Interview With Norbert Varga From Digital Arrow – The “Dilogus – The Winds of War” Developers.

I had the honor to interview Norbert Varga from Digital Arrow who are now developing their cRPG game named “Dilogus – The Winds of War”.
And although it’s still in the early stages of development, Norbert Varga promises it NOT to be DNF ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Please tell me about your company, how did you started/formed the company ? how many people are you ? are you all working via the internet as FOSS projects tend to do, or do you have an HQ in which all your staff is located ? what systems and programs do you use ?

My name is Norbert Varga and I’m currently one of the co-owners of Digital Arrow. Ferenc Giric and myself founded the company about two months ago but I’ve led a modding team working on Dilogus before. Currently, I’m handling production and game design on Dilogus – The Winds of War. I’m probably most capable as marketings and production person, but have been involved with engine developments, modding and game development from various aspects covering some programming (especially physics simulation), scripting, writing, game design, music and level design. Only thing that’s really alien to me is animation as I’m only familiar with animation theory. But again, I think it’s important for a producer to be at least remotely familiar with all aspects of game development.

I’m an easy going patient person with strong passion for gaming. Next to that, I feel joy and sensation working on projects that are very community friendly, because the whole interaction just feels so great. Creating something for others to enjoy. Nothing better than that. Game Development is fun, but not easy. But heck, who can’t handle the fire, should stay away from it. Teamwork divides the task but multiplies the success!

Our company, Digital Arrow Games was formed a while ago, and we’ve recently expanded to become a more serious game developer. Before, the group behind Dilogus – The Winds of War was named FusionSoft, but due to multiple reasons, we had to change the name as well. Currently our team consists of 16 core people, an additional group of twelve 3D artists/animators, a few people through Symphony of Specters that does all of our audio and SFX and an additional four media/promotional personal from Quit Boredom – Germany.

While we do have a HQ set up, not everyone works on board but that is the final goal down the road. Currently, only a few of us are here, but the leadership is in one office which is probably the most important. We are still a young company, but we certainly plan to expand.

2. I understand that Dilogus was supposed to be a Crysis mod using Cryengine 2 at first, then you moved to UDK engine, and finally you switched to the GNU/Linux friendly Unigine.
Why have you decided to move to a different engine and create a full game as oppose to a mod ?
Since when Dilogus is in development and is there any estimated release date ?

The actual production of Dilogus into some sort of a computer media started out as a mod called Rise of the Asher and it was planned to be an action adventure (much alike the Prince of Persia series in style). After our mod team teamed up with another group of passionate modders, we’ve decided we’ll implement more RPG elements. That’s when Dilogus – The Winds of War as a concept was born. However, from about late 2008 not much development has happened as we ran into various technical problems.

Recently we teamed up and planned to recreate the game on UDK. We were on the way of producing the game when a friend of mine pointed out Unigine. Considering wanted to find a good way to release to Linux as well, we’ve immediately grabbed onto Unigine. Previously, due to mainly technical limitations we didn’t plan beyond Windows, but seeing the capabilities of Unigine we really wanted to dive more into the Linux gaming and provide a quality Co-Op Multiplayer / Single Player Fantasy RPG for those that prefer Linux over Windows. Flexibility is key. This of course does not mean we are neglecting the Windows platform, as that was a definite before. We see a great future for the Linux platform as a gaming environment as well, and we would like to prove this by delivering a top quality game through Unigine.

3. Tell me about Dilogus, what “world” does it take place ? what creatures can we expect to see ? what landscape and cities/towns will we visit ? are there alliances between races/clans/creatures ? politics ? Are there guides/clans or “sides” you can join ?

Ah, the world! We could be stuck here for ever and a day if I try to explain everything. But! Here are some highlights.

Dilogus actually started out as a CYOA/game (choose your own adventure) book way back in 2003. Ever since then, I’ve been developing the universe and polishing it to be interesting and unique. For instance, I made sure that elements that appear are not just there because “it would be cool to have”. Every single element of the world has a reason behind it. That includes things from the smallest details, like dish decoration to big and important things like gods.

The game takes place in the fantasy universe of Dilogus. Some find this name odd, but I can give a quick explanation. The name comes from the main god, Dhil’Aeghas being pronounced wrong by the inhabitants of the world, thus creating a slang name. Dhil’Aeghas is a god that supposedly ‘forged’ the world, therefore the name corresponds to him.

There are a multitude of various creatures and races but we certainly strive away from your usual orc and elf when it comes to races, and also try to keep it minimum with all the clichรฉ creatures you can see in fantasy games such is undeads, goblins and alike.

