Steel Storm: Burning Retribution Summer Special

Alexander Zubov from Kot-In-Action the developers of the Steel-Storm games loves the GNU/Linux users and want as many of them (us) to buy his game.
But he is very disappointed from the sales, only 3% of the consumers are GNU/Linux users. (BTW
So he tries to give us Steel Storm: Burning Retribution almost for free.
Last sale the game was $8, now it costs only $3 (till July 5th).

Alexander also said that it’s possible to buy the GNU/Linux version from Steam (it comes with the Windows one) and without DRM.

So support the developer who is so eager to almost give the game for free to the GNU/Linux users.
And if you think that $3 is too low, you can always wait till July 6th and buy the game at the full price of $10.

Alexander Zubov Said :
We are doing Summer Special for Linux users. The game is now $2.99 from June 23rd (today) till July 5th. It’s available either through our e-Shoppe at or on Ubuntu Software Center.


Steel Storm: Burning Retribution Trailer

SandStorm Editor – Timelapse Mission Building

Buy Steel Storm: Burning Retribution From e-Shoppe
Buy Steel Storm: Burning Retribution from Steam (Full Price)

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24 June

Legions Of Ashworld Under Development

The indie game developers Jugilus who developed Little Space Duo are working on a new game called Legions of Ashworld.

From the blog :
I think it is time to say something about my next game. I have been working on and off on it for almost a year and although it is not yet finished, a lot has been done.

The game is called Legions of Ashworld and it can be classified as a wargame. Some of its characteristics also approaches genres like RPG and adventure. It features quite specific gameplay which is inspired by the old 8bit title The Lords of Midnight (and its on-line fan based adaptation called Midnight/MU). My game will expand on the base concept and many new gameplay mechanics should provide fresh and compelling gameplay experience.

Legions of Ashwold is a fantasy wargame. It is put on one vast land, inhabited by different races and many mysterious places. When a major conflict arise, a player will have to gather an army and lead it toward victory (or defeat ).

The concept of Legions of Ashworld is based on scenarios , which can be single-player or multi-player. I plan to provide one major single player scenario and few multiplayer scenarios for the release version. Of course, scenario based concept also means that custom scenarios will be possible!

A lot more could be said about this game. I will share some thoughts in future, but for now, here is the first screenshot!

Thanks to Grzegorz Budny for finding those news

Blogpost about Legions of Ashworld
Little Space Duo

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21 June

Magical Diary: Horse Hall Coming Soon

Spiky Caterpillar with the collaboration of Hanako Games the developers of Date Warp and other visual novels for GNU/Linux are proud to release their next game Magical Diary: Horse Hall out of beta this month.

Spiky Caterpillar writes :
Magical Diary: Horse Hall is expected out of beta sometime in June. (It’s been on sale to testers for some time now, though, so it may not entirely count as upcoming.)
It’s a GxBG magical school dating sim with RPG elements, generally fluffier than Date Warp was.”

After that, we’re not sure what the next project will be – more Magical Diary games are planned, but Hanako and I want to work on something else for a bit first, and I’ve got a more traditional RPG planned in conjunction with Tycoon – no details until I get further along, though.

About Magical Diary: Horse Hall
Attend a magical school! Design your own character, learn spells, explore dungeons, make friends, and try to get a date for the May Day Ball.
Each game in the series is set within a different Hall of Iris Academy, and features roommates, friends, and enemies that are unique to that story, while characters from other stories move around in the background.


Magical Diary: Horse Hall
Spiky Caterpillar
Hanako Games

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19 June

Noble Master Are Working On A New RTS Game

Noble Master the developers of the medieval Risk-like turn-based strategy game Age Of Conquest are working on a new unnamed Real Time Strategy game.

From the blog :
I have been working on a new strategy game. It’s a real-time strategy game which is planned for release on Android. Ports for desktop (PC, Mac, Linux) as well as iOS will be done if proven successful.

The war game is a combination of Empires of Steel, WeeWar, Mother of All Battles by Sean O’Connor, Advance War, as well as Command & Conquer. The game will initially feature single player game play only. Please note, the graphics are not final yet. The tilesets will go out to the artist pretty soon.

Thanks to Grzegorz Budny for letting us know about the upcoming RTS game

Noble Master
Age Of Conquest
Blogpost About The New RTS Game

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16 June

Undead Lily Techdemo Released !

