry charge or defeat their army before they can reach you with archers, crossbowmen and mages. Use an unlimited number of strategies to defeat your opponents and earn gold to increase the might of your army. Play Zatikon for free and start building your armies today!

Zatikon is a free turn based multiplayer tactics game featuring over 30 unique units with over 80 additional units available in add-on packs. Build your army and defeat your opponent. With an almost unlimited number of possible strategies at your disposal Zatikon highly addictive and fun.
Zatikon includes online player ranking and several extra game types including co-op, single player and random army mode.

Multiplayer match making
Play single player, vs. or co-op games
Online ranking system
Unlock over 30 units to use in your army
Unlimited strategies and tactics
Each unit is different with unique abilities and powers
Many types of units including Mages, Horsemen, Shapeshifters, Siege units, Structures and more!
Stylized graphics for each unit
Zatikon features game play simliar to Chess and Magic (MTG).
Available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux: Buy once, and you can run the game on any of these systems!

Zatikon:Legions is an add-on for the free game Zatikon. Legions adds thirty new units to Zatikon. Feel the rage of the barbarian, haunt your opponents with the possessed or take justice into your own hands with the confessor. Each unit has unique powers and abilities to provide even more tactics to a game already rich with strategies for victory. These units can be used in single player, vs, and co-op games.

Legions features:
Adds 30 new unique units to Zatikon
New units can be used in single player, vs. or co-op games
Online ranking system
Even more new strategies and tactics
Each of the new units has different abilities and powers



Thanks for our usual contributor Grzegorz Budny !

Chronic logic

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22 August

Testers Needed For Dirk Dashing 2

Troy Hepfner from “My Game Company” asked me to publish this request for a GNU/Linux testers for his upcoming game Dirk Dashing 2.

Hello, everyone!

Dirk Dashing 2 is almost ready for its pre-order release, and I could use a little help testing the Linux version!

I’m using a new Linux installer this time around, and I want to make sure it works. I recently became aware that my Bitrock installers (which I used for my other games) were crashing on Fedora 15, and although the latest version of Bitrock fixes the problem, I can’t afford to upgrade. So I’ve switched to InstallJammer. This is my first installer I’ve made with it. I’ve already found and fixed a lot of initial issues that my testers found, but now I want to open it up to test on a wider set of distributions.

In return, you get to play through the demo a week ahead of it’s official pre-order release. Let me know if you find any bugs, and feel free to comment on the game itself – especially if you like it (I could use the encouragement)! Suggestions are also welcome, though bear in mind that any enhancement requests probably won’t make it into the initial beta release.

You can download the demo beta from here:

The game uses OpenGL, and requires the use of accelerated graphics drivers. It’s 32-bit, so if you’re using a 64-bit distribution, make sure you have the 32-bit compatibility package installed. I’m not sure if some distributions have them by default, or if you have to manually install them.

Please e-mail me regarding any bugs, comments, suggestions, etc at

Thanks for your help! I hope you enjoy the demo!

Troy Hepfner
My Game Company

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19 August

Conquest Of Elysium 3 Is Coming To GNU/Linux !

Illwinter Game Design announced that they are working on their new strategy game Conquest Of Elysium 3 that as with their previous games will also have a GNU/Linux client.

The game concept is of course based on our old game Conquest of Elysium II (which is now a freeware) , but apart from that most of the game has been completely remade. Maybe we’ll rename it too.

If you have played and enjoyed Dominions 3 previously then you will be pleased to know that this game also focuses on many different monsters, special abilities and spells. It is still a turn based strategy game, but it is much quicker and less complicated than Dominions.