As for landscapes, we are also trying to present a more unique fantasy world. The game will take place in the time after a major war that occurred as a result of power struggle between the main gods, thus the environment (especially the surface) is rather ravaged and cut up into pieces – creating some sort of floating landscapes scenery. In addition to that, we are aiming to create the contrast of beautiful open environments and dark, mystical and horror-like caves. A lot of fantasy games are just all about walking in the woods, go into a dungeon, loot, go into the woods, walk around the green woods, etc. Our game spreads out evenly when it comes to variety in environments, even things such are underground cities are in plan.

4. Please tell me about the characters/classes you can choose to play (please describe each character).
Will they be “strict” classes like in Diablo (warrior, rouge, mage etc…) or could you have a multi-class character like in NWN or the Eschalon series ?

The characters will have their own strengths and weaknesses at the beginning, yes, but there will be all sorts of opportunities to teach your old dog new tricks. There are all sorts of tropes one comes to expect from fantasy games, of course, like stealthy, combat and mystic magic. We want to avoid most of the generic class structures hwoever, so we’ve been working on new ways to present each skill and strength by providing the fixed character archetype with multiple disciplines to pick from as the game unfolds. As to how exactly will each character function shall remain behind the curtains until the time comes for them to be revealed. Keep an eye out in the future for trailers outlining each character.

5. I understand you will have several characters/classes – will it be party based when you could play all of them at the same time (NWN) or you will have to choose only one character and finish the campaign with him (Diablo) ?

The player will have the choice to select one character at the game start (much like Diablo), which is a set character archetype with multiple specialization trees to customize to a given playstyle. The single player will not have AI companions nor the choice of switching between them (like NWN). The reason for this is because we want the player to focus solely on one character, providing enough space for choices and decisions.

6. What quests can we expect from the single and co-op/mmorpg (depends on the 1st question) modes ?
Kill 10 orcs and come back for a reword ? or find a way to get that magic sword (and you will have several ways to do so, and each with their own consequences (Fallout style for example) ? (I’m a die hard deep cRPG fan which involves a LOT more then just killing).

We want to place an emphasis on choice, so each character will have a variety of ways (including some character-dependent ways as well) to solve parts of the main story and some side quests. One of our plans is to have character-based options present in the multiplayer mode as well, giving the “adventure group” the ability to approach the quest from multiple perspectives. We will aim to make our quests interesting and entertaining while minimizing the quantity of typical โ€œslay ten monsters for an arbitrary reasonโ€ style quests and allow the players more room to think for themselves and use their characters to the fullest. Lets face it, your average barbarian wont delicately pick locks they are far more likely to but their boots through it, but the choice is there. As for the consequences, say for the previous example, the likelihood of being caught is much greater and that may have certain ramifications especially if crown jewels are involved for example.

7. You are planing on making a single player and a multiplayer modes ? how will that work out ? is the multi player mode is like a co-op single player (campaign) or it’s like a MMORPG game ?

We’re planning to make Dilogus playable both in single-player and co-op modes, but we’re not aiming to create another MMORPG. The multiplayer component in both the Left 4 Dead series and Borderlands is a good example of what we’re trying to achieve, as you’ll be able to play the game in single-player mode for a while, then call upon your friends when you need a hand. The game will adjust its difficulty accordingly.

We’re also toying with different quests and challenges that will change themselves based upon the makeup of your party, so each unique group will have its own unique quest experience. You won’t NEED to play co-op to beat the game, but there will be some parts, though, that’ll be virtually impossible to complete without some help. Besides, we find that games like Oblivion get pretty boring after hours and hours by yourself, so playing Dilogus with a couple of good friends is something we want to encourage.

8. Will there be several endings to the game ? (and if so, will they be “last minute” choices as in Fable1 which I didn’t like (like playing the bad guy all the game and then redeem yourself by a single choice)).

We certainly wish to present several endings in the game,yes. But each ending will be set in stone, but the way you get there will be up to you. Various changes will occur, depending on player choices through the main storyline. There will be no redeeming final choices for sure, as that entirely conflicts with the concept of choices through the actual game. We plan to create something that will make the player feel he is in there, and that his actions will have impact to how certain parts of the story unfold.

9. Can you play an “evil” or “good” character ? how will NPC’s react to you for being evil or good ? will there be “gray” choices/quest solutions ?