Undead Lily and the Elemental Avengers from Winter Wolves is not a usual visual novel .
Instead it aims to be a 2D tag-team-fighting game something similar to the online game “Kongai“.
There will be a story with different romance outcomes and will also have action-RPG and light strategy gameplay elements.
There will be 12 different playable characters (even if in the story you’ll be able to play only as Undead Lily or Ace), 2 for each of the 6 elements: death, life, air, fire, water and nature.

An early techdemo is available from here.

Thanks to Grzegorz Budny for letting us know about those news

Screenshots :

Winter Wolves
Forum Post 1
Forum Post 2

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14 June

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution For GNU/Linux Weekend Special

Alexander Zubov from Kot-in-Action Creative Artel the developers of Steel Storm: Burning Retribution announced a GNU/Linux weekend special !
This week you can buy Steel Storm: Burning Retribution for GNU/Linux for the special price of $7.99 !

About Steel Storm
Steel Storm is a top down arcade shooter with old school spirit. The game has score oriented competitive gameplay, and is designed for people who like fast paced action, hordes of smart enemies, destructible worlds and ground shaking explosions.

Key features:

  • 20+ hours of single-player experience
  • Pave your way to victory with the burning remains of your enemies through 25 different campaign missions
  • Enjoy fast paced and streamlined gameplay
  • Engage in online warfare with up to 16 players in any of the multi-player modes
  • Co-op, Deathmatch and elaborate Capture the Flag multi-player modes
  • Complete Challenges and unlock First-Person camera mode
  • Create new missions or modify existing ones using the unique real-time collaborative mission editor and share them with the world
  • Runs on NetBooks


Kot-in-Action Creative Artel
Steel Storm: Burning Retribution
Buy Steel Storm: Burning Retribution for GNU/Linux

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11 June

Color it by Numbers Game Series Released !

Color It By Numbers is a fascinating series of coloring books that will leave no child indifferent. They are special in that numbers identify colors to be used in filling picture areas. This is an exciting process that helps develop the imagination. While painting the pictures, your child will quickly learn new numbers and colors while also gaining computer skills. This turns coloring into a useful pastime.

Color by Numbers – Animals
A fascinating coloring book that will leave no child indifferent. On its pages boys and girls will encounter adorable lambs in meadow, a smiling octopus, an amusing dog, and a brooding lion.
The jolly and funny animals seem impatient for you to paint them with your favorite colors.
Selecting a difficult coloring mode will make coloring by number even more exciting. In this mode, the outlines of animals are barely discernible, leaving you guessing as to which particular animal you are coloring. It also offers an easy and quick way for the little artists to memorize their numbers.
Bouncy background music and visual effects make the coloring process ever more interesting and enjoyable. Your child will be delighted.

Color by Numbers – Princesses
What girl does not dream of growing up to be a princess? To wear beautiful dresses and elaborate hairdos is every young lady’s daydream.
Both young princesses and their mothers will find the Princess Coloring Book to their liking. Here you will encounter the most extraordinary and outlandish princesses from the world over. Prance into their magical world and paint their dresses with preset colors or your favorite ones.
A light waltz melody will engulf you in a swirl of positive emotions, making the coloring process ever more enjoyable. Visual effects will create an ambiance of happiness and magic.

Color by Numbers – Vehicles
It is common knowledge that the most enjoyable pastime for most boys revolves around all sorts of vehicles: race cars, aircraft, submarines, you name it. They never fail to attract the genuine interest of young car and designer kit enthusiasts.
The Vehicles Coloring Book will be to their liking in particular. Here you will encounter a vast variety of machines to suit any taste.
Your child will experience a wealth of positive emotions while also passing the time usefully. Coloring by number increases the attention span and develops imagination. The little ones will easily learn and memorize numbers.

Game features:
-three coloring modes
-easy to change preset colors
-cute and exciting images
-beautiful effects
-adapted for all screen resolutions
-the picture is automatically saved after exiting the program
-original music
-available in English, German, Spanish, French and Russian
-available for GNU/Linux, Mac, PC


Color by Numbers
Color by Numbers – Animals
Color by Numbers – Princesses
Color by Numbers – Vehicles

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4 June