Here is a list of some features that are available in CoE 3.
* Many monsters and many special abilities. Some examples right below.
* Assassins that make an assassination attack before combat starts.
* Catapults and Hill Giants that can throw boulders during sieges.
* Immortal Liches and Vampires.
* Exploding phoenixes (and they are immortal too).
* And many many more monsters….
* New weapon system, attacks are divided into pierce, slash or blunt damage (magic attacks have other types too). Skeletons are difficult to injure with piercing weapons and you should preferably use slashing weapons against treemen, etc.
* Hotseat and network support for multiplayer games.
* Random maps.
* Random events.
* 16 different classes to choose from. And they are quite different from each other, both in what resources they need and what kind of rituals or special abilities they have.
* Spell system with currently 42 magic paths.
* Magic items.
* Permanent battle afflictions.
* Horrors.
* Stealth and invisibility. Scouts needed to detect stealthy troops, something better (a star spawn or a beast bat will work) needed to detect the invisible ones. There are shape changers too.


Thanks for our greatest news finder Grzegorz Budny !

Illwinter Game Design
Conquest Of Elysium 3
Download Conquest of Elysium II For Free
Dominions 3

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18 August

Hacker Evolution Duality Released !

The developers of the Hacker-Evolution series (and other games) Exosyphen Studios is proud to announce the release of their latest and biggest game Hacking Evolution Duality !

Also the developer of the game, Robert Muresan kindly offered LGN 5 licenses to our readers, so I’ll need to think of a contest and hope that this time it will not fail 😉

You can buy the game for $24.95 from here (or through other distribution methods)

Press Release
exosyphen studios Releases Hacker Evolution Duality
Rewrite the world in this intense hacking simulation game
CLUJ-NAPOCA, Romania—August 15, 2011—
exosyphen studios is proud to announce the release of Hacker Evolution Duality, the latest in the acclaimed hacking simulation series.
Completely redesigned, Hacker Evolution Duality features an improved interface, as well as updated sounds and animations.
You are Brian Spencer, a programmer with unmatched technical prowess.
Your expertise has yielded an all-powerful Artificial Intelligence, capable of performing the tasks of an entire army of human hackers.
But when an evil corporation threatens to take complete control of the Internet with this
technology, you will have to go against the powers of your very own creation.
Hacker Evolution Duality presents a variety of puzzles and challenges in an intense, ever-changing experience. Start with basic firewall cracks and move up to complex security systems, making upgrades to your hardware along the way. Framing and even murdering people with ingenious traps, nothing can stand in your way in the quest to right the wrongs.
Enjoy the intense single player mode or test your skills in the brand-new open world mode, where you can take on fellow hackers in a unique and never-ending game.

Hacker Evolution Duality is now available for purchase on Steam and various
other digital distribution platforms for $24.95.
More information about Hacker Evolution Duality can be found at :
Or visit the Hacker Evolution Duality Facebook page at

About exosyphen studios
exosyphen studios is a game development company based in Romania.
Founded in 2002 by Robert Muresan, exosyphen studios was the first game development studio in Romania to publish a commercial PC game.
Today, the company continues to create smart, innovative titles for all of the latest platforms.
A strong emphasis of the company is customer service, a focus that each user is 100% satisfied with both the products and services created by exospyhen studios.
For more information, please visit us at


Hacker Evolution Duality – Level 0 Tutorial – Walkthrough

Exosyphen Studios
Hacking Evolution Duality

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16 August

Linux Gaming News Turns 3 Years Old !

Frankly I wasn’t sure LGN would get to this point, but after several domain and hosting changes we survived 3 years today !
LGN tried to put a few contests over the years but unfortunately they failed.
Maybe I should setup something easier next time…
I’ve been very open regarding LGN and as with last time I’ll publish the stats for those who interested.
Despite all the visitors I have, I make ZERO $ on this website, and the hosting is generously provided for free by Linux Game Database (Thanks again Pheonton) – otherwise I’ve been forced to use the good old but limited 😉

Please note that those stats are only for the last year ( 2010-08-17 – 2011-08-15) as I’ve moved to a new host and domain (Linux Game Database) , so without farther delay, here are the stats :

The basic graph shows the visits over 13 months, as you see we had good months and bad months (after the company I worked for got bankrupted and I got fired, I wasn’t in the mood to post much so the visitors came much less, but I’ve found a new job now).