There is no distinctive line between evil and good. Such thing does not exist in life either, right? Every action is good for someone, bad for someone else. Something that may seem good at the beginning could affect your character in a negative way further down the road. Likewise, a choice that may seem cruel or evil at first may bring good to you or others at a later time. Some things are very good, some are very bad, and there are a bunch of things between these two. We are trying to find the best solution between what is good and fun to play with, and what is possible for us to create. We do not wish to take off a bite that we can’t chew. Artificial Intelligence is a tricky subject, and different “paths” usually depend on it.

10. Thanks for the great interview, is there anything I forgot to ask and you want to add ? please feel free to do so.
Nothing, really. Thank you as well for your interest. Just a heads up – starting from January, we will be releasing weekly development videos and updates. You can as well visit our forums and share your thoughts, opinions and ideas or just stick around to keep yourself up to date.

Extra Chat ! (non interview conversation)

LGN : have you read the “lets play AOD” thread at Iron Tower Forums ?
it’s a MUST and as you can see it’s 72 pages long.
Norbert: it’s very hard to compare a game such is AoD to Dilogus
but I will most certainly read it when I have a bit more time
LGN : it’s not only good read for the dialogs, but for any cRPG developer.
what the developer plans is not what the user expects in many cases and that thread lead to fixing some AOD stuff.
Norbert: AOD is way more of an RPG thou :] we have a tad bit less RPG elements in there, and a bit more elements of interaction than most RPGs
but yup, thanks
LGN : elements of interaction ?
Norbert: Yes.
Things such are social things and world interaction
LGN : mmmm….you haven’t told me abut those…
Norbert: because it’s still in experimental phase ๐Ÿ™‚
But an example to this would be, you can use your environment pretty well in a multitude of cases, including combat, sneaking or alike…
Kicking someone down the stairs is fun ๐Ÿ˜›
LGN : ok…so it’s more action oriented game than quest ?
Norbert: nope
It’s hard to explain ๐Ÿ™‚
it’s both
But it mostly depends on your character, you ‘CAN’ play as a full action
But you can as well sneak around a lot and avoid a lot of fights.
LGN : I suck as sneaking
Norbert: ๐Ÿ˜€
LGN : can I “convince” them not to attack me or something ? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Norbert: that’s a very ridiculous thing in a lot of games
Why would a bandit want to even consider talking to you, in the first place? ๐Ÿ˜›
He can just beat you up and take your stuff
Diplomacy is very relative and oddly transfered in a lot of games
LGN :depends on your looks, if you are big then he “might” consider running away himself
Norbert: most quests will also have a talking solution thou – but that’s a different case
LGN : I mean , there is a skill in many RPG games just for that – to make your opponents fear of you and run away or reveal secrets …
Norbert: yes
That’s intimidation, we have that in plan ๐Ÿ™‚
But generally, when someone is already attacking you, you can’t hold him off for a talk
But we plan to experiment a lot with AI feelings, we’ll see
LGN : depends on how the script works , if he talks to you first…
RPG’s are the hardest games to make imo
Norbert: yes ๐Ÿ™‚
It’s not really hard to make, it’s mostly a lot of work
Current technology also helps in a lot of things
LGN : when it comes to dialogs and quests, making them feel right and logical – it’s hard
Norbert: it’s all about planning ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank You Norbert Varga For Spending Your Valuable Time And Giving Us This Wonderful Interview.

Don’t forget to visit the Dilogus blog, and get updates on new game features, characters, world and more…
Also the Dilogus Forum has an interesting Q&A section in which there will be weekly polls of questions to ask the developers and off course answers from the developers on the “winning question”.


Also check out Digital Arrow’s great partners:
Symphony of Specters โ€“ Our Audio Team
Unigine Corp. โ€“ Our Technology Provider
Quit Boredom โ€“ Our media/promotion Partner

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27 December

All Winter Wolves and Tycoon Games are 50% Off Until End Of The Year !

The GNU/Linux friendly visual novels developers, Winter Wolves and Tycoon Games (which are run by the same man), are offering a 50% discount on all of their games until 31st December 2010 EST !

This includes many GNU/Linux titles such as : Heileen games (two visual novels with over 80k words combined), Summer Session (a very fun and replayable dating sim), Bionic Heart (a fully voiced dark-sexy-creepy sci-fi visual novel with 24 different endings), Card Sweethearts (dating sim with a twist), Vera Blanc Series (heavy dialog mystery detective game), The Flower Shop (farming/date sim), and more…

All you have to do is to enter the discount coupon BSJY000A0 , at the discount coupon section, and you will get a 50% discount !

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The Perfect Tree For GNU/Linux Released !

Anawiki the developers of the Runes of Avalon series and now the Soccer Cup Solitaire have released yet another game for GNU/Linux : The Perfect Tree.

Spruce up your Christmas tree!

Spruce up your Christmas season with The Perfect Tree, a cheerful holiday offering from Anawiki Games! Based on the classic Christmas tale of the same name, the game tells the story of a lonely little pine tree and the player’s efforts to help it become the perfect Christmas tree.

The Perfect Tree features classic Match-3 mechanics, enhanced by numerous exciting power-ups, seasonal level design and gorgeous special effects. Earn stars by chaining together combos and by clearing levels as quickly as possible, then trade them in for lights, ornaments, garlands and presents to turn the poor, pitiful pine into a beautiful Christmas tree of your own design.

With its bright, cheerful graphics and positive message, The Perfect Tree is a holiday treat for the whole family. Whether you’re looking for a way to unwind after a tiring day of Christmas shopping, or for something to distract your little ones until the 25th, The Perfect Tree is the perfect game!

* Create your very own perfect tree
* Magnificent match-3 mechanics
* Exciting power-ups and gorgeous special effects
* Beautiful white Christmas atmosphere
* 110 levels, packed with Christmas cheer
* Over 100 items to decorate your tree
* Cheery, seasonal soundtrack

As with the previous game, this game is also has a discount, just enter โ€œILOVELINUXโ€ as the coupon code until 31/12/2010, you will get a 40% discount !


The Perfect Tree
Anawiki Blogpost

Thanks to Grzegorz Budny for the great news and to Roman from Anawiki for not forgetting GNU/Linux, great game and the discount coupon.

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Soccer Cup Solitaire For GNU/Linux Released !

Anawiki said that they are working on porting their games to GNU/Linux, and they did not disappoint !
Soccer Cup Solitaire is their first GNU/Linux since Runes of Avalon has been released today !
For this special even they offer a discount coupon for the GNU/Linux costumers.
The original price is $7, but if you enter “ILOVELINUX” as the coupon code until 31/12/2010, you will get a 40% discount !

Shoot for the win with Soccer Cup Solitaire!

Pass some time and shoot for the win with Soccer Cup Solitaire! Choose one of over 50 international soccer teams and guide them to victory with fast-paced card-matching action.

Get into the game by chaining together passing combos to increase your score. Every point earned brings you closer to scoring the winning goal! Collect Wild Cards and Bonus Cards, and use them to press your advantage on your quest to find the net. Are you ready to square off against the likes of Brazil, England, Spain and the USA? Each team you defeat is one more step on the road to the Cup! It’s the world’s favorite sport and the world’s favorite pastime, together at last!

* Exciting solitaire action with a soccer theme
* Take control of your choice of teams in an international-style tournament
* Find bonus cards to play fun mini-games
* Build up your excitement – and your score – with passing streaks
* Each tournament is different!

Stay tuned as more Anawiki games are coming to GNU/Linux soon !


Soccer Cup Solitaire
More Anawiki Games Are Coming To GNU/Linux
Anawiki Blogpost

Thanks to Grzegorz Budny for the great news and to Roman from Anawiki for not forgetting GNU/Linux, great game and the discount coupon.

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The Humble Indie Bundle 2 !

The First Humble Indie Bundle was a major success so it’s naturally that The Humble Indie Bundle 2 will come some day.
And this day has finally came !

You get Braid (fist time on GNU/Linux), Osmos, Cortex Command, Machinarium and Revenge of the Titans for the price YOU decide !

As with the first Bundle, this time the GNU/Linux users continue to pay more (by choice) to support their developers (and charities).

Pay what you want. If you bought these five games separately, it would cost around $85 but we’re letting you set the price!

All of the games work great on Mac, Windows, and GNU/Linux.

We don’t use DRM. When you buy these games, they are yours. Feel free to play them without an internet connection, back them up, and install them on all of your Macs and PCs freely. There is no time-limit on your downloads.

You can support charity. Choose exactly how your purchase money is divided: Between the game developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, or the Child’s Play Charity. Also, if you like this deal, a tip to the Humble Bundle itself would be much appreciated!

Please note, Cortex Command and Revenge of the Titans are still under active development. You are eligible for all future updates! The bundle makes a great holiday gift that will keep improving over time.

So what are you waiting for ?! go here and take part in this major “Humble Indie Bundle 2” !

The Humble Indie Bundle 2 Will End in 7 Days…So Beware… (the ring).

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15 December

Heroes Of Newerth 2.0 Is Now Live !

The major update to HoN is now live and available for free to anyone who purchased HoN (or will purchase) .
This remarkable update offers some ground breaking changes, there is also a huge 2.0 patch Q&A available which got some interesting info.