Here is the graph with more detail (and numbers) :

Overall LGN had 132,858 views this year, which is a 23,975 increase over last year !
The most popular page was as usual the “main LGN page”, then “Trine And Trine 2 Are Coming To GNU/Linux !” and the third place was “Unity GNU/Linux Exporter In Development !” – the forth and fifth pages were the “Upcoming GNU/Linux games !” and “Recently Released”.
This is a bug change as the last two pages were always visible and updated every few months, while the others were “regular” news articles.

Yearly Views 2010-08-17 – 2011-08-15

Title Views
Home page 48,783 More stats
Trine And Trine 2 Are Coming To GNU/Linux ! 5,311 More stats
Unity GNU/Linux Exporter In Development ! 4,875 More stats
Upcoming GNU/Linux games ! 3,957 More stats
Recently Released 3,043 More stats
Game Drift Linux – Distribution For Gamers 2,321 More stats
Card Sweethearts – Visual Poker Novel 1,810 More stats
Interview With Norbert Varga From Digital Arrow – The “Dilogus – The Winds of War” Developers. 1,648 More stats
Chicken Invaders: Ultimate Omelette Is Coming To GNU/Linux ! 1,479 More stats
Trine GNU/Linux Testers Wanted ! 1,454 More stats
Amnesia: Justine – Now Available To Everyone 1,406 More stats
The Linux Game Tome Is Back At Full Speed ! 1,379 More stats
Brink – Unique Immersive FPS 1,210 More stats
Garshasp – Looking Good 1,172 More stats
Seasons After Fall – Puzzle, Platform Game ! 1,169 More stats
Amnesia: The Dark Descent Demo Released! 1,113 More stats
Interview With Frictional Games – Amnesia 978 More stats
Cateia Games Are Coming To GNU/Linux ! 977 More stats
Caveman Is Coming For GNU/Linux 971 More stats
GNU/Linux Gaming Forum 946 More stats
Heroes Of Newerth 2.0 Is Now Live ! 911 More stats
Starfarer Alpha Released! 885 More stats
Interview With Amir From Fanafzar – Garshasp Developers 859 More stats
The A.Typical RPG Released 818 More stats
Magical Diary: Horse Hall Coming Soon 769 More stats
TRAUMA Has Been Released ! 682 More stats
Primal Carnage – Humans VS Dinosaurs 682 More stats
HoN Trial Keys Giveaway ! 679 More stats Is Back Online ! 674 More stats
SpaceChem For GNU/Linux Released ! 660 More stats
Drakensang Online GNU/Linux Client Planned ! 639 More stats
Tycoon Games Super Bundle ! 637 More stats
Krum – Hack-N-Slash cRPG Under Development ! 625 More stats
Classic Roguelike : Dungeons of Dredmor Is Coming To GNU/Linux Soon 623 More stats
Planet Stronghold And Official Strategy Guide Released ! 616 More stats
jMonkeyEngine Introduction 614 More stats
Penumbra: Overture, HPL1 Engine And OALWrapper Released As Open Source 577 More stats
Primal Carnage Dropping The GNU/Linux Port 561 More stats
HoN Trial Is Now Open For Everyone ! 556 More stats
Dress-Up Pups Is Coming To GNU/Linux ! 555 More stats
Afterfall Moved To UDK 546 More stats
Amnesia: The Dark Descent Released ! Contest Coming Soon… 542 More stats
The Polynomial : Space Of The Music 523 More stats
HGE Comes To GNU/Linux ! 501 More stats
jBliss – Intelligent Romantic Game For Lovers 499 More stats
Kristanix Games Ported To GNU/Linux ! 498 More stats
Garshasp Developers 498 More stats
Unigine License Giveaway ! 496 More stats
Winter Wolves Games Plans For The Future 485 More stats
Next Frictional Games Title Name Revealed ! 484 More stats
The Perfect Tree For GNU/Linux Released ! 477 More stats
Zoop To The Future – Point-N-Click Adventure ! 469 More stats
Bullet Candy For GNU/Linux Released ! 464 More stats
Fight For Your Right ! 460 More stats
Oil Rush – Amazing RTS Soon To Be Released ! 453 More stats
The Future Of Basilisk Games And Eschalon Updates ! 450 More stats
Ubuntu Gamer Goes Live ! 431 More stats
Natural Selection 2 – Sci-Fi Online RTS/FPS 426 More stats
Amnesia: The Dark Descent Gone Gold 423 More stats