== Team Matchmaking ==

Find matches faster! Boasting arranged-team or solo play, this innovative and intuitive feature increases the efficiency of game creation by automatically gathering player statistics from a variety of group sizes, formulating teams, then matching those teams in as fair a manner as possible. With the ability to customize game mode, region, and map preferences, as well as group up with players on or off your friends list, the new Matchmaking will not only make it much faster to find a game of HoN, but also maximize the fairness and quality of the match.
Playing Matchmaking rewards you with valuable Goblin Coins! Check out the new end-game scorescreen function after a Matchmaking game.
Matchmaking will be disabled initially, we’ll enable it when we’re ready to begin public testing on it this week. Once enabled, expect it to have cycles of going up and down as we gather data, iterate, improve the algorithms, and fix any bugs.

== Cosmetic Store ==

With goblin coin currency, which can be earned or bought, players can purchase in-game brag-worthy cosmetic upgrades. The micro-transaction based store, controlled by Merrick the goblin shopkeeper, lets players customize their experience without affecting game play or allowing the purchases to change the level of competition.

Cosmetic upgrades include:
* Alternate hero avatars
* Taunt
* Account icons
* Alternate announcer packs
* Name color options.
* Account Symbols

== New 3v3 Map: Grimm’s Crossing ==

A new action-packed and exciting map that includes a two-way teleporter in the middle area, allowing for more innovative fighting strategies and tactics. Grimm’s Crossing is a battlefield for the bloodthirsty. The terrain favors the cunning and aggressive, as hidden paths within the trees can provide a quick way to rout unsuspecting enemies. There is precious little territory to be contested over; battles are won and lost at frantic paces, often beginning and ending unexpectedly.

Features of the new map:
* 2 lanes that are very close together
* Only one set of towers outside of each base
* Small, tightly packed map
* Neutral creeps spawn only in the middle section of the map
* No elevation at entrances into bases
* 1 rune spawn location in the center
* Towers’ armor scales with number of players alive; Buildings have 100% of armor when all are alive, scaling to 0 armor when your entire team is dead. This is active if with both Casual and Normal mode on this map.
* Twin teleporters for quick transit and fun surprises
* It’s a winter wonderland! Try the snow weather on this map!

== New Game Mode: Casual Mode ==

This entirely new mode of play will provide new HoN players and casual gamers with a more โ€œfun,โ€ less punishing way to learn and play HoN. Elements in Casual Mode speed up progression and increase rewards in ways that remain true to the game’s core identity, delivering a version that can be embraced by new and veteran players alike.

Changes from Normal Mode to Casual Mode are as follows
* Exp range from 1000 to 1300
* Removed gold loss on death
* Increased hero bounty
** Hero base gold bounty: from 200 to 300
** Hero gold bounty per level: from 5 to 10
* First blood bonus: from 200 to 300
* Gold bounty per streak: from 50 to 75
* Hero assist gold totals 50% of kill amount, split between all assisters
* Radius assist gold base: from 30 to 0
* Radius assist gold per level: from 5 to 0
* Respawn time per level from 4 seconds to 3 seconds
* Denies no longer deny experience
* Uphill miss chance removed
* Creeps give 1.25x of average normal mode value, no gold fluctuation
* Buildings give 1.5x of average normal mode value, no gold fluctuation
* Towers give global experience when killed, even to dead people, (by tower level): 150,200,250,300
* Tower last hit gold bounty: from 470,520,570,620 to 300,350,400,450
* Tower Team gold bounty: from 200,240,280,320 to 300,350,400,450
* The amount of experience required to reach the next level increases as the game goes on. This means that at the beginning, players level up a lot faster than in Normal Mode, but in the mid and late game they level up at about the same rate as in Normal Mode.
* Buyback costs are at 1.75x normal mode values
* Towers’ armor scales with number of players alive; Buildings have 100% of armor when all are alive, scaling to 0 armor when your entire team is dead.

== New Interface Features ==

We have revamped the in-game interface to be more dynamic, informative, and efficient.

Enhancements include:
* Advanced mini-map interaction. Try hovering over heroes, buildings, or wards!
* Pull down tabs in the upper right for intuitive access to vote functions and game options
* Graphic kill messages for feedback when you net a kill in the upper left.
* A gold counter to see the breakdown of your gold earnings from different sources. Hover your mouse over your gold count to see the exact breakdown!
* Experience range indicators to mark enemies within the experience gain range. You will notice a small purple diamond next a creep’s health bar when you are in range and a purple diamond effect will play when they die if you got experience.
* Context-sensitive pings to highlight the object and send out alert messages to allies. Try Alt+Clicking an ally, enemy, or building.
* A hover-over inventory to allow for quicker inventory feedback on allies and enemies. Hover over an enemy to quickly see their inventory.

== BETA Map Editor ==

With the exact same tool that we used to make HoN, users can now create and edit maps for enhanced single-player experiences. Users who are inspired to create multi-player maps can submit their map designs to the HoN DREAM website for potential inclusion in HoN. Also, in conjunction with scripting manipulation, players can create their own custom modes.
This is still a BETA version of the Map Editor, and as such still has features to be added, polish to be done, and bugs to be fixed. Keep this in mind!
To open the editor, use the editor.bat file in your HoN directory or re-install the game and it will automatically add a shortcut to your start menu as well

== Weather Effects ==

A storm has arrived on Newerth with HoN 2.0 and it shows! Change the weather of the map you are in at any time through the Options menu and feel free to sing in the rain.
Players can set their preferred weather effect in the interface options or with a chat command. Right now we support “Rain” and “Snow”. The default is “Off”.

Chat commands are as follows:
* /weather
* /weather None
* /weather Rain
* /weather Snow

We included a text file with instructions on how to make your own weather effects in the HoN directory

== New Item: Spellshards ==

It’s time for the magic users of Newerth to show their true power! With Spellshards, they can pierce the defenses of the enemy and burn them to a crisp that much faster.
The wielder’s spells ignore a portion of their enemy’s magic armor, causing increased magic damage.
After obtaining this item, the recipe may be re-purchased to upgrade it. Can be upgraded two additional times.
Components: Great Arcana (1675) + Recipe (1000)

* 6 Intelligence
* 17 Damage
* 10 Attack Speed
* 3/6/9% Cooldown Reduction
* 75% Mana Regeneration
* Causes any Magic damage you deal to ignore 2/4/6 of your target’s Magic Armor. This effect can never cause their magic armor to go below 0.

Note: The item “Trophy Belt” did not make it into this patch.

== Nemesis and Payback ==

Beat down an opponent hard enough and you will become their Nemesis! Be careful, though, for payback is sweet revenge.
A ‘Nemesis’ against an opponent is gained when you kill them 4 times in a row without them killing or assisting in a kill against you.
A ‘Payback’ is given when you kill or help kill your Nemesis.

== New Music ==

Newerth’s citizens, every now and then, take the time away from the battlefield to learn new musical scores. They have brought us six new songs to encourage us in battle!

New songs:
* The Missing Rune
* Hope
* From The Depths They Rose
* The Chase
* Overrun Lane
* Kongor’s Lair

Each map now has a custom music soundtrack that plays songs in a pre-determined order.

In addition, several music related bugs were fixed:
* Fixed music looping
* Fixed playlist looping
* Fixed music fade-out/fade-in
* When a music track is stopped, it defaults to fading out
* Music is now streamed rather than loaded upfront. This fixes an issue where lower-end computers would randomly hitch when the music switched.
* When a music track ends, its memory is now freed

== Other Features ==

BP bans increased from 3 to 4
Single draft now has blind pick, meaning you won’t see the other team’s hero picks during hero selection
Banning draft will now switch bans immediately
Mid-bar completely redone for HoN 2.0
Streak stats are no longer recorded for public games
Fixes for Caldavar so the creeps won’t start in tower range in bottom lane and the middle lane will be more even

== General ==

Fixed GPM calculations. Gold that wasn’t counted in GPM before:
* Passive
* First blood bounty
* Assists
* Radius bounty
* Was counting how much a player should have lost on death, rather than what he actually lost if he didn’t have enough gold

Fixed a spot you can hit Kongor from outside of his pit
You can now also “buy all components” for items without components and it’ll just buy the individual item.
Swapping the minimap to right side now also swaps the location of attack modifiers
Added sounds to the pause/unpause countdown
You can no longer transfer items from your stash onto units that can’t carry items
Toggling mute on a player no longer /ignores them
Tweaked effects, voices, and animations of several heroes
A code tweak that will increase load time for computers with limited amount of virtual memory, but should help alleviate crashes due to running out of virtual memory (32 bit Vista and 7)
Gold will now max at 65535 instead of looping back to 0
Sped up Frostwolf Skull projectile to 1500 (medium speed based on high and low ranges)