Iron Steam – Sci-Fi Adventure In Development 420 More stats
Legions Of Ashworld Under Development 414 More stats
Frozenbyte Might Release Shadowgrounds Series Source Code 408 More stats
Sake Visual – Indie Visual Novel Studio 406 More stats
Hacker Evolution: Untold Now Available For GNU/Linux ! 393 More stats
More Anawiki Games Are Coming To GNU/Linux ! 391 More stats
Free-Source 3D Engine And Framework PixelLight Released ! 383 More stats
Steel Storm: Burning Retribution Released ! 381 More stats
Black Friday Sale ! 376 More stats
Gish Goes Free Source ! 371 More stats
Steel Storm: Burning Retribution Summer Special 360 More stats
Color it by Numbers Game Series Released ! 358 More stats
Soccer Cup Solitaire For GNU/Linux Released ! 352 More stats
Garshasp – Action Adventure Game 343 More stats
Blocks That Matter Coming Soon To GNU/Linux 340 More stats
What Makes You Tick : A Stitch in Time – Released ! 331 More stats
LGP And TuxGames Are Online ! 322 More stats
Miegakure – A Puzzle Platform In Four Dimensions 316 More stats
All Winter Wolves and Tycoon Games are 50% Off Until End Of The Year ! 312 More stats
Noble Master Are Working On A New RTS Game 299 More stats
Undead Lily Techdemo Released ! 298 More stats
Maxi Mini Golf – Released ! 297 More stats
Poisonville – GTA Style Action MMORPG. 296 More stats
Heroes of Newerth Is Now Free2Play ! 288 More stats
Iron Sky: Operation Highjump – Action Adventure 288 More stats
Announcing C.R.A.B! Looking For Artists! 286 More stats
The Clockwork Man & The Clockwork Man: The Hidden World Released For GNU/Linux ! 277 More stats
Date Warp – Anime Visual Novel Released ! 275 More stats
Help Fund “In The Dark” ! 265 More stats
ColorCube – Puzzle Game Released ! 253 More stats
screenfoursplit 248 More stats
The Humble FrozenByte Bundle ! 248 More stats
Color It By Numbers – Flowers, Released ! 245 More stats
Beta Testers Needed For Cortex Command 241 More stats
trine_screenshot_2009_05_wizard_knight_c 219 More stats
loaWIP_11 219 More stats
Shadowgrounds Series Source Code Released And More ! 212 More stats
About 211 More stats
I Live, Again… 210 More stats
Steel Storm: Burning Retribution For GNU/Linux Weekend Special 207 More stats
Amnesia: The Dark Descent Release Date Revealed ! 201 More stats
Regnum Online Gets A Major Update ! 199 More stats
LGN, Uniqueness And News On Other Websites. 197 More stats
The Chzo Mythos For GNU/Linux Released ! 192 More stats
Gaming Videos On GNU/Linux 191 More stats
Chronic Logic Game Giveaway And More ! 190 More stats
Awesome Soccer World 2010 Released ! 182 More stats
Aquaria Goes Free Source ! 182 More stats
The Humble Indie Bundle 2 ! 179 More stats
The Humble Indie Bundle 3 Is Here ! 175 More stats
Kansei Visual Novel Released ! 174 More stats
Helena The 3rd Update 172 More stats
The Chzo Mythos Gets An Update 172 More stats
Vera Blanc Episode 2 “Ghost In The Castle” Is Out ! 172 More stats
Winter Wolves Games Woman’s Day 50% Off Coupon 170 More stats
trine_screenshot_2009_06_knight_mines_ha 168 More stats
Syndicate-Online Sci-Fi MMORPG 167 More stats
Joe-Danger – Stunts Racing Game 163 More stats
Contact 157 More stats
screenshot02 156 More stats
Why You Should Use OpenGL And Not DirectX 154 More stats
Heroes Of Newerth Gone Retail ! 148 More stats
Castle Vox – Turn-Based Strategy Game Coming Soon ! 147 More stats
Interview With Thomas From Basilisk Games 145 More stats
Dark Salvation – Horror FPS ! 136 More stats
Venetica – Action RPG Game 135 More stats
Natural Selection 2 and GNU/Linux 135 More stats
Warp Speed – 2D Multiplayer Shooter 134 More stats
LGN NOT DEAD ! 134 More stats
Afterfall Universe – Rascal (draft title) 132 More stats
Eschalon: Book II 1.05 Is Released ! 132 More stats
Mystery of Solarus DX – Zelda Remake ! 123 More stats