Fixed up a lot of the stringtables
Fixed some divide by zero errors
Shrunk some giant textures
Custom Game renamed to Public Game
Fixed some map textures
Fixed follow coloring to update when first displayed
Fixed a crash when viewing match stats containing a null player slot
Added a unit voice delay slider to the options panel. Credit to Bangerz for the initial implementation.
Follow is now removed when removing buddy
Fixed model quality change crash
Fixed Tournament Mode not working on linux client
Replay_autoSkipPause cvar for auto skipping pauses in replays
Deleted un-used voice commands

== Bugfixes ==

Previously, if a courier dropped an upgradeable item on you when you had a full inventory, including a recipe for that item, the recipe would be consumed but the item wouldn’t upgrade. Fixed.
Fixed a Bombardier Boom Dust bug relating to casting it from long ranges resulting in quirky behavior
Chipper ult won’t draw on the minimap anymore
Fayde‘s Burning Shadows now give small clearvision
Legionnaire‘s ult damage when he doesn’t kill now correctly does Magic damage (was a script error)
Pharaoh‘s Wall of Mummies will now grab people correctly to the middle
Tempest‘s Glacial Blasts won’t stun magic immune units or invulnerable units anymore
Fixed Arachna‘s ult still spawning if the target dies first
Thunderbringer‘s ult won’t hit illusions anymore
Vindicator‘s illusions won’t steal int from him anymore and will get the +2 int popup so it’s not obvious who the real one is
Blacksmith can now hit himself with Frenzy when it multicasts on another target
Gladiator‘s ult won’t wonk out anymore if he casts it while frozen and can’t turn
Gauntlet‘s fist won’t wonk out anymore if he casts it while frozen and can’t turn
Fixed the manacost of Defiler‘s Silence to match the tooltip correctly
Fixed Thunderclaw and Charged Hammer so they won’t go off on denies
Added double activate to Blood Hunter Blood Crazy
Added double activate to Succubus Mesmerize
Made Succubus ult undispellable
Made Tablet of Command unbind it’s target
Warbeast‘s Wolves won’t take the craters they come out of with them anymore

== Neutrals ==

Neutrals now sleep at night
* They have zero aggro range at night and normal aggro range in the day

Minotaur Neutral Creep:
– Fixed a damage/stun event to fix Bubbles wasting Take Cover autocast

== Heroes ==

– Fixed some effects playing through fog:
* Gladiator Pitfall
* Moraxus Stomp
* Bubbles‘teleport-to-Shell-Surf “water splash”
* BubblesSong of the Sea

Fixed his illusions from eating creeps

Fixed his ult from drawing on the minimap like silliness

Fixed a damage/stun event to fix Bubbles wasting Take Cover autocast

Doctor Repulsor
Fixed missing tooltip info

Fixed a damage/stun event to fix Bubbles wasting Take Cover autocast

Turret now shoots twice as fast and the cap of number of hits removed.
* Damage per bullet starts at 10/20/30/40 and is lowered by 10% for every bullet that hits you
* The push starts at the same it was, but gets weaker the more you are hit
* Snare is still max of 35% from 10 hits

Fixed a damage/stun event to fix Bubbles wasting Take Cover autocast

Fixed a damage/stun event to fix Bubbles wasting Take Cover autocast
Added a glow to the whip

Fixed a typo in his ult damage (was doing 300, should be 350) if you missed with it

Re-exported and cleaned up voice

Axes damage from 80/100/120/140 to 60/80/100/120

New sounds
Fixed infinite life weed field
Fixed a bug that caused him to have a projectile with Frostwolf Skull even in melee form
Fixed a permanent vision bug

Pod is now 250 AOE, 1 second delay, and 60/120/180/240 Damage/Heal. Used to be 325 AOE, 2.5 second delay, 90/180/270/360 Damage/Heal.

Fixed a damage/stun event to fix Bubbles wasting Take Cover autocast

Sand Wraith
Fixed an issue with Dissipate that let him get some long range damage
Fixed a bug with the ult that reset the cooldown to the max length incorrectly when Mirage was used
Fixed the illusions incorrectly giving vision the whole duration of the ult instead of just while they are alive

Soul Reaper
Fixed him getting mana from hero kills correctly

Fixed a damage/stun event to fix Bubbles wasting Take Cover autocast
Fixed heroes ulted by her not doing their idle animation after it ends

Fixed his charge and interaction with Moraxus’ Shield

Fixed a bug that caused him to have a projectile with Frostwolf Skull even in melee form

== Console Commands / UI Commands ==

* This section is mainly for modders

StopMusic(true) will now fade out the current music track
* StopMusic() will still stop it instantly

New console command ‘MusicInfo’
* Displays the name of current track, length of current track, and position within current track