Call Of The Kings – Online Strategy RPG 118 More stats
The MMORPG Ryzom Goes Free Software ! 117 More stats
Catalyst Deluxe And Anirah Released ! 116 More stats
The Chzo Mythos Is Coming To GNU/Linux ! 114 More stats
Interviews 112 More stats
More Zatikon Add-On Packs Coming Soon… 112 More stats
HoN Free 2 Play Weekend, A patch, Jobs And More News ! 111 More stats
Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Teaser, Web Site & Pre-order 110 More stats
Sun Blast Released ! 108 More stats
HurricaneX2 Evolution – Fighting Adventure Game 108 More stats
Angels Fall First : The Second Antarean War – Spaceships Online 104 More stats
Castle Vox – Turn-Based Strategy Game Co 103 More stats
Eschalon: Book II – Old School cRPG 100 More stats
Hacker Evolution: Untold For GNU/Linux Goes Beta ! 99 More stats
DeathSpank Comical cRPG Adventure 96 More stats
Planet M.U.L.E – Online Economic Strategy Released ! 94 More stats
Gamebox – Cloud Storage Service For Games 94 More stats
Galcon Fusion – Review 94 More stats
2 91 More stats
Interview With John From Wolfire Games 90 More stats
Cortex Command – Brain Control 89 More stats
Bullet Candy Perfect – Space Shoot-Em-Up game 89 More stats
Humble Indie Bundle Updated With A New Game ! 88 More stats
Xenocell – Unconventional Sci-Fi MMORPG 86 More stats
LGN WordPress Theme Contest ! 85 More stats
trine_screenshot_2009_06_thief_mines_cha 83 More stats
The Case Of Nexuiz 82 More stats
MINDGUNNER Released, Municipal Coming Soon… 81 More stats
New GNU/Linux Gaming Forum And Contests ! 78 More stats
Bundle In A Bundle: HIB2 Now In HIB3! 76 More stats
Trauma – Flash Based Point-and-Click Adventure 75 More stats
Conquest – Simultaneous Turn Based Strategy 75 More stats
Aquaria – An Underwater Fantasy Adventure Game 72 More stats
The_Clockwork_Man_-_Mirandas_Lab_1_nu_2E 71 More stats
Planet Stronghold Alpha Available ! 69 More stats
Osmos Sales In Detail 69 More stats
GOL’s Competition Under Way ! 68 More stats
Rotc Ethernet – MOFPS 65 More stats
trine_screenshot_2009_06_wizard_gears_bo 65 More stats
Fragoria – English Version Goes Beta ! 65 More stats
Regnum Online – Characters Are Now Transferable Between Servers ! 65 More stats
An Update On The Chzo Mythos 64 More stats
Eschalon: Book II Released For GNU/Linux ! 63 More stats
3 61 More stats
And Yet It Moves For GNU/Linux Released ! 61 More stats
Avaneya – More Than Just A Game 60 More stats
The Legend of Crystal Valley – Adventure Game 60 More stats
Open Letter To LGP 59 More stats
Achron Alpha Build Now For GNU/Linux 64-Bit ! 58 More stats
2011-02-22-NewRTSWargame 57 More stats
6 55 More stats
Dirk Dashing 2 Under Rapid Development ! 54 More stats
More Details On Primal Carnage 53 More stats
Eschalon: Book II Release Date Announced ! 52 More stats
Interview With Kip Warner About Avaneya 50 More stats
Unity_Linux_Player 49 More stats
GNU/Linux Users Contribute Twice As Much As Windows Users ! 48 More stats
Hanako Games GNU/Linux Ports Are Coming ! 47 More stats
GNU/Linux Versions Of Grubby Games Products Are Being Phased Out ? 46 More stats
Osmos For GNU/Linux Has Been Released ! 44 More stats
Wupra Offers A Prize To The LGN Theme Contest Winner ! 43 More stats
AfterWorld 42 More stats
Lugaru Goes Free Source – Other Games Will Follow ! 42 More stats
GNU/Linux Game Porters Needed ! 42 More stats
Fishing Cactus Are porting Their Mojito Engine To GNU/Linux ! 40 More stats
4 39 More stats
HoN-2.0-Patch-1024×576 38 More stats
GNU/Linux users show their love for indie game – By Koonsolo 36 More stats
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Here are the top links people loved to click on when visiting LGN
As you can see the top clicked page was and close second was the excellent blog about free source games.
Our generous host came third.