New console command ‘MusicSeek’
* Allows you to jump to a specific time index within the current music track
* The argument can be in ‘mm:ss’ format, for example 01:30, or in seconds, for example 90
* If the argument begins with ‘-‘ then it represents a time offset from the end of the track (for example -10 would seek to 10 seconds from the end of the current track)

New console command ‘PlaylistStart’
* Begins playing the specified tracks in order. Example: PlaylistStart music/track_01.mp3 music/track_02.mp3 music/track_03.mp3

New console command ‘PlaylistClear’
* Clears the current playlist

New console command ‘PlaylistNext’
* Plays the next track in the playlist
** Fades out the current music track and fades in the next music track

New console command ‘PlaylistInfo’
* Displays information about the current active playlist, including number of tracks, name of each track, and which track is currently active

HoN 2.0 Trailer

2.0 Changes
2.0 Patch Q&A

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14 December

LGN, Uniqueness And News On Other Websites.

As you may know, (if you are a regular reader) LGN tries to provide unique news about GNU/Linux gaming that weren’t published on other English “speaking” websites first.
So LGN often passes on news that were published before as they are no longer “unique”. (even if sometimes the news reached LGN first but were yet to be published)

Why am I doing this ?
First LGN’s motto was to provide “unique” news that were never before seen.
Second is that I assume that LGN’s readers also read websites like GamingOnLinux and Linux Games so I don’t want to look like I’m “stealing” from them (although I’m aware it’s a very common thing in the news business).

A friend of mine emailed me some great news that were already published on a few websites.
I told him that I cannot publish them on LGN because people already read it and I don’t want to repost the same “old” news all over again.
He said that LGN have different readers than on other websites and that I should spread the news anyways.
That friend got a point, if even 10% of LGN’s readers don’t read other websites – they might be missing some cool info.
But than I can’t say that LGN is unique at that respect.

What do YOU think ?
Are you missing news because I want LGN to be unique ?
Do you think I should post (or repost) news that were already published on other websites ?

Please comment below (and in the poll) as it would effect LGN’s future.

Do YOU Think LGN Should Post News That Appeared On Other GNU/Linux Gaming Websites ?

View Results

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13 December

Trine GNU/Linux Testers Wanted !

Update !
Due to massive amounts of applicants the applications are now closed.
Thanks to everyone who participated.

Frozenbyte the developers of Shadowgrounds and Trine series are looking for GNU/Linux gamers to test their Trine port !

We’re looking for Linux users to test an upcoming Linux version of Trine.
We need people with at least basic Linux experience who are able to run the game and can play the game reasonably soon and provide feedback.
The beta version has a limited playing time of about two weeks.
Minimum requirements are a graphics card with Shader Model 3.0 support (ie. Nvidia GeForce 6 or ATI Radeon x500 or better), with a dual core processor recommended.

If you feel like you qualify, please email .
We will then provide further instructions by email.

And if you were wondering, Alternative Games is the nice company that is actually making this Linux port for us.
Special thanks goes out to them as well.

Trine GNU/Linux Testers Wanted Thread
Alternative Games

Thanks for the news Eyecreate, and keep the good work.

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12 December

LGP And TuxGames Are Online !

A few weeks ago LGN reported that Happypenguin aka The Linux Game Tome is back (although it wasn’t possible to submit news).
Today LGP and TuxGames are also back online, and it’s again possible to order from them !

We have rebuilt the system after the extended downtime, and are recovering subsystems right now. We will be posting a more detailed report on the blog as soon as we get the chance. However please do bear with us as we are still recovering damaged sections of the company. Ordering is available, and orders will ship, we are aware the SSL cert has expired, this does not affect your security, and we will resolve it shortly.

LGN wishes them good luck with their hard work and hopes things will get better for them.

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8 December

Drakensang Online GNU/Linux Client Planned !

According to the interview with the developers of the upcoming browser MMORPG game Drakensang Online from the German company BigPoint, a GNU/Linux client (as well as a MacOSX client) is planned to be released two months after the Windows one.

Don’t let the “browser based game” name fool you, Drakensang Online offers a remarkable graphics even for non-browser games due to the FOSS (MIT) Nebula-3 Engine , and better yet – the game is free2play !

Drakensang Online is a Diablo style hack-n-slash game that will feature PvE and PvP gameplay inside the browser, keeping the client at 5MB and the loading zones no more then 25MB.
Drakensang Online is planned for the 2nd Quarter of 2011.



Links interview
Drakensang Online

Thanks Reto Schneider, one of the editors of Holarse-Linuxgaming and the owner of the GNU/Linux Fun4Tux gaming shop for the great news.

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8 December