Top Clicks 2010-08-17 – 2011-08-15

URL Clicks 780 745 673 663 498 482 452 395 384 356 346 315 292 278 278 268 242 236 233 214 214 213 210 198 194 193 193 176 174 169 169 168 165 158 153 152 147 147 147 142

Generated 2011-08-15 13:09:24 UTC

Those are the websites I own big thanks for referring to LGN, and the biggest of them all was which I begun to update with LGN’s new posts less then a year ago.
The wikipedia article “List_of_adult_video_games” is still bringing new visitors to LGN.
Also about 1-2 months ago there was a strange day in which I had many referrers from website which is very strange because I’m straight and my website is about Linux Gaming – a friend of mine suggested that they misspelled it as “Linux GAYming” 😉
So thank you for redirecting to LGN !

Top Referrers 2010-08-17 – 2011-08-15

Referrer Views 3,418 2,297 1,499 1,183 877 802 795 746 520 487 481 459 377 369 340 312 284 251 249 213 205 202 200 189 188 184 183 182 173 170 163 163 157 155 151 148 146 146 145 139

Generated 2011-08-15 14:02:42 UTC

The top search term was “linux gaming news” so people know what they looking for but always forget to add .org 😉
Many people were interested in Trine so “trine linux” came second and more general searches followed.

Top Search Terms 2010-08-17 – 2011-08-15

Search Views
linux gaming news 1,936
trine linux 1,051
linux gaming 569
brink linux 514
linux game news 407
primal carnage 352
amnesia the dark descent 334
udk linux 300
gish 262
linux games 2011 241
spacechem linux 226
dungeons of dredmor linux 223
lgn linux 223
brink linux server 195
linuxgamingnews 193
chicken invaders ultimate omelette 171
trine for linux 170
garshasp linux 136
jmonkeyengine 126
magical diary horse hall 116
linux news 111
iron sky: operation highjump 109
chicken invaders: ultimate omelette 108
garshasp 105
drakensang online linux 103
jbliss 100
hon trial account 97
sci fi room 92
linux games news 87
jbliss linux 85
deathspank linux 81
hon trial 77
linux games 77
gaming on linux 76
upcoming linux games 74
starfarer 73
hon trial keys 71
magical diary 61
brink opengl 61
dungeons of dredmor 60
linux trine 58
planet stronghold 56
trine 2 linux 55
chicken invaders 4 ultimate omelette 54
heroes of newerth 54
cortex command 51
cortex command linux 47
maxi mini golf 46
amnesia linux 46
trine on linux 44

This is the time to say a HUGE THANK YOU to LGN’s biggest single news contributor Grzegorz Budny who continues to send me great news !
For his great support I bought him the GNU/Linux game of his choice – Runes of Avalon 2.

And off course THANK YOU ALL, the readers, the most important part of any website, without you LGN is useless – I hope you will keep enjoying the website as long as it exists